Get laid guaranteed in Thailand and hookup with Thai girls

Thailand has always been a place that attracts thousands of foreign male representatives every year. This fact is directly connected with attractive Thai ladies who do not mind having a hookup themselves.

Therefore, this has become a sort of tradition for European and Western men to try to get laid with a Thai girl at least once in their lives. In addition to that, this country is famous for its warm weather, cheap prices, and the most exciting Asian culture.

That is why you should not doubt whether you should visit Thailand. Some foreigners feel there better than in their home countries because all the conditions are created just to stay relaxed.

Sure, this country is not the cheapest one to fly to if you are not ready to spend some money on tickets. Although, it is still worth it since everything else there is extremely affordable. In other words, the biggest part of your travel budget is required for tickets and that is it.

Everyone who has been to Thailand at least once will definitely tell you that Thai women are perfect for random hookups and nightlife in general. You are going to get laid guaranteed almost in any club or bar since Thai ladies know how to entertain foreign guests.

What is so special about Thai women in foreign men’s eyes?

The mere fact that you can get in bed with a girl of a different nationality seems exciting to most of the men flying to Thailand. However, the appearance of Thai women is what actually attracts thousands of tourists to visit this place.

For example, the majority of young Thai girls actually look like little cuties who are ready to talk to you as long as you wish. They have beautiful eyes, smile, and their curvy figures make any foreigner go mad.

Not mentioning the fact that they are extremely shy until the right moment comes. You are not likely to hookup with Thai women if you consider all of them to be easily accessible. They are not like this and you will understand it after a few days spent in this country.

Try to establish a few long serious conversations to see what attracts you to Thai ladies. Some foreigners immediately fall in love with the manner of their speech. There is a chance that you will enjoy a specific part of their culture and you will want to learn more about it.

In other words, every foreign male representative will find something unusual and charming in Thai women for sure. Experienced travelers may actually admit that they now want to have a Thai wife after they have realized how many advantages they possess. Who knows, but you can become one of those lucky men who will decide to establish serious relationships, not just to have a hookup in Thailand as most males do.

Young beautiful Thai woman sitting in a park posing for a photo all alone

Thai women’s personal features making them perfect for a hookup

You can enumerate all the possible upsides and downsides of Thai girls, but you will make a conclusion that they are perfect anyway. It is connected with their unique character traits that look so wild in foreign males’ eyes when the latter arrives in Thailand for the first time.

Some of their personal features are worth to be explained in details for sure:

  1. Thai women know the border between flirting and simply being friendly. You may actually think that almost every Thai girl wants to have a hookup with you. It is especially noticeable when you are hanging out in a nightclub with hundreds of people around. However, Thai females simply want to be friendly in their guests’ eyes.
  2. They always think of you first of all. Love, as well as care, is in Thai ladies’ nature. They cannot think of a better way to attract a man except being obedient senses. You are going to notice it every time you start a conversation with Thai women. They immediately let you understand that you are the leader.
  3. Thai girls are usually ready for something bigger than just a casual hookup. If you have suddenly decided to start serious romantic relationships with a Thai lady after you have had sex, you can do it for sure. You see, Thai girls do not rush to run away from you after you spend a night together. They may fall in love with you and begin dreaming of creating a family. The only question is if you want the same thing as well.

All of the above mentioned make almost any Thai lady desirable in terms of not only having a hookup but also something bigger and more serious.

Local hookups are exceptional during nighttime

You can visