Tips on how to get laid in Vietnam: a guide to quick easy hookups

Girls in Vietnam are some of the most beautiful women in the South-Eastern Asian region. Men from all over the globe keep flocking to this country wondering how to get laid in Vietnam. Both serious relationships and quick easy hookups are possible with Vietnamese women. However, one has to be familiar with certain cultural peculiarities. There are strict cultural norms when it comes to dating and romantic relationships in Vietnam, and western rules of picking up girls often don’t apply.

So if you’re curious to learn how to get laid in Vietnam, let’s discuss a hookup culture in this country in more detail.

Local hookups with beautiful women in Vietnamese cities

What is so special about Vietnamese girls?

If you’re looking for a girl who is feminine, gentle, and caring, Vietnam is the right place to start your searches. Vietnamese women are known to be extremely feminine, and it’s their femininity and belief in traditional family values and gender roles that attract men from all over the globe. Girls in this South-Eastern country are famed for being family oriented – the cult of family is very strong in Vietnam, and lots of girls are ready to put their own interests aside for the sake of family’s wellbeing.

This is just the way they are brought up. Vietnamese women are encouraged to become devoted mothers and loving wives since they are very small. They anticipate this role and can’t imagine another kind of future for themselves. For a typical Vietnamese woman, happiness lies within her family.

Of course, in the world of today, when the planet is growing increasingly smaller, all the countries are getting more and more alike. There are plenty of young Vietnamese girls who tend to put their career before family, but in general there are more family oriented ladies in this part of the globe than anywhere else.

An average Vietnamese woman will allow a man to be the leader in a relationship, so that he would feel his importance. She will remain loyal to her partner and work through any problems, so you are in no danger of being dumped. However, you should keep in mind that there are certain things typical Vietnamese girl wouldn’t tolerate. One of these things is being incapable to provide and be a good bread winner – in this case you can stop wondering how to get laid in Vietnam: you have zero chances.

It doesn’t mean that women in Vietnam are overly mercenary and materialistic. They are rather practical and far-sighted. What’s the use of having a hookup and start a relationship when a person proves incompetent at supporting his future family and securing their financial wellbeing?

Speaking of other personality traits of an average Vietnamese woman, she is polite, sweet, educated and well-mannered. When it comes to relationship, these girls tend to be emotionally dependent on a man. It might be a bit irritating, but you should keep in mind that it’s their way to show affection in a romantic relationship.

Vietnamese girls’ appearance

Generally speaking, Vietnamese women are considered some of the most beautiful females in the whole of Asia, that’s why so many men keep trying to find ways on how to get laid in Vietnam, in spite of restricted culture. Lots of western men find Vietnamese women much more attractive than women in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Western Europe and other regions.

Vietnam has been under the influence of different countries from South-East Asia and South Asia, and it resulted in a richer and more diverse genetic pool compared to other nations of the Asian continent. This is one of the reasons why Vietnam ranks high when one wonders which country is best for hookups.

With the average height of 155 cm, a typical Vietnamese woman is rather short compared to females in other parts of the globe. Lots of foreign guys find this fact particularly appealing. They also have black straight hair (unless they decide to curl or dye it brown, auburn or even blonde), black or brown eyes, high and wide check-bones and tiny nose.

When it comes to their style of dressing, girls in the big cities are very fashionable and well-dressed. You’ll hardly see any young women in a baggy t-shirt and old jeans. Instead, they prefer lovely dresses, beautiful make-up and high heels. They say Vietnamese girls are some of the best dressed girls in the entire South Eastern Region, not counting Thai women.

How to get laid in Vietnam with a beautiful local women

How to recognize a Vietnamese woman of questionable morals?

Lots of men wonder how to get laid in Vietnam. However, no one wants to be taken advantage of. There is a certain class of Vietnamese women who are very good at luring foreigners into their traps. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for quick easy hookups in Vietnam:

  • It’s not common to see girls in overly revealing outfits in Vietnam. If you notice a woman in a short alluring dress with a deep cut, most probably she’s a call girl. Huge showy tattoos fall into this category as well.
  • If a woman complains about financial difficulties and expects you to assists her in terms of money, it means she’s interested only in separating you from your dollars. A decent person will never bring her personal issues to a man she hardly knows. It’s alright if you don’t mind to be a sugar daddy to a pretty Vietnamese girl, but if it’s not how you envision a romantic relationship than you’d better start your searches elsewhere.
  • If you can get laid with a Vietnamese girl too easily, you should ask yourself whether you should extend the acquaintance with her beyond a one night stand.
  • Generally speaking, Vietnamese women don’t smoke or drink alcohol. If a girl you are interested in someone who does any of these things, it’s not a good sign. But it’s alright if your expectations don’t reach beyond sex only hookups.
  • If a girl lives with her parents (and most young Vietnamese women do), they will expect her to be home by a certain time. If you see a Vietnamese woman alone at night, it’s definitely a warning sign.

