Australia hookup guidelines: how to get laid with beautiful Australian women?

Australia is a faraway country for most of the nations on our planet. Despite the Internet and modern ways of communications through the air, that wonderful corner on the Earth seems quite specific due to its relative isolation. Australian women are also quite different in comparison to their counterparts in Europe and North America.

Even American, British and Canadian people, who speak the same language as most Australians do in their daily life, often know quite little about the particularities of that splendid country. So, if you are going to head off to Australia whatever your aim is, you definitely need to get ready for your future journey.

Advice: First and foremost, while planning a trip to Australia, you need to be good at least at everyday spoken English. It’ll help you to interact and strike up relationships with local women without running a risk of failing.

You should also keep in mind that hookup tactics in Canada, the USA, Britain, or any other English-speaking country despite plenty of similarities among them, in most cases, won’t hold true for Australia. Therefore, the very first advice given by adepts is to look into the main peculiarities of Australian mentality as well as local pick-up “rituals”.

Some main peculiarities of the Australian nation

While traveling around Australia, you can pick up plenty of weird and funny words local people use when they interact with each other. The very first word you bump into will be Aussie. In this way, locals often call their homeland and themselves as a nation.

Australians – both men and women – have some specific attributes that tell them apart from the other English-speaking nations:

  • They are proud of their country a lot
  • Make up a variety of unusual and weirdly sounding words and collocations
  • Tremendously obsessed with physical activities and sports
  • Quite informal in their interaction, it also concerns Australia hookup etiquette
  • Don’t have sort of a rich pick-up culture.

Overseas guys who get ready for the journey to that faraway country won’t have any difficulties interacting with local girls.

Australian women

Girls from Australia

In comparison to European counterparts, Australian women, most commonly, look a lot more stylish and beautiful. They quite open and approachable by nature, therefore, it’s really easy for foreign lads to start relationships with local gals. Yet some peculiarities typical of Australian women require from guys to take efforts to be successful in their desire to get laid with them.

World-known Australian women

Celebrities from Australia

Quite many famous women from Aussie are actively involved in the world film or fashion industry. They inspire men not only with their talent or stylish looks but also with their natural attractiveness. The list of the best-known Australian women – movie actresses and fashion models – is quite long:

  • Cate Blanchett
  • Elle Macpherson
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Toni Collette
  • Jessica Gomes
  • Claudia Karvan
  • Jesinta franklin
  • Rose Byrne
  • Jessica Hart
  • Samara Weaving, etc.

While looking at celebrities, men, definitely, expect Australian women to be not less good-looking than their famous female compatriots. The same concerns characteristics, traits, and views guys tend to figure out in their imagination.

Australian women’s image

Attractive women from Australia

Overseas guys won’t be disappointed with Aussie women’s appearance. As a rule, they are proud of their looks and regularly take care of it. Australian women expect men to be well-groomed, sporty and dressed in stylish outfits either.

Especially important to answer girls’ desires for those dudes who would like to hook up and get laid with local chicks. Overseas guys will, definitely, appreciate Aussie girls’ looks. Men will get taken aback by the variety of Australian women’s appearance:

  • They can be both short and very tall
  • Their eyes are usually characterized by different shades of light colors
  • They are obsessed with stylish gear and sport their favorite outfit quite long
  • Almost all the Australian girls have beautiful and slender figure due to doing mush sport.

Men can meet women with both narrow and broad shoulders. Girls’ skin can be pale, dark or fair. Although blonde gals are considered to be typical Aussies, there are quite many dark-haired chicks strolling along city streets.

Australian women’s personality traits and mode of life

Australian girls’ active lifestyle

Most of the American guys are sure that hookup rules typical of the USA hold true for Australia. They are totally wrong since women in both countries are quite different by nature. The same language spoken in Aussie and the United States doesn’t mean automatic similarity in lifestyle, mentality, and other important features.

Australian women even those who live in large cities like Melbourne and Sydney are much closer to nature than their American counterparts. It affects their personality traits that overseas dudes appreciate very much. The main features typical of Aussie women are the following:

  • Quite independent, open-minded, and unbiased
  • Bold and brave
  • Highly educated and computer-friendly
  • Outgoing and sociable
  • Good-tempered, flexible, and livable.

