Why get laid with Taiwanese girls – Hookup in Taiwan

For a western tourist, Taiwan is one of the few islands of familiarity in Far Asia. Many countries from this part of the continent seem distant and exotic, even those with very old ties with Europe, like India or Indonesia. Taiwan, on the other hand, is more akin to the United States than to China, though the Chinese hold an absolute majority on the island.

And Taiwan isn’t only very comfortable for visitors from the West. Many use the opportunity of coming here to look closely at the Chinese culture in a democratic country, and it’s exactly why you could consider coming here. People here are Chinese, and they are much more modern and open than their brethren on the mainland.

How un-Chinese is Taiwan

Taiwan’s similarity to the western countries doesn’t imply that it’s less Chinese than you’d like it to be. All the cultural and spiritual aspects of classic China are well-preserved, but the economic, day-to-day and the political aspects are borrowed from the West.

Why are they better than Chinese

Though you may come here to get laid, you can’t depreciate this freedom, if not for your sake, then for the sake of those you’re about to hookup. It’s not punishable in China, but there’s just much less opportunity of doing it. 

And then, communist China doesn’t really have a hookup culture. You’ll obviously be able to hookup someone fairly easy, but it may very well turn out pretty complicated, the Chinese aren’t exactly used to one-nighters.

In Taiwan, however, people do it regularly, so there’s no problem meeting someone online and spending one night together. Taiwan is also very convenient for those who can’t or don’t want to go to mainland China. For people like this, there are two perfect destinations — Taiwan and Hong Kong. Though the latter is not very stable at the moment, the former is and will remain safe and free.

Taiwan is more pleasant

Not only do you get to see the same women and get laid with them, but you also get it for less breathing down your neck. Plus, Taipei (the capital of Taiwan) is arguably more prosperous than most Chinese cities. Not only that, but it’s also less nasty. Most Chinese megacities are incredibly industrialized, whilst Taipei’s industry is less omnipresent.

It may seem like not a very good deal now, but you’ll definitely spend some time and money traveling here, so you won’t want your vacation spoiled by some fumes.

Internet is more wide-spread in Taiwan

If what you want is to get laid with some Chinese women, you can get them either in China or here, in Taiwan. The difference is pretty significant not in their ‘quality’, but in how you get to them:

  1. In China, you get mostly to hookup offline, but it’s not very pleasant since you really can’t know the intentions of people you’re approaching.
  2. Doing it online in China is a bit of a pain. Those who can somehow contact you via the apps or dating websites are pretty scarce because these websites are scarce, and also the connection is scarce.

In Taiwan, however, it’s not a big deal. The connection is pretty wide-spread and strong, and the government barely blocks any information online. Compared to what you get to go through in regular China, it’s a blessing. 

Hookup the Taiwanese

When it comes to approaching and dating the Taiwanese, it’s fairly easier too. There are, as usual, two main types of approaching — online and offline.

Dating offline isn’t much of a pain as well, you just need to find a public place to your liking — like a bar or a cafe. You can do any of that in China, there are plenty of decent bars and so forth, but it’s a bit more difficult to figure out if the person is open for a hookup or not.

And if you get to talk to one of the pretty ladies you lay an eye on, there’s no telling if she speaks English. In Taiwan, on the other hand, the language is very popular. It’s so popular, there was even talk about making it into one of the official languages of the land. Not much action, however, was made, but the situation is clear.

Image of a sweet couple

Taiwan is much easier to navigate

Another vastly beneficial advantage of spending your vacation on the island of Taiwan rather than in mainland China is that it’s much smaller than its big brother. China is huge, even if you aren’t going anywhere outside of a major city of your choice. And with the wide-spread neglect of the English language and comforts for tourists, it’s very tempting to get lost there.

Even Taipei, the capital of this paradise island, is populated with only 2.6 million people. It’s incredibly small for Asian capital, making navigating it for a western visitor so much simpler.

Taipei’s size

If you are going to Taiwan, you’re probably going to stay in Taipei, be that your final destination, or just a place for housing. What’s even more incredible is that the city’s size is about 260 km², three times smaller than New York.

What it means in terms of dating is, you can actually find the place you chose for the date fairly easy, albeit with some help from the map. It’s starting to sound like a cliche, but that’s just one more example of Taiwan being better China than China. Chinese cities are pretty much like anthills. Even with the help from the map, it’s not that easy to find the place you want to visit. 

Is it easier to get laid in Taiwan

Not the least factor of how successful your hookup will be is the so-called ‘hookup culture’. Roughly, it shows how prone people are to have an open intimate life. It doesn’t only imply the collective tendencies of people, but also how accepted it is by the public.

The country will have developed hookup culture if it underwent the ‘sexual revolution’, which occurred in western countries in the late 20th century, and then in the early 21st century in the countries that weren’t stable enough to have any sort of cultural renaissance. 

Some countries haven’t still undergone this phenomenon, like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and also China. Taiwan, on the other hand, has plenty of this culture, being closely connected with the United States and Japan for almost the entirety of the post-WW2 history.

So, if you’ll want to hit on some woman you like in order to get laid, you’ll probably be successful. With the proper approach, of course. 

Image of a Taiwanese date

The approach

Even though offline hookup is still an option, it’s far better to find a partner on the Internet. The local Chinese may be more open than their cousins on the mainland, but it doesn’t mean that they are less Chinese. This nation is notorious for being old-fashioned and highly untrusting towards the outsiders. 

Dealing with them online negates these problems, especially if you install the specific dating app. There, you can sort through people until you’ve found somewhat who suits you without spending too much time. 

In conclusion

There are many reasons why a person who’d want to date a Chinese woman for a while would be better off coming to Taiwan rather than China itself. Of course, many of them sound as if China has literally nothing to offer. Well, it’s not exactly true. But if you want to hookup someone and then get laid, Taiwan is much better in this aspect.

Taiwan is also overall more welcoming for a western tourist. Sure, there are no ancient palaces, shrines, and not that many markets selling exotic creatures on sticks, but it’s just fine for learning more about the Chinese and doing it in comfort. 

That’s pretty much it about the Taiwanese. Coming there or not is up to you, but you have all the cards. If you want to know more about how to get laid with a Chinese, give a chance to this article here, or this video below:


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