Anonymous hookup with Nepali girls: how to get laid now

Nepal is a small country situated between India and China which attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. The main attraction of Nepal lies within its historical and cultural heritage. People are also fascinated by the Himalayan Mountains and trekking opportunities. Apart from that, it’s possible to have a great anonymous hookup in Nepal.

Find pretty fun-loving girls in Nepal for an anonymous hookup

With hookup culture being not that great in the country, it’s still possible to have an anonymous hookup in Nepal, and it’s usually worth the effort.

Nepalese girls for a casual hookup: what are they like?

Nepal is a conservative country with a huge emphasis on traditional gender roles and family values. Patriarchal society leaves very few choices to women in any sphere of life. In rural areas, a girl’s life is conditioned by a social status of her family, lack of financial security and educations, ethnicity and so on. Even in the world of today with its endless possibilities, lots of girls still remain illiterate.

These are the girls you shouldn’t plan any anonymous hookup whatsoever – doing so would have been taking advantage of one’s ignorance and give them false hopes. Besides, a cultural and language barrier would prevent you from having a reasonable conversation anyway.

If you’d like to make your hookup game in Nepal a wonderful success, it’s strongly recommended to target educated and progressive girls in large cities. Firstly, they speak reasonable English, and secondly, they will be closer to you culturally than women from small town and villages. Girls in larger Nepali cities are good-looking, stylish, friendly and approachable. They are curious about foreigners and don’t mind to chat with them.

Casual hookups with beautiful girls in Nepal for a foreign tourist

They say girls in Nepal are some of the best-looking females in Asia, just like Philippine or Thai hookup girls. They are not tall, but this is rather an advantage when it comes to international couples. A man often feels like a strong and powerful leader and protector close to a diminutive, slim and delicate Nepali woman.

They have thick black hair, dark eyes, high cheek bones and pleasant facial features. The majority of girls in the cities of Nepal emphasize their beauty by using cosmetics and jewellery, and wearing stylish, beautiful outfits, both ethnic and western style.

What should you know about hookup culture in Nepal?

One night stands, quick sex and casual hookups are not going to happen in Nepal. You’ll have to wait till a girls is comfortable with you. Winning her trust is the task you should focus upon. She shouldn’t think you are interested only in one thing. Make sure to woo her a bit and invite for a dinner or movies before actually getting laid with her. Best cities to pick up girls are Kathmandu and Pokhara – there are plenty of options to set up a lovely romantic date, and these cities definitely deserve to be included into the list of top Asian cities to hook up.

Dating tips on having instant hookups with Nepali women

There are certain things you can do in order to maximize your chances for success with a Nepali girl. Here are some of them:

Avoid flirting openly in public

 Even though contemporary girls in Kathmandu and Pokhara are rather progressive, they still depend a lot of public opinion. That’s why it’s not recommended to pock up girls in crowded places with many witnesses around. Most probably they’ll want a hookup to be a confidential and anonymous hookup.

Avoid certain subjects of conversation

 It’s not recommended to have serious talks about politics, religion, and strange local customs, including arranged marriages. Also, you shouldn’t discuss poverty in a girls home land – she might find it extremely unpleasant.

Revel your appreciation for the local culture

 Nepal boasts rich historic and cultural traditions, and local girls are very proud of them. If you show your interest in the local architecture, cuisine, language or day to day life, you’’ improve your chances of getting laid.

Dress well

 Just like anywhere in the world, Nepali girls appreciate men with good sense of style. Make sure to look presentable if you’re genuinely interested in instant hookups with local women.

Speak distinctly

 The majority of Nepali girls are not fluent in English, so you shouldn’t speak too fast or “swallow” words or sounds when approaching them. Speak distinctly and help them understand better with gestures.

Use dating apps and sites

 Restrictive cultural norms don’t allow girls open up in public, that’s why a lot of them prefer joining the best hookup apps. Nepali girls are much more relaxed when talking to a foreign man online. You can exchange a few messages with a girl on AsianDating , Tinder or Badoo before meeting her face to face.

Getting laid with god-looking local women in Nepal

In spite of all the challenges, it’s still possible to have a great anonymous hookup in Nepal, so don’t get easily disheartened. If you’re determined to have a great fun in this tiny Asian country, there is no reason why you wouldn’t. All the best!

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