Countries to date and hookup a virgin

Why do men want to have a virgin girl?

Reasons are many. We raise our self-confidence and manhood this way, or just respect our strict religious beliefs. Virginity has always been a precious quality, and there’s a new trend to sell it online.

Yet, there are lots of countries where it’s possible to meet a virgin at no cost. They either want some pocket money due to their poverty, or just enjoy learning things from a big smart man.Eastern European girls

A daddy roleplay became an important part of kinky relationships, sugar dating, anonymous hookups online, it even became a part of the honeymoon that just-married don’t want to miss.

Dating a virgin is the ultimate way to feel like a daddy who loves his little girl. Do not hold back this very natural wish, and find a perfect virgin for you in any country you’re going to visit.

What percentage of 21 year olds are virgins?

Iceland3.8 percent

USA12.3 percent

Ukraine14.2 percent

Belarus19.6 percent

Iran37.1 percent

Armenia48.5 percent

South Korea52.4 percent

Egypt75.9 percent

If we travel the world, we raise our chances to find a virgin girl for sex or marriage. It is known that Arab countries are quite strict, and innocent women can be found there easier than in the west.find a virgin girl

At the same time, they get mature very early, sometimes a decade earlier than western girls. So the controversy is that if we want a virgin girl, we will have to lower the expected age of our partner.

That’s why for men who want to hook up a virgin of legit age, i.e. 21 and older, it makes sense to travel to countries where the age of consent is around 20 yet the traditions and moral values are strict.

Portugal and Bahrain are the two countries with the oldest age of consent, 21. At the same time, traditions are still strong there so one can hope to find a pure girl in Portugal or Bahrain for real.

How to tell if a girl is virgin?

We all know a barbaric ritual of checking a bride’s hymen in parents’ and friends’ presence. It’s still practiced in some countries and tribes. It forces some modern women to pay for their hymen repair.

So even this checking basically proves nothing, as more as there are cases when a girl breaks a hymen due to some non-sexual trauma in her childhood. But even if the hymen is there, it cannot be seen or felt.Dating a virgin

Ways to reach an orgasm without breaking the hymen

It’s possible to have sex without losing virginity. Eastern European girls, particularly, who are often committed to get married to rich Muslims from Turkey or OAE, all kinds of tricks are used.

Oral sex

Mutual oral sex is highly satisfying, can lead to multiple orgasms, yet it doesn’t break the hymen. It is practiced by couples to stay pure for religious reasons, but a girl can also cheat this way.

It’s important to trust your partner, but also use common sense and be observant about expressions of her face, new skills she gained in a bed, her overall behavior and changes in it.

Anal sex

Too many girls choose this way to fully satisfy their partners and have unlimited sex in any quantities. Of course, such young women cannot be called virgins anymore, although technically they are.

Inserting only the tip of a penis

It is widely practiced in sex with virgins, with pregnant women on bed rest, in somnophilia experiments with your partner or a stranger. It’s surely sex, but it doesn’t go deep yet can lead to an orgasm.

Masturbating together

This way of non-penetrating orgasm is practiced by many teenagers, couples with one or two HIV-positive partners, couples where one partner cannot have normal sex for medical reasons.

The process involves deep kisses, watching erotic movies together, and partners penetrating themselves up to happy ending. A virgin who practices that, still remains untouched, literally.about young girls

Tips to spot a lie about virginity

Since there are so many ways to get satisfied without breaking a hymen, we’re never sure whether a girl is still a virgin or she lies to us. Here are some tips on how to spot a lie.

Body language

We’re talking about young girls, so they normally shouldn’t walk or move in a very naughty way, unless they’re experienced in sex already. Watch them walking and moving around.

Mimics, glance, and smile

Dating experts shall tell you that girls who never tried sex, cannot play a really sexy and predatory eye expression. While escort girls and ones with a big experience can perfectly play innocence.

Just see how piercing her glance is. If it gives you shivers and arousal, she was definitely trying something already, no matter what she says. If it’s just a peaceful glance, she might be a virgin.

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