How to find hookups and approach women in Vietnam

One of the major problems when picking up Vietnamese girls lies within a language barrier. English is not common in the country, and it’s rather challenging to find a girl who would speak it fluently. Even so, in larger cities they manage to master English to some extent, so you may want to focus solely on city dwellers when searching for hookups in Vietnam.

It’s highly recommended to learn a few phrases in Vietnamese so you could approach a girl with a nice opening line. It will also help you avoid an awkward silence when talking to a woman. Besides, she’ll really appreciate your efforts, and it could be a good ice-breaker.

One more thing to keep in mind is that most Vietnamese girls are quite reserved. It’s not easy to make out whether they are really interested in talking to you, getting to know you better or starting a romantic relationship with you. They are shy and timid, and they also lack expressive nature that would help a man to build up a successful strategy. You’ll have to be patient in order to find an answer to how to get laid in Vietnam. Keep focused when building a special connection with a Vietnamese girl and convince her that you can be trusted.

Vietnamese society is rather patriarchal, and girls are taught to respect, support and please men. At the same time, they are not supposed to have anything to do with strangers, let alone having premarital relationships. As globalisation slowly but steadily creeping into Vietnam, these rules are no longer strictly obeyed, which is an obvious advantage for you. At the same time, they shouldn’t be completely ignored. Keep in mind that you’re in an Asian country when wooing Vietnamese girls and looking for hookups.

Dating tips

There are certain things you should remember about when dating Vietnamese women. Let’s have a close look at some of them:

What to wear to a hookup?

External looks are important for an average Vietnamese girl. Appearance and basic style of dressing defines a person’s social status in Asia. That’s why you shouldn’t approach Vietnamese girls wearing old tattered shoes, a crumpled t-shirt and a pair of baggy pants, otherwise no quick easy hookups are possible. No one expects you to dress to kill, but make sure you look presentable if you want to succeed with a Vietnamese beauty. A clean, stylish and neat outfit will increase your chances like anything. Pair it with good perfumes and high quality accessories, and you’re set for having hookups in Vietnam.

You shouldn’t go overboard trying to impress girls

A lot of western men tend to spend too much money on the first date. This way they try to impress them and win their heart. As a result, girls expect this kind of treatment all the time, and your expenses skyrocket as you keep dating. Besides, this kind of behaviour only attracts all sorts of scammers, gold diggers and sugar babes.

Keep it simple

Inviting a Vietnamese girl for tea or coffee is quite sufficient for the first date. Choose a nice quirky cafe which is comfortable to reach for both of you. Spend some quality time talking and getting to know each other. Keep it light, cheerful and optimistic. Crack some jokes here and there, if you’re sure she’ll understand them. Ask her questions you’re interested in and encourage her to get to know you, too.

Don’t make it long

Two hours are more than enough for the first date. If you keep it longer, she’ll get tired and bored. Going for a long first date is not advisable even with a girl from your home country, and it gets even worse with someone you don’t speak the same language with.

You won’t get laid with a Vietnamese girl after the first date

Nothing will happen on the first date, unless you stumbled upon a hooker. It will take you quite a few dates before having physical intimacy with a Vietnamese girl.

Diversify your dating experience

Diversifying your dating experience is essential if you want her to feel comfortable with you. Instead of having formal tea dates all the time, go for a walk in the local park or botanical garden, visit an art exhibition, go boating, watch a movie together, and so on. Visiting historical sights and taking pictures together is also a good idea.

If you run out of ideas, wander around a local shopping mall. The more things you do together as a couple, the faster you’ll earn her trust and improve your chances of getting laid. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait till your wedding day in order to have a sexual intercourse with a girl you like. But if you’re ok with that, why not? After all, everyone wonders how to get laid in Vietnam for their own reasons.

Pick up local girls and get laid in Vietnam: dating tips for easy hookups

What cities should you aim for?

Generally speaking, it’s strongly recommended to focus upon large cities when looking for a hookup with a Vietnamese girl. There are much more chances for a foreigner to start relationship with a local woman in an urban region rather than rural areas. With women retaining their natural charm and national character traits, the cultural norms are not so restrictive in large cities. Besides, cities in Vietnam have a vast array of interesting places for you to set up a perfect date.

Some of the best cities to get laid include the capital city Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, the economic centre of the region. But don’t limit your options only to these two – there are also cities like Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Dalat, Vinh, Phan Thiet and Nha Trang. Mui Ne is also one of the top Asian cities to hook up. All these places have a developed infrastructure and plenty of opportunities for someone looking for hookups in Vietnam.

