Hot hookups in Jamaica with local girls

Jamaica is one of the top tourist destinations, and it’s no secret that many guys look for hot hookups with local women while having vacations. The island is known for its party culture, and getting laid with Jamaican women isn’t hard. You have all the chances of having a good time without taking too much trouble over picking up Jamaican girls. Some of the best cities for hooking up in Jamaica include Kingston, Negril and Montego Bay.

Hot hookups with beautiful Jamaican women in tourist locations

Hookup girls in Jamaica: what are they like?

Jamaican females are not considered some of the most beautiful women in the world, but they have their own charm and charisma that attracts men from all over the globe. Speaking of physical characteristics of Jamaican girls, they are dark-skinned, not very tall and rather curvy. They have thick and curvy African hair, a broad nose and plump lips.

As for their character traits, the majority of Jamaican girls are easy-going, fun-loving, simple-minded and straightforward. They are friendly and flirty with foreigners, so you’ll have a good time picking them up. Getting laid in Jamaica is no less fun that having a Cuban hookup, for example.

Daytime game for a casual hookup

The best way to have some hot hookups with Jamaican women in daytime is to approach them with a n innocent tourist question. It’s enough to say “Excuse me, miss…” and ad whatever you’re “interested” in. This could be about finding a particular shop, cafe or prominent landmark in the city.

When she replies, just feel the vibes and act accordingly. If she’s open to chat with you invite her for a cup of coffee or an ice-cream, or perhaps even a cocktail (depending on the time of the day), and see where it goes.

Some of the best places to meet Jamaican women in daytime include beaches, markets, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls and cafes. The most popular shopping centres in the country include Blue Diamond shopping mall and The Shoppes. For cafes, check out Rick’s Cafe and Cafe Blue.

If you’d like to hookup with foreign girls in Jamaica, focus on popular touristic attractions within the country. Some of the most visited places include Bob Marley Museum, Cornwall Beach, and Dunn’s River Falls.

Find local girls in Jamaica for hot hookups in nightclubs or beaches

Instant hookups at night time

As in any other country, nightlife in Jamaica is centred around bars and clubs. There are plenty of nightclubs and pick up bars in every Jamaican city, especially in tourist areas. Numerous pubs, bars, disco clubs and beach clubs offer you limitless opportunities for hot hookups with Jamaican girls. Don’t hesitate to use straightforward approach with women in nightclubs.

They know exactly what foreigners come there for, and all the unnecessary formalities can be omitted. You can tell a girl directly what you’re interested in. No playing around is necessary – a girl is either interested, too, or she is not. If she is not, you can approach other local women instead of wasting time on someone who has other plans.

Party atmosphere in Jamaica makes getting laid with local girls so much easier. With everyone relaxing and having fun, girls have a very laidback attitude. Some of the best nightclubs with vibrant nightlife include Moods Night Club, Fiction, Taboo and The Jungle.

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Jamaican women looking for hot hookups with foreign men

Online hookups with Jamaican girls

Online dating is growing increasingly popular in Jamaica. Plenty of girls use different dating apps and websites in order to find a partner. You shouldn’t ignore this option when looking for hot hookups in Jamaica. Beware of hookers and scammers though – they are not uncommon on these sites.

So, here is the list of the best hook up apps and sites to use for online hookups with Jamaican girls:

  • LatinAmericanCupid – this site with more than three million active users is extremely popular in all the countries of South and Sentral America, and Jamaica is no exception.
  • Tinder – there is no chance the most commonly used dating app in the world is unknown in Jamaica. Local women favour Tinder and use it a lot.
  • Bumble – this app is rather similar to Tinder, and quite a lot of Jamaican girls use it, too.

Use these apps before making a trip to Jamaica in order to establish a connection with a few local girls. Alternatively, you can use it to pick up Jamaican women when you are already in the country.

These were just a few tips on how to get laid with girls in Jamaica. It’s only up to you whether you’ll have hot hookups in this country – local women are very responsive and approachable.


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