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The trio of Baltic states — Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia — aren’t exactly the most popular tourist destinations in Europe for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, they are very fun and offer unique experiences for any kind of trip, be that a loving affair for a mature hookup or a simple journey to see sights.

As for the former, if ever you decide to stay in Europe for some time, you may consider going to one (or each) of these countries. Of course, it highly depends on one’s taste and whether it’s even comfortable for you to come here. These countries are located in the North-East of Europe, it may not be close to where you reside. But the women here are worth it, and let’s see exactly why.

What’s so great about the women here?

These countries are, in fact, very small, so it’s unlikely that you’ve heard even a rumor about them. But the women here are pretty attractive, no need to deny. It’s especially true for the Northern-most of the bunch — Estonia. 

The Estonians bear especially close ties with the Nordic countries, the people of which are known to be the fittest and most attractive in Europe. Of course, there are also ties to the Slavic peoples nearby, about physical attributes of whom you can only speak fondly.

So, if you aim to come to the region and can’t decide on the country, you can safely pick Estonia. Not only is it the country with, subjectively, the most beautiful women of all the Balts, it’s also the most developed, comfortable and welcoming of the three.

The challenge of finding them

But if you come to see the Baltic women, you may notice that they are, in various degrees, under the influence of Russians or the Russian culture. The Russian community in Estonia makes up a quarter of the country’s population. So, the chance of running into a Russian is basically 1 to 4. The same goes for Latvia, and the Lithuania is more ‘fortunate’ – only 6% of the population is Russian.

And the native Balts who themselves identify as the Baltians sometimes don’t differ much from the Russians. So, it’s at times really hard to distinguish a native Estonian or Latvian (Lithuanians to a much lesser degree). You can date Russians, of course. But it’s hardly wise, unless you really don’t want to come to Russia, of course.

Other reasons

For genetic reasons or some other, the Baltic people are pretty good-looking. But it’s not the only thing that may compel you to come here for a hookup:

  1. There’s also very little competition, as the local women aren’t as well-known to be beautiful as French or Russian;
  2. The locals are very fond of foreigners, particularly the westerners. They are interesting and desirable to them, which is an advantage, of course;
  3. Despite the cultural ties, the Baltic region is still very independent and even exotic in terms of mindset, culture, and the way of life (Lithuania especially so). And of course, you need to be impressed by something on your trip, otherwise, you would just stay home

The last reason is actually wrongly depreciated. It’s for something new and outstanding that people choose to travel. And when you come to the Baltic countries, you can see that they are much like their neighbors, but also bizarre and separate in many ways. And it goes for people as well.

What’s the best way to hookup them?

In fact, if you come to these countries for something you don’t usually meet or see, you can try the more mature hookup (implying the people within their 20s). It’s when some locals become either distinctly native or distinctly Russian (there’s a sizeable Russian minority, as you know).

What you need is a native person. Most reasons above are applied to the natives, and they are more interesting in this instance. The Russians are also thrilling, but you can interact with them any time simply by coming to Russia.

But don’t think too much about that. If you happen to come across a Russian who likes you, and whom you also like, there’s really no reason for not having a good time together.

Online hookups or offline?


If you want to date a native person specifically, you may consider whipping out your hookup app for that. The apps mostly let you know when the person you’re contacting is Russian or someone else, if not directly, then with their bio, info, etc. If the name doesn’t sound Russian — she’s probably not Russian. It’s simple.

In that sense, the online approach is better, because you don’t know if the person is Russian until it’s too late (it isn’t bad, mind you, but if you’ve come to the country so far East, you’d want to see what it has to offer, not what its neighbor has).

Image of a Baltic date

Do many of them even use the Internet?

Here you can witness one of the more frequent concerns regarding traveling to distant lands, yet in the case of the Baltic countries (Estonia, above all) the usage of the Internet is actually the least of your concern. 

About 60% of the Estonians use it on a regular basis. And it’s also one of the reasons why many of them know English so well. So, the good thing is, you can try your mature hookup of the local women almost anywhere in Estonia, the connection and the popularity of the Internet is just that good.


A mature hookup is also achieved if you decide to simply visit a few public places in the evening. The Balts, like most other people in Europe, don’t scoff on such type of leisure. They also don’t scoff on spending time with someone afterward in a more intimate atmosphere.

They are pretty modern people, much more modern than most countries in Eastern Europe. In fact, if you want to get a quick mature hookup of women somewhere in Eastern Europe, this place is your choice (no offense, Baltic people, but you often don’t have much restraint).

How to perform a mature hookup specifically?

The mature hookup (applied to people between 25 and 30, scientifically speaking, or higher — depends on the perception) done specifically onto the native Balts, and not Russians, is best done in non-Russian cities, like Riga or some parts of Tallinn. 

The approach, whether through the Net or in person, isn’t that important, there’s no nation-wide preference. 

It’s actually somewhat advantageous to date more mature women because after they graduate from universities, they generally know English on a good-enough level and sometimes even want to leave the country with that knowledge. So, talking to the foreigners who also speak English (native speakers — even more so) is always welcome.

The fascination with the English-speaking people is actually pretty widespread amongst the native people, and much less amongst the Russian-speaking population — be that the natives who just happen to speak the language or the Russians who happen to live in the country.

Image of conversation with Baltian

Why aren’t they more popular?

Indeed, if they are so great, why don’t more people talk about them? Well, it probably has a lot to do with the geographic position. The countries are surrounded by peoples why the ladies not worse than the Balts: Scandinavians to the North-West, Slavs to the South, West, and East. 

Obviously, for a westerner, it’s much easier to come to one of these countries. Not only that, but the Baltic countries are also poorer when it comes to things to see. They are also shabbier and less developed (meaning, less comfort), maybe with the exception of Estonia.

So, it’s not because the women here are somehow worse. Subjectively speaking, all women in Eastern Europe are attractive, simply because you can’t measure it.

In conclusion

Baltic women are worth the effort, of course. Especially if you want to try a mature hookup on ladies, it’s where it’ll be both successful and also a very good experience. So, feel free to come to Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia and hookup some women. With advice like this, you’ll be able to do it in no time.

Advice is important, true. But it won’t harm you if you decide to come here without any plan and try to get to hooking right away. You may get less than you’d hoped for, but you will get results if you’ll do everything smart.

And if you want to know more about hooking up and dating, give a chance to one of the other articles on the blog. And here’s also a video about the Balts if you want more info:


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