Local hookups: picking up girls in Vietnam in daytime

Simply put, picking up Vietnamese women in daytime is a daunting task. Generally speaking, women in large cities are extremely busy in daytime. They would rush to their work places and educational establishments in the morning and remain there till around five o’clock. Then they would rush home. Women who don’t work would remain in their households. So it’s quite difficult to spot a woman, and even if you managed to do so, it’s even more difficult to catch her interest and start a conversation, let alone finding answers to how get laid in Vietnam.

Perhaps the best way to hit on a woman is to learn by what time lectures end in a particular university and try to approach girls on their way back home. The chances are they are hungry after all the classes, so you could invite a girl to have a simple lunch with you, followed up by a cup of tea or coffee.

Also, a great many women would head to the local malls after work in order to do some shopping, so you could also hit on them over there. You could pretend you can’t find something and ask them for help. This trick would help you break the ice and have something to talk about. When they help you find a particular product, you could casually invite them for a cup of coffee out of gratitude.

This is only one option of how to approach local women, but you can come up with your own ideas. Remember to keep your language simple – the more complex your sentences are, the stronger probability of being misunderstood. Girls in Vietnam are not comfortable with English at all, that’s why it’s highly recommended to pick up some basic Vietnamese before you approach local girls.

Don’t get easily disheartened if you’re not successful with a girl

Having a hookup with a woman in an Asian country requires a great deal of practice and luck. Try over and over again, and eventually you’ll succeed. It’s also important to keep in mind that as a foreigner, you have an advantage over local men – lots of women consider it prestigious to date a western man. Make sure to dress well and to speak well, and you’re half way to success in having quick easy hookups.

Another thing to remember when learning how to get laid in Vietnam, there is no second chance to make a first impression. Try to impress a Vietnamese girl with your good manners, politeness and perhaps your sense of humour. When you hit on a girl in Vietnam, make sure to say something pleasant first – something that would catch her interest. It might be a tasteful compliment, for example. But remember the word “tasteful” is the key. Don’t go for anything sensual or lustful with a Vietnamese girl you’ve just met.

If you manage to start a conversation, ask her name and a phone number or email address. Tell her you’d like to know her better and it would be great to see her again. Remember that macho-like like kind of behaviour is absolutely unacceptable – you’ll just scare a woman off. Make sure you sound inoffensive, gentle and soft-spoken. Try to win her trust from the very beginning.

Best places to meet Vietnamese women in daytime

Places where you have most chances to meet Vietnamese women in daytime include:

  • Shopping malls
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Parks and gardens
  • Areas around universities and colleges
Meet local girls in Vietnam for an easy hookup and romantic relationship

Hookup girls: picking up Vietnamese women by night

There is a certain class of progressive and independent young Vietnamese women who attend night clubs and disco bars. Usually they do so at weekends, because it’s rather difficult to show up in the office after dancing your night out. Girls in nightclubs of Vietnam are extremely attractive. They put on brighter makeup and style their hair, and their outfit emphasize the advantages of their slim figures.

Usually girls don’t go to night club alone – they prefer to visit in groups and have a party with friends. So the best way to go about it is to join one of such parties and make friends with everyone. Then you can start talking to a girl you’re interested in. Music levels are usually through the roof in Vietnamese night clubs, so it will be difficult to discuss something meaningful with a girl. Speak of something light and humorous, and try to get her phone number, so that you could see her again in a calmer place.

Dating tips on having a hookup with an attractive Vietnamese woman

If you’re not fond of night clubs, head to bars. With music being not half so loud in bars, it’s actually possible to have a conversation with a woman. Beware of professional and semi professional hookers though – they tend to frequent the bars in large cities hunting for a client.

One thing to keep in mind, a night club or a bar is not considered the right place for a “good” Vietnamese girl. If you’re looking for a wife, perhaps you won’t be interested in a woman from a night club. But if your goal is having quick easy hookups and learn how to get laid in Vietnam, go for this option by all means.

Vietnam is changing due to globalization, and although the cultural traditions are still very strong in the country, lifestyle in large cities are getting more and more westernized – there is no point in denying that. There are plenty of pubs, bars disco clubs and other places to define present day Vietnam’s nightlife. Some of the most popular night clubs and bars include Lush, Envy, Rex Hotel rooftop bar, Z Club and Chill Skybar.

Talking to Vietnamese girls online

Generally speaking, online dating increases one’s chances for getting laid in any country of the world. If you want to learn how to get laid in Vietnam, speak to a Vietnamese girl before even visiting her homeland, she’ll get to know you and feel more comfortable with you when you meet her face to face. This is much more effective than randomly approaching women on the streets of Vietnamese cities. Let’s have a closer look at the advantages of online dating:

It’s easier to deal with a language barrier

When you try to pick up a girl in real life, you have to keep in mind that her English is either nonexistent or insufficient for a meaningful conversation. It’s very awkward to flirt with someone who doesn’t speak the same language. When you try to establish a special connection with a person online, there are plenty of apps and special programs to help you deal with a language barrier and make your attempt a wonderful success.

