UK hook up – what to do within British date (hookup)

Hookup in the UK is something that can get mad many men all over the world. This country is famous by its beautiful ladies. They just draw you to visit this country and have an adventure you will remember for the rest of your life.

I need to get laid: why do it at all?

If you constantly tell yourself “I need to get laid” and “I want to get laid” you should just stop at that point and think it over. In other words, think about why you want to do this and what it will give to you.

Why hookup in the UK
  1. This kind of sex can reveal what you really like and dislike speaking of the sexual side of the relationship with women. It’s kind of a specific exploration of your inner personality.
  2. Sex can boost up your whole body. After such an adventure you will feel great and full of energy. You will be able to explore something new and move forward.
  3. It’s just an awesome way to get distracted from routine life and some problems in your personal life.
  4. It’s just fun. This act can present to you the emotions you have never experienced before.
  5. You don’t know what exactly will happen. This level of something you can’t predict can excite a lot.

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How to find hookups via various apps?

In this section, we are ready to provide the list of the best apps which will help you to find a perfect match for an ideal hookup. It’s going to be the best casual sex in your life if you look for British women here!

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel. The name may seem strange to you, but it’s definitely worth trying this app out. At least, the name holds some kind of intrigue.
  2. Piin. This one is a bot different because it also offers you the option of finding a pal with whom you can hang out too. If both of you will feel like doing something more than that, you’re more than welcome.
  3. Bumble. This one is especially loved by women. It is also very intriguing as long as in this app the woman has to start a conversation. So, she’s like playing the leading role in this undertaking which is spicy.
  4. Tingle and Blendr. Tingle gives you the opportunity to wink at the person before you start communicating. Speaking of Blendr, it’s a mix of people just waiting for you to join them for something more than just a conversation.
  5. 3Fun. This one is getting more and more popular now. The name hints on the obvious thing: having fun. And not between you and another person, there will be three of you there.
  6. Feeld. Here’s the same thing as in the previous one. So, if you are interested in such stuff, welcome to these apps.

So, the question “How to initiate a hookup” can be answered easily if you know about these apps.

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Why do British women want to have casual sex?

Actually, there are many reasons why women agree to arrange this kind of stuff. Certainly, they want to get as much pleasure as it’s possible without a serious relationship. But here is what they really think about it:

  1. It’s great when there’s a possibility to meet with a man just for a hookup and that’s it. These British ladies don’t want to feel obliges and have any responsibility for what’s going on.
  2. It’s a pleasure to realize a man wants just sex from you. Not the cooking or building a family. It relaxes a lot.
  3. They want to have various sex. And to their mind, it can work only when two people don’t have any responsibility for each other and there’s no so-called pressure of the relationship.
  4. It’s an adventure and a way to get distracted from the daily routine. So, it works the same with men.

Getting closer: a man’s behavior within a hookup

In this section of the article, we’re going to reveal the spiciest stuff you have been waiting for! We’ll tell you everything about your behavior when having a date with a British lady. And actually, not just a date but a hookup.

Right hookup behavior
  1. Before you will meet a girl with whom you have already arranged a hookup via an app or a website (or maybe it was done when you met in the offline world), you just have to let her know this is just a hookup. Not a beautiful prelude to the romantic relationship or marriage. It’s going to be a hookup, that’s it. Surely, everything in this world can happen. Maybe after this so-called date, you will like her so much that you just won’t be able to leave her. But it’s another matter to speak about.
  2. If you arranged this casual sex, make it sex of a lifetime. Try to get prepared as best as you can. It won’t only lead to a tremendous night you both are going to remember for a long time. In case you are perfectly ready, you will get immense pleasure.
  3. If you are here with her, be next to her. Don’t get distracted by the phone or anything like that. This can spoil the whole impression and you are going to regret it afterward. The most surprising thing is that you won’t get a clue what went wrong that night.
  4. Say no to endless drinking! We can understand you want to relax but it’s more reasonable to stay in consciousness and behave adequately than to get lost and abandoned somewhere.
  5. Bring protection and a lubricant with you. It will make the experience you’re going through even brighter and more comfortable. Don’t feel like it’s something weird to do. It’s just okay and this thing is made to bring you more pleasure. And speaking of protection, we think that it’s clear and simple to understand. The necessity of it is obvious. First, you won’t be infected by anything. Second, no unwanted pregnancy will be going to wait for you to come to this lady again and become her legal husband. We think you don’t want this. Right now, at least.
  6. Discuss the borders and limits of what you are going to do together with a lady you are going to have hookup. If you think that she is British and she enjoys freedom, that may not be completely true because all the ladies are different. Stuff which is acceptable for one sweet baby may not fit the second one. You should understand this. The same thing can be told about you. All men are different too.
  7. Just get pleasure and enjoy it! Try to relax as much as you can even if you are a bit nervous. A bit of alcohol may help you with this thing.

How to prepare for a hookup: some more useful advice

Here are some things that are elementary when answering a question “how to have a hookup” but many men neglect them. If you stick to what we are mentioning here, everything will go just perfect and both of you will find this experience pleasurable.

Casual sex behavior
  1. Don’t forget that there’s an alive person in front of you. It means that if you have finished, at least hand her the towel. It’s so simple! Don’t just think about yourself.
  2. To make things better, it’s a good idea to make something like a date before having a hookup. Do you know why? The matter is that women enjoy the prelude. To be honest, they aren’t ready for sex without it. Some alcohol, special atmosphere, food – this will definitely help her to get on fire. At least, she will appreciate it. And speaking of you here’s the same thing. You will get hooked up by the end of such date and will just burn from the desire, especially if there’s a pretty young lady in front of you.
  3. When your hookup (or date) is finished, don’t hurry to leave as soon as you can. The same thing can be told about the woman who is next to you. If you hurry her to leave, she will feel awful after everything has happened.
  4. After everything has happened, don’t start getting on her nerves telling that it was just one night so that she wouldn’t hope for anything more than that. She doesn’t. Relax, dude. After a hookup it’s just what you need.
  5. And here’s one more thing for you to know: you personally should be confident in yourself and know what you are doing this thing for. If you are uncertain, it’s a good idea to stop and think it over.

We greatly hope you found this article useful and will take into consideration everything we have said here. It’s going to be a big help to you. If you have any doubts about yourself as being a worthy candidate for such kind of fun, just stop where you stand. Stop it. You’re great, we feel it!

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    Although there is a lot of demand for these types of women on the internet, you should be aware that there are a few rip off artists in the industry, who may not deliver what they promise.

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