Features of Nigerian women and the rules of Nigerian hookup

When it comes to Nigeria, not everybody in Europe and North America knows that it is the most populated African country with over 200 million people. Nigerian women are quite popular with those dudes who actively seek hookup opportunities.

Contemporary Nigerian women

Females from Nigeria

Modern Nigerian women, especially in major cities, are quite far from generally acknowledged stereotypes. When coming for both looks and characteristics, they have a lot in common with Moroccan, Egyptian, Sudanese or other African females.

How do Nigerian women look?

Beautiful Nigerian females

The most attractive Nigerian women and the majority of the common females in that African country are distinguished by the following features:

  • Slender and tall
  • Physically attractive
  • Dark-skinned, as a rule, but sometimes their skin color can be bleached
  • Medium-sized noses
  • Luscious lips
  • Gentle facial features

What are Nigerian women like?

Although Nigeria is quite a poor country, local girls tend to keep up with Western young females. Therefore, along with features typical of African chicks – modesty, family-oriented upbringing, respect to the elder people – Nigerian women possess personality traits that make them much closer to their European and American counterparts:

  • High level of education
  • An approachable and friendly disposition
  • Assertiveness, open-mindedness, and ambitiousness
  • Talent in various spheres of art
  • Sociability and neighborliness.

Overseas guys need to bear in mind that Nigerian women who live in Lagos – the capital of the country – and in other major cities have quite a good command of English and French. Nevertheless, for foreign dudes, the knowledge of some everyday phrases in local languages is welcomed.

Nigerian women’s mode of life

Events in which Nigerian women are involved

To be successful in their wish to pick up and get laid with Nigerian women, overseas fellows need to get to know their present-day lifestyle. Local females are avid dancers and singers. They are enthusiastically involved in beauty and sports contests, a variety of festivals and social events.

Some helpful tips: Overseas dudes should sincerely wish they catered Nigerian women’s material, spiritual, and sexual needs. However, guys who tend to make a display of their wealth are doomed to failure.

Hookup apps

The way that most contemporary guys prefer to get acquainted with females with the purpose to get laid with them is downloading hookup apps. It really gives a lot of opportunities to find like-minded females. Nigerian women prefer several international apps of this kind:

Advice: To avoid coming across any sort of scamming and fraudulence, overseas guys should sign up for and download only reputable well-known hookup apps.

Hookup guidelines in Nigeria

Provincial women in Nigeria are still quite submissive to their highly regarded husbands. That is less typical of urban Nigerian women. Since guys are going to hook up with pretty local girls, they need to get ready for picking up that requires from them the exact kind of behavior and looks:

  • Politeness
  • Respect to local traditions
  • Well-groomed outfit and stylish image
  • Lavishness in gifts and compliments
  • A good sense of humor.

Spots to hook up Nigerian girls

Nigerian females while letting loose at clubs

In contrast to most of the African neighboring countries, Nigeria is much more filled with a variety of places and venues to hook up with local women. First and foremost, they are recreation and amusement parks, sand beaches, resorts, gardens, and shopping malls.

The best hookup nightclubs are concentrated in Lagos. The most popular and reliable of them are the following:

  • Quilox
  • Escape
  • Rumors
  • Club 57
  • Flamingo
  • Road Runners
  • Nite Shift Collisseum.

Final recommendations

It’s very important for overseas guys from Europe or North America not to look down on local girls. You need to convince them that your attitude to them is the same as to Western females. Friendliness, sociability, and generosity, definitely, will help you in your quest for a successful hookup.


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