How to find hookups in Guatemala and get laid with pretty girls

Guatemala is a lovely country in Central America which boasts a rich biodiversity and historical heritage. Unfortunately, the country is rather underestimated, and is often used as a stopover on the way to Mexico. However, it’s possible to find hookups in Guatemala that you will remember for years to come, and they are no worse than Mexican hookups, for example. Finding girls to get laid on the first date may prove to be a bit harder than in other Latin American countries, but the experience is bound to be rewarding.

Get laid with pretty girls in Guatemala interested in easy hookup

Hookup girls in Guatemala: what is it like to approach them?

The majority of girls in Guatemala are of Native American origin and have a very distinct appearance. They have bronze skin, round faces, thick black hair, dark eyes and a rather distinguished jaw line. As for the bodily characteristics, they are rather slim and slender, but with decent curves in the right places.

These women may not be consider particularly attractive according to European and American standards, but with a bit of grooming, makeup and good choice of outfits they manage to look fairly good. Besides, there is a class of women in Guatemala who boast a rich European ancestry. In this case, the mix of genes creates miracles with a typical girl’s appearance, and you will definitely find her appealing.

Most girls in Guatemala are not inclined to have a casual hookup due to their family upbringing and religious believes. However, in the large cities of the country there are plenty of emancipated and progressive young women who take women from the US and Western Europe as an example. Generally speaking, it’s strongly recommended to target these women when looking for instant hookups in Guatemala – you have all the chances to get laid with them on the first date.

As for character traits of Guatemalan women, they are friendly, easy-going, soft-spoken and good-natured. They are naturally curious about foreigners, so you have a definite advantage here compared to your Guatemalan counterparts. It’s rather easy to approach them, but the problem is you have to look for a girl you’d really like to approach. That’s why it’s recommended to focus on larger cities with a great many women of different beckgrounds.

Best cities for a casual hookup in Guatemala

Some of the most popular cities to find hookups in Guatemela include:

Guatemala City. This is the capital of the country, and you can find all the benefits here which are generally associated with large cities: high profile nightclubs, quirky cafes, luxury restaurants, lovely parks and botanical gardens, and plenty of places to up your hookup game.

Antigua Guatemala. A World Heritage Site, this city is extremely popular among foreign and Guatemalan tourists. Here you can find girls from all over the country and the whole world.

Panajachel. The city is often used as a stopover on the way to Lake Atitlan. Here you’ll find plenty of tourists and foreign visitors.

Coban. It’s a small town with a rich historical heritage, where one can kill two birds with one stone. Here you can do all sorts of touristy things and find hookups.

Meet beautiful Guatemalan girls for a casual hookup

Online hookups in Guatemala

Guatemala is a conservative country, and girls are brought up to respect family values and traditional gender roles. They are supposed to be modest and humble. Under such circumstances, it’s not easy for a typical girl to open up in public and flirt with men. You should either select locations carefully, or talk to girls online before setting up a date.

In a long distance relationship, girls have a chance to reveal their thoughts and feelings without anyone judging them. Online apps and dating websites are extremely popular among young Guatemalans, and you can easily find a few girls for an online hookup. The best dating apps to pick up girls from Guatemala include:

LatinAmericanCupid. It’s one of the biggest and most popular dating sites in Latin America, and plenty of Guatemalan girls have already join it in order to find a partner either from their own country or abroad. Here you can start meeting pretty single girls even before you make your way to Guatemala.

When in the country, you won’t have to approach random girls on the streets or nightclubs: you’ll have plenty of contacts to set up real life dates with. You can find all sorts of women in LatinAmericanCupid: some of them are interested in a long term romantic relationship and marriage; others go for one night stands. In any case, the chances of getting laid with these girls are rather high.

Find hookups in Guatemala to get laid on the first date

Tinder. Tinder is popular across the globe, and you can find plenty of Guatemalan girls who favour this dating app above any alternative. Don’t hesitate using Tinder before your visit to Guatemala – it will make your job of picking up girls way easier!

Badoo and Bumble. These apps are not as popular as tinder in Guatemala, but if you don’t use Tinder for some reason, you can go for one of these two.

Hookup tips on getting laid with a Guatemalan girl

Guatemalan girls require a special approach. You should know a couple of things to make it work with women of traditional background and religious upbringing. Here are a few tips you may find useful:

Avoid overcrowded places when flirting with Guatemalan women. Local girls may feel a bit shy when approached by a man, and it may feel a bit awkward to talk to a strange man in public. Approaching girls in a shopping centre would be rather convenient – Guatemalan women love shopping! But chances to find hookups in such places are rather negligible. That’s why you should target less populated places like a cosy cafe or a local park early in the morning.

Look presentable. A well dressed man has a lot of advantages over a typical tourist in tropical shirt, crumpled shorts and flip flops. Make sure you wear a decent outfit, clean and polished shoes or high quality sandals, and stylish accessories. Girls all over the world pay attention to such things, and women in Guatemala are no exception. A nice hairstyle, a good shave and a few drops of pleasant cologne will go a long way when hooking up Guatemalan girls.

Learn some Spanish. English is not common in Guatemala, so it won’t be easy to get laid with pretty local girls if you don’t speak some basic Spanish. The language is one of the easiest to learn, and you can master some common phrases in no time. Learning some witty pick up lines is not a bad idea, too. Just make sure they are not sexually aggressive, or you can easily scare the girls of.

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Generally speaking, Guatemala is not to be ignored if you want to find hookups with lovely Latin American girls. Hopefully our tips will be helpful to you, have fun!


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