The main negative feature typical of some Australian girls is their frequent use of swearwords. However, foreign men often do the same. Contemporary Aussie women of different ages and social groups are quite active in their everyday life. They take interest in many miscellaneous activities:

  • They are very good at cooking and enjoy doing that
  • Attend the gym, fitness centers or sports clubs
  • Enthusiastically and regularly go to beauty salons
  • Play various music instruments
  • Visit entertainment centers or nightclubs with pleasure
  • Practice a lot of different kinds of sports: cricket, water polo, Australian football, swimming, tennis, etc.

How to be successful with getting laid with an Australian woman?

If you belong to so-called adepts in hookup tactics in Germany, the UK, France, Italy, Canada or any other European or North American country, it won’t help you in Aussie. Success in that country will come to those who will be aware of local particularities in the interaction with Australian women.

Advice: You need to set the exact aim and do your best to get it fulfilled. If you just want to get laid with an Aussie woman, remember that they prefer informal interaction but without any excessive assertiveness.

Bear in mind that Australian women can’t stand any aggressiveness, rudeness or arrogance. Aussie girls are easy to talk into getting laid with provided that you are a kind, cheerful, resourceful, and like-minded dude. The informal interaction doesn’t mean familiarity and obtrusiveness.

Seasoned guys give some helpful advice on how to succeed in hooking up and getting laid with Australian women. The most common tips are quite easy to follow:

  • Do not talk too much about yourself and, in general, swing into action rather than chat away
  • Single out a proper spot for one nightstand or your hookup
  • Pleasant fragrance of your body will, definitely, brings you benefits during your date
  • Be perfect or at least good at sexual techniques
  • Do not get scared of experimenting
  • Keep an eye on the chick’s reaction and do not forget about her wishes.

Australian women on hookup websites and apps

Guys who come to Aussie to get laid with local gals have good chances if they sing up for any of up-to-date popular hookup platforms. At present, it’s, doubtlessly, the fastest and the most convenient way for the very beginning of relationships, a kind of preparation for future offline dates.

Australian young women are nowadays among active users of social media, in particular, of Facebook. Before starting interaction, men can look into women’s profiles on not only hookup websites but also social networks.

If you belong to a numerous group of contemporary open-minded guys who seek no strings attached relationships, you can use an array of international apps popular in Australia:

  • Grindr
  • eHarmony
  • Oasis
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Passion
  • Elite Singles
  • Adult Friend Finder
  • RSUP
  • Bumble
  • Tinder.

When it comes to hookup websites, their number isn’t so huge. Yet you have some dating platforms available that appropriate for those adventurous dudes who seek casual sexual encounters.

The website Datehookup is rich in Australian women’s profiles who are ready for one nightstand and unattached relationships. The list of reputable hookup platforms where you can find a lot of Aussies also includes:

  • Horny Wife
  • Get it On
  • Xpress
  • Loveaholics
  • Naughty date
  • QuickFlirt.

Spots to hook up and laid up with an Aussie

Australian female clubbers

Successful interaction with Australian women may end up with an offline hookup. Quite many guys initially prefer getting to know local girls in real life. Both of these male groups are interested in finding spots in Australia appropriate for starting relationships and getting laid with local gals. The best places for these purposes are the following:

  • Seashore beaches
  • Student societies
  • Local bars, pubs, and nightclubs
  • International meet-ups
  • Workout and sports centers
  • Swinger clubs.

The choice of the kind of places depends on men’s age, social status, and aims. Some Australian regions are especially rich in women ready to meet guys for casual sex encounters:

Some Australian cities are the most popular with overseas guys who seek sexual adventures: Sidney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane. The choice of nightclubs and bars there to hook up with local chicks is quite wide:

  • Radiance Parties
  • Soda Factory
  • Melbourne Swingers
  • Revolver Upstairs
  • Club 77
  • Debauchery
  • Ivy
  • New Guernica
  • The World Bar
  • Coco’s Parties, etc.

The types of guys who have more chances

Australian women aren’t preconceived, captious or quarrelsome. However, they would like their partners to answer some simple requirements of theirs. Aussie girls appreciate dudes with a good sense of humor, outgoing, resourceful, determined, and resolute.

If you wish to spice up your routines and experience new sex adventures, you will find like-minded Australian women with ease. Yet your image should be also appropriate: well-built figure, neat outfit, stylish haircut – all these features are encouraged.

Recap: Some final tips

While sharing their experience in hookup tactics, seasoned lovers of sex adventures consider Australia to be one of the most comfortable countries on our planet in terms of casual sexual encounters.

Their final tips to dudes who desire to find Australian women to get laid with are quite simple. You should be just yourself, sexually unfettered, ready for experiments but remember to follow safe sex guidelines.


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