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Africa isn’t exactly the most prosperous or interconnected continent of the world. But it is large, very populated, and you can’t deny that there are beautiful women to be found. However, if you speak about the continent as a whole, you can’t really draw a universal approach for hookup or dating, Africa is also diverse in many ways.

Well, for the occasions when you can’t know what to expect, you can always rely on the Internet. And if it can’t tell you what to expect, it can always find someone for an online hookup for you. But, as you could anticipate, the Internet isn’t Africa’s strongest suit as well. Not many countries, even fairly prosperous, have the means to provide the connection.

But there are several notable exceptions of countries where it’s pretty possible to find someone good-looking for an online hookup. And if you want to arrange a tour to Africa to know the women better on your own grounds, come see what countries you ought to visit first.

Is it even possible to hookup the Africans?

Some places in the world simply don’t have a hookup culture. There, intimate life is more old-fashioned (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). In Africa, if it’s even possible to define the continent so large and diverse with a few sentences, everything depends largely depends on the Africans themselves.

The online hookup approach is also practical in the sense that the people who do want to spend the evening with someone are already on one of the more world-wide apps (like Tinder).

But even if you manage to find someone you like, there may still be obstacles, like:

  1. The religious non-acceptance. In the more religious parts of the globe, like North Africa, people may decide to smash your plans if they see that you’re up to something their religion prohibits. If in Europe or the Americas you can expect that nobody will lecture you how to live your life, it may not be as easy in some parts of Africa. Namely, the countries that worship Islam;
  2. Lack of language skills. Though many countries in Africa still have English as a major or even official tongue, reflecting the reality of what language most of their population uses, it’s not the case for the entirety of the continent. Western Africans largely speak French, Northerners speak Arabic, and there are also the islands of the native tongues and also of Portuguese, Spanish and even Dutch;
  3. You should make sure to stick to the main cities or capital cities for a variety of obvious reasons. Make sure that your partner qualifies

The dangers

All of it goes without mentioning the dangers of traveling in Africa. Criminal rates and sickness are just a few examples of how unsafe Africa is, there is always a possibility that you may be robbed or scammed. Sadly, the visitors from Europe and North America are often viewed as fat purses who won’t mind if some of their money goes missing.

In the end, it would be wise to not consider going to the most desperate countries of this continent, and also constantly be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. 

It also would be wise to check yourself for any infections after you’d come back home. No, not wise really. More like mandatory.

South Africa

If you aim to visit Africa below Sahara and have a good time while trying an online hookup with the African women, it’s probably better for you to visit South Africa above all places. Sure, it’s very far away, but it’s one of the safest havens in Africa. It’s also one of the most Internet-provided places on the continent, making it pretty easy for you to find a partner here.

Among other advantages: the actual infrastructure, the abundance of places for time-spending, a modern touch (in the capital, at any rate), and also a somewhat European view on things.

It’s one of the surest bets, as you can see. If you come here in search of some African beauty, you’ll most likely leave empty-handed. The women here may be very attractive, and pretty modern. As mentioned, they have vast access to the Internet, and they had had it for a long time. It makes a person free-willed, open to possibilities, and inquisitive, which is good if you want to make an online hookup with the ladies from there.

How to hookup the South-African ladies?

South Africa is considered part of the Western world, despite being one of the most Southern nations of the globe. With this heritage and the open access to the Internet, hooking-up in these parts isn’t too uncommon.

Meet a decent person, come with her to one of the decent public places for a date, and then spend the evening together. The good thing about Africa is that everything is cheap here, and it doesn’t necessarily affect the quality of what you’re being served. It means you can have a very good evening without paying too much.

Dating for one night and then culminating it on an intimate note isn’t bizarre for South-Africans as well. It actually happens all the time (that’s why you should definitely check your health afterward). 


You’ve probably never even heard about this place, but it still exists, and, what’s more, it’s pretty much the most prosperous country in Africa.

Though it’s not exactly in Africa, it’s an island in the Indian Ocean, not far from the mainland. Coming here is very reasonable for one simple fact — the economy of this nation is largely bent on tourism. That means safety, low crime rates, comfort, and peace. And they are doing a very good job out of it as well. 

The country itself is not terribly rich, but its standard of living is the second in the entirety of Africa. The first is that of Seychelles, but in terms of the current goal, Mauritius is probably better (more of that below).

Why hookup the Mauritians?

It’s a tropical island nation with a lot of beaches in every corner of it, meaning the islanders are generally fit. Whether it has something to do with beauty or not isn’t that clear, but the local women are definitely attractive. If you decide to visit a comfortable little town of Port Louis (it’s the capital), you’ll definitely find some hot islanders to hit on.

Apart from realizing the exotic tropical romance dream that many people who don’t live in tropical countries have, the advantages of spending your vacation here also include all the advantages South Africa has. That is, accessibility to the Internet (much less than in South Africa, however), the low prices, and many places where you could happily spend a day.

And Mauritius itself is very comfortable a resort even if you don’t come here for women. It doesn’t have all the luxuries of a modern Western nation, but you’ll still have a very good time here.

