Find hookups in Denmark with Danish women

Even though Danish girls look stunning, it is not so easy to hook up in Denmark. The reason is that local females do not perceive men as dominant and stronger individuals. They prefer to feel equal whether it concerns their job or even romantic relationships.

The above-mentioned factors make it really difficult to approach Danish women, especially if you are not looking for serious relationships. You can be sure that almost every Danish girl will simply walk away after your first pickup line.

Besides, everything gets even more complicated when you try to do it during the daytime. Therefore, your only way out is to try to get laid with a Danish woman during the nighttime. Visiting different bars and nightclubs will slightly increase your chance to find hookups in Denmark.

Thanks to spreading Western culture, you now can find easily accessible girls even in Denmark. They still try to preserve a bit of their own culture. At the same time, they understand that having random sexual relationships is not that bad.

Are instant hookups in Denmark possible at all?

As it has been mentioned, yes, you can actually meet a Danish woman who will get laid with you tonight. However, there are not that many of them in this country. The majority of females prefer to stay at home and do what they like.

This fact is understandable because of a terrible climate. Once you arrive in Denmark, you will notice that the weather is usually rainy and the sun almost never comes out. You cannot say that it is the best time for going to a nightclub instead of staying at home.

Charming young Danish woman touching her face with a finger wearing a white robe

Therefore, it is strongly recommended to visit only huge cities in Denmark to get hookups there since you have nothing to hope for in smaller towns. Even if you find yourself in a big city of Denmark, you still need to know the most visited locations. You will need them to increase your chance of getting laid. These places are popular not only among foreign tourists but also among Danish women.

Keep in mind that Denmark is one of those European countries where a hookup culture is not that wide-spread. Certainly, they have an open society and they all live good lives but it has nothing to do with their attitude to random interrelationships.

The most popular places to find hookups in Denmark

You will quickly realize how difficult it is to pick up Danish women on the streets. They are always busy and in a hurry. It means that the only way to talk to them is to meet them somewhere where they are relaxed. In general, Danish people are hardworking and they do not spend too much time doing nothing. So, make sure you try to hook up a Danish girl who is young. She does not have too many thing to worry about.

Danish nightclubs and bars are amazing

These are the places where your chance of getting laid successfully increases. The only problem is that a lot of Danish women go there with their boyfriends or even husbands. However, if you manage to spot a young girl, she is likely to be single and you should come up to her.

The most popular clubs and bars in Denmark are:

  • Jolene Bar;
  • Culture Box;
  • Chateau Motel;
  • The Jane;
  • NOHO;
  • Bakken.

Certainly, this list can hardly be called a complete one because nightclubs are extremely popular in Denmark. However, keep in mind that all of them are located in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark.

When it comes to smaller towns, you still can find some places to rest and get laid during nighttime but local Danish women will be much more humble. So, it is better to make your way to the capital right away in order to hookup in Denmark.

Although, keep in mind that the same thing works in any Scandinavian country and Denmark is not an exception. It is always better to visit the biggest cities if you are looking for night parties and new acquaintances.

Cultural attractions also count

If you are sure that Danish girls visit only nightclubs and bars, you will be surprised to find out that you can get laid with one of them by visiting cultural attractions. First of all, it concerns different museums, squares, and even castles.

Remember that Denmark is a country that has a huge interesting history that is unknown even for most of the local people, letting alone foreigners. Make sure to visit the following places to meet a Danish girl who attracts you not only with her looks:

  • Town Hall Square;
  • Christiansborg Palace;
  • National Museum of Denmark;
  • Nyhavn Harbor.

The last place is totally worth visiting, especially if the weather is warm and sunny. You can immediately arrange a short boat trip with a Danish woman you have liked. It will be a perfect surprise to prepare her for a hookup at the end of the day.

Are hookup apps available in Denmark?

Cute young attractive Danish girl sitting by the white wall looking directly in the camera

This is one of the most wide-spread methods of meeting new people in this country. Due to the constantly rainy weather and the absence of sun, a lot of people do not even go out. They prefer to work from home and spend all their free time with parents or relatives.

Nonetheless, you should definitely install a few free hookup apps while you are looking for Danish women. You will notice that the biggest part of them are young and single. It is quite simple to suggest what they are searching for there.

The golden rule of using hookup apps in Denmark is to let your Danish lady speak as much as you do. You should keep in mind that they respect equality in all senses of this word. If you keep acting like a macho, it will not work out in this country.

In addition, you should forget about the main fear of any man is that a Danish girl will think that you are insecure and weak. They appreciate tolerance and patient in men, first of all. So, it is better to stay humble and listen to what she says instead of trying to pick her up.

A real hookup in Denmark is a serious deal

After you have tried all the above-mentioned advice, it is still impossible to be completely sure that you will get laid in Denmark. You never know what is going to scare a Danish woman away from you. They are too unpredictable and unusual in some ways.

The majority of them are not into short-term relationships, especially with a foreigner who will not stay in their country for too long. You should understand and accept their concerns. This is the way they were raised in their families and you are not likely to change it.

Nevertheless, the positive fact is that you should not be afraid of any STDs including HIV while traveling around Denmark. Local females take care of their self-protection a lot. They will never get laid with a random foreigner without him using a condom.

Surely, there are a lot of downsides of having hookups in Denmark, but no one says that it is impossible to get a one-night stand there. Everything depends on your efforts. It is advisable to spend more time to get inside their culture to see how quick hookups work exactly in this country.

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