Hookup in Poland: Ways to get laid today for foreigners

Poland is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Eastern Europe. Apart from the rich history, the culture, and architecture, the country is also very rich with its people, the Poles, especially Polish women. The Slavic women overall are very pretty, and that’s an understatement. And to get laid today by one is a bit of a challenge, for several reasons.

Nonetheless, despite them being one of the more jingoistic nations of Europe, they don’t necessarily look down upon people, especially if a person trying to hookup a woman comes from Western Europe.

Why it may be problematic

If you come to see the Polish society and routine up close, you may notice that it’s a bit outdated in some ways. Religion still plays the large role in society and the principles of tolerance to sexual orientation, nationality, and belief are ignored even now, for instance.

The sex life (varying from region to region) is also not as free as in the West and other places. So, if you want to get laid today or hookup someone, chances are — you won’t be able to do it quickly and leave afterward. Of course, it largely depends on the kind of person you’re trying to hookup 

Sometimes making love to a person will bind you to her for some time. So, if your goal is to get laid quickly and not build a lasting relationship, you may not be able to do that.

However, there are several ways and advantages for doing it without much consequence, as a quick romance.

Being a westerner

If you are a tourist from one of the Western countries (namely, France, Germany, and especially the UK or the USA), you’ll likely be greeted more favorably by many people inside the country. To explain simply, they want to associate themselves with the West rather than the East, due to some historic tension in the region.

It won’t make you more attractive than you already are, mind you, but it will make you more interesting and maybe even desirable, depending on the kind of person you’re hooking up and who you personally are.

Is it enough?

Obviously, it isn’t. You also need to know how to charm your partner properly, know your timing and overall be someone desirable yourself. Being a westerner won’t automatically make you the best partner imaginable. You also need to work on your strong sides, too — like the looks or the personality.

What’s charming about the Polish women, actually, is that they don’t scoff at those not gifted with the perfect looks and physique. Rather, if you yourself are a charming person — you’ll always have a chance here.

It is true partially because the Slavic men aren’t famous for being good-looking (maybe fit, but not good-looking). Attractiveness in a partner is not as important for a Polish woman as, for instance, manliness and personality.

If you think you’re manly enough and have a substantial charisma — then you likely have very large chances to get laid today by a Polish beauty. 

Image of man hooking-up woman

Polish women like foreigners more

The Slavic men aren’t exactly good-looking, as you may recall. Sometimes it’s just a one-in-a-million chance to get laid by an attractive man (given you are, of course) for some women. Especially since not many foreigners actually visit Poland, if compared to other countries. As always, it highly depends on a person, take it with a pinch of salt.

All in all, it would be wise to use the settled perception of westerners as of well-provided noble-looking people here. It will probably help you with your goal.

Where should you go to hookup someone

Obviously, you should know the place where you could find a partner for a night if you want to find one. If you were looking for a relationship, there would be tons of choices for you to pick from. But since you’re not looking for one, the assortment shrinks.

If you want to get laid today, you need to find the modern and open Polish youth, and for that, you need to go to the large cities, because there too is more to pick from. Your best bet is either Warsaw or Krakow, the two biggest cities in the country. Not only you’ll have more people to meet here, but you’ll also be able to see some of the best architecture of Eastern Europe, and it is a sizeable bonus.

Inside the cities

Neither Warsaw or Krakow are considered night-cities at any rate, it’s more common to stay home in the evening rather than go out and hang out at the public places where you could get to know the locals better. Still, they are big cities, and it only takes a minute to see where the nearest public place is to build the plans for the evening.

Among such public places you have:

  • Cafes;
  • Bars;
  • Pubs (loved by the Poles);
  • Club

Just stick to the center, more or less. The Polish cities are nice, but they are not the safest, it’s still Eastern Europe. And frankly, you probably wouldn’t visit the outskirts anyway — the housing is cheap, you can just rent the room near the center.

Image of a night date

Hookup online

Hooking-up via the Internet is still a very viable option. It may not be so if the country didn’t speak English very well or if the Internet wasn’t that wide-spread (both, many people outside of Eastern Europe reckon, is true). To your surprise, perhaps, it isn’t the case for Poland. 

The Poles are pretty apt in English, and the connection is good country-wide. So, there’s not much hard in trying. 

Though, of course, as previously stated, the Poles are keener on building actual relationships than on quick romances. But you’ll be able to find your match, especially in the big cities like Krakow and Warsaw.

In conclusion

A quick romance in Poland isn’t as easy as it can seem. For one, you need to find a woman who’s interested in such sort of thing (which is best done via the Internet), and then you should also manage not to turn it into a full-fledged relationship (unless, of course, you’re interested in doing it, but that’s not the guide for such occasion).

But you’ll manage it. It’s easier done if you fit the category of people the locals like, but that’s optional. You can always manage on your own.

Well, that’s it for this article. If you want to know a bit more about how to get laid today by women from different parts of the world — feel free to check out other articles on the blog. Otherwise, you can also watch this video about dating Polish women:


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