Image of a beautiful couple


This country is another island resort, but in this case, you’ve definitely heard something about it. It’s fairly popular and rich, as a subsequence. It’s probably the best, most comfortable, most peaceful country among the African nations. It is pretty much a tropical paradise.

However, it’s not very suitable for any sort of online hookup — the capital, Victoria, houses not more than 25.000 people and good luck finding a good-looking woman who uses dating apps on a regular basis. And even if you find someone on your own — the locals aren’t exactly used to the quick romances for a few nights. 

So, you’re better off on Mauritius. Even if the people there aren’t any more used to hooking-up, there are many more of them — about 1.2 million, your chances are much higher there, certainly. 

North Africa

Africa below and above the Sahara desert are two completely different entities. Below, the countries are populated by black people, they mainly practice different forms of Christianity and not many outsiders can name even a handful of countries from this part of the world, sadly.

Above, the Arabs and the Berbers are the majority, and they practice Islam. The common belief is that Africa in its entirety is pretty backward (which isn’t exactly true, as the subparagraphs above note), but North Africa is actually pretty comfortable.

Of course, it’s a safe bet if you ignore the fact that many local women are too religious to fall for any sort of hookup, online hookup included. But even keeping it in mind, you’ll still be able to find someone for a night. Not everyone here is as much of a zealot as they say.


If North Africa seems like a safe bet, Egypt is the safest bet. Sure, the folks are Muslim here, but it doesn’t mean that this country is blocked for you, far from it. The population here, specifically in the resorts, isn’t as old-fashioned as you could think. In fact, they are pretty tolerant, given how many tourists come and go.

The resort-cities are all the better, as they have to constantly interact with the Westerners, who aren’t very restrained when it comes to pretty much everything. Such interactions can’t leave any old fashion in you after a while.

So, if you want to hookup the Egyptian ladies and a great time at the same time, come either to one of the coastal cities or to Cairo. Cairo is big and populous. The locals are as accustomed to the tourists as any other Egyptian, but they tolerate much less here. For instance, don’t get loud or intrusive (especially while hooking-up)

Image of an Egyptian couple


One of the main advantages of the North of Africa is its proximity to both Europe and, relatively, to the United States. But Tunisia is even closer, which is very sweet. It’s even closer in mindset as well. The country is a staunchly Muslim one, which implies some restrictions and perhaps even danger.

However, the local population and the government are pretty chill when it comes to displays of other religions and cultures (if not supportive even). So, nobody will probably object and refuse if you try the online hookup. After all, there are many Tunisian, Egyptian, and Arab women on Tinder and other platforms. They wouldn’t object, but the people around could.

And the Arab and Berber women are worth it, actually. Especially Berber, they look beautiful. If you want to try an online hookup of a Berber woman, it’s better that you come to Tunisia for it. 

The ladies here are pretty Tunisian, and it’s much more comfortable to do it here rather than in other Berber-populated states, like Algeria and Morocco. The former isn’t terribly keen on tourism, and the latter doesn’t suit the modern standards very well.

Other examples

As mentioned a few times before, it’s better not to visit most countries in Africa, especially for these uses. Not many countries on this continent have the Internet at all, much less use it specifically to find a date for a night. But there are a few notable examples of the nations that both:

  1. Have quite beautiful women (according to many not-very-scientific research articles);
  2. Have the widely-available Internet connection.

There are, in fact, two perfect candidates that weren’t mentioned before. Here they come.


Nigeria has a sizeable population, and it’s one of the reasons why there are so many (100 million) Internet users. But then, you won’t date them all, it’s not very relevant. What’s relevant is that 50% of the entire population of this country uses the Internet on a regular basis. It says one notable thing: the Internet is not something new here, and they obviously have discovered such a thing as an online hookup app.

And, truly, if you open one of the apps you know and search the people from Nigeria, you’ll find quite a few. And even as you look at them, you can find that many are pretty attractive.

However, don’t forget to stick to the big and well-developed cities, like Lagos. It’s the largest city in the country and one of the largest in Africa. It’s almost like New-York if it was dusty and a bit shabbier.


Kenya has similar demographics when it comes to the Internet. The population is quite a bit smaller, though. All the same, the women are beautiful, and the Internet is pretty popular.

On the other good news, Kenya is much more well-off (not terribly rich, but not too poor also). It means that you’ll find at least some comfort in one of the hotels of Nairobi. And from there you can set out to hookup women because the city is also pretty comfortable and filled with little places for the couples.

In conclusion

Now, one of the main things that can hinder your progress of online hookup is the overly-zealous attitude of some people in the more religious or old-fashioned countries. It doesn’t mean that they are against love and dating, but rather against the Western approach to it — having one night together, and then leaving. 

If you can manage to do it not-too-openly, you may not even catch a hint of someone judging you. Just keep in mind that more people than usual like to pry into such things than you’re used to.

Hopefully, at least some of that was helpful. For further enlightenment on dating, you can read another article on this blog or even watch the video below if you like:


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