Quick hookups with Ghanaian girls: get laid with hot chicks

This guide on quick hookups in Ghana is all about picking up beautiful African girls and getting laid with pretty Ghanaian women. Generally speaking, girls in this African country are easily approachable and friendly, and the best part is, they don’t mind an age gap. So you have all the chances to get laid after 40 with a gorgeous girl who is twice younger than you.

Meet Ghana women to get laid with and have quick hookups

What is so special about hookup girls in Ghana?

Ghanaian women are some of the most alluring girls in the whole of Africa. They have smooth and beautiful dark skin, passionate black eyes, strong arms and legs, and, most importantly, the most prominent curves in the right places. Girls in Ghana are proud of their curved bodies and do their best to empathise their cleavage and backside by wearing figure hugging outfits, tight jeans and dresses, tops with deeper cuts and so on. A lot of foreign men find this dressing style exceedingly charming.

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How to approach girls in Ghana for instant hookups?

Girls in Ghana are easy to approach and start a fun conversation with. Just like in Asian cities there are many possibilities for a quick hookup, African cities like Accra have plenty to offer, too. Ghana girls are easy going and open minded, and it’s always interesting for them to chat with a foreigner. The majority of them are Christians, and they speak a fairly good English, so you won’t have to experience too much of a culture and language barrier.

Get laid with pretty Ghanaian girls and have quick hookups in Ghana

It’s easy to have a quick hookup with Ghanaian girls as they are often attracted by a man’s white skin. Yes, being a Caucasian is an advantage in most African countries, but you shouldn’t take this advantage for granted. Make sure to behave like a gentleman with local girls, and your hookup experience in Ghana will be something to cherish for years to come.

Ghanaian women also like men spending money on them. We’re not talking about huge amounts, but a nice dinner, a nightclub entry pass and a small gift for a girl you like wouldn’t be out of place. Girls in Ghana are rather hot blooded and passionate, and they are likely to satisfy your wildest desires.

Best places to pick up girls for a casual hookup

If you’re fond of younger girls, it’s recommended to hang out near colleges and universities premises. Other popular spots for picking up girls in daytime include malls and cafes in the most developed parts of a Ghanaian large city. In Accra, for example, you could also check out a traditional market and popular sights like National Museum of Ghana, Osu Castle or Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum.

The best way to start conversation is to praise a girl for her beauty and nice choice of clothes. You could also reveal interest in her day to day life. Ask her what she does for a living, what her interests and ambitions are. If you manage to make girls open up to you, there is no way you’ll leave the country without quick hookups to tell your friends about. You can also use the best dating apps to pick up girls in Ghana.

Picking up girls in Ghana for a casual hookup and fun time

Nightlife is amazing in Ghana – it’s all about partying, eating out, drinking and having fun. Approaching girls in nightclubs is even easier than in daytime – you should be smartly dressed and ready to have a good time. Some of the best nightclubs for quick hookups with Ghanaian girls include Plot 7 Nightclub, Firefly Lounge and Bar Duplex nightclub.

If you have doubts about visiting Ghana for quick hookups, don’t hesitate buying an air ticket right away! You won’t regret it, have fun!


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