It’s a wonderful solution for shy and introverted people

We’ve already mentioned that the majority of Vietnamese women are shy and timid, and it’s not easy to catch their attention and speak to them. This is one of the reason why it’s much more preferable to join a Vietnamese dating website or install an app that offers matchmaking services and try to start an online romantic relation his with a pretty local lady.

If you’re a shy and introverted person, too, it will provide you with lots of stress-free opportunities of meeting attractive Vietnamese girls. You can think over every single world you’d like to say before actually hitting the “send” button.

It will help you build a special connection with a girl you like

There are plenty of communication tools to make your communication with a person from another culture interesting and diverse. You can send SMS, you can write long and thoughtful emails, you can chat and make video calls, you can send her hand written letters and small gifts, and so on. If you become a part of a girl’s life, it will be easier to get laid with her when you’re in Vietnam.

Of course, an online relationship is not for everyone, but you can still use Vietnamese apps and websites to increase your chances for easy hookups. When in Vietnam, you can approach girls online and then meet them in a particular place which is convenient for both of you.

Local hookup sites in Vietnam

The list of the most trustworthy and popular dating sites in Vietnam includes the following platforms:


Vietnam Cupid is the largest dating site in Vietnam, and so it boasts lots of advantages, including a large database of Vietnamese girls’, targeted audience, plenty of communication tools and a reliable support system to give you advice or help you out in a difficult situation. It’s also one of the hookup sites that actually work.

There are plenty of opportunities to meet Vietnamese girls whether you intend to settle down and start a family or are merely interested in quick easy hookups. A special search tool allows you to make a quick search and find women you have the most in common with. Contact them all and see whether they reveal any interest. Talking to them will get you the feel of what an average Vietnamese girl is like and boost your confidence.

It’s a site with a paid membership, so it won’t be overpopulated with random guys competing with you for girls’ attention. Vietnamese women who use this website speak some level of English, so you’ll have a chance to have a conversation with them.


Asiandating is a also one of high rating hookup sites, only instead of Vietnamese women it focuses on girl from all over Asian continent. You’ll have to use the search tool in order to find girls from Vietnam. Your mailbox will be flooded with messages from girls when you join this site, but you’ll have to be selective. Generally speaking, it’s recommended to ignore one-liners and mass mails. Also, beware of scammers and never send money to someone you haven’t met face to face, no matter how sweet their love letters may sound.


With a large database of nearly a quarter of a million of Asian girls, this site is an excellent place to look for a hookup in Vietnam, too.


Tinder is a great tool that helps one meet Vietnamese girls who are interested in dating a foreigner. However, you’ll need a great deal of patience in order to deal with bots, scammers and time wasters on this app. However, with thousands of people joining Tinder of a daily basis, this option shouldn’t be ignored when looking for a girl in Vietnam.

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Making a trip to Vietnam

When you make a trip to Vietnam with quick easy hookups in mind, it’s recommended to aim for larger cities as they have a well developed infrastructure to make your stay a pleasant and rewarding experience. There are also more chances to meet English-speaking people in large cities, so it will be easier for you to figure out how to get laid in Vietnam.

Prices are rather affordable in Vietnam, so you don’t have to worry about meals. There are plenty of options for for someone who is fond of Asian cuisine. Make sure to taste street foods in Vietnam – they are very inexpensive and extremely delicious – you’ll get plenty of chances to please your taste buds when in Vietnam.

As for a place to stay, you’ll find all sorts of hotels, hostels, guest houses and rented apartments in Vietnam. For various reasons, the country attracts plenty of tourists, so prices for accommodation facilities could be a bit higher than in other Asian nations. However, you’ll be pleased with the local hospitality and great service. A standard hotel geared towards foreigner offers various services like a swimming pool, gym, free WiFi, massage, bar and so on.

Public transport in Vietnam allows one to move around cities without any extra expenditure. There are buses, trains and trams, taxis and even boats to take you places.

Vietnam is rather safe for a western tourist, especially if you’re not alone. Crime is not common in large Vietnamese cities, but you’re expected to use common sense and avoid certain areas. Also, pickpockets are a pain. Keep your eyes open for motorbike snatching – those guys snatch purses, gold chains, smartphones and camera off passersby. Keep your belongings in a safe place.

These were some thoughts and tips on how to get laid in Vietnam. If you’re attracted to girls from this beautiful Asian country, make sure to give it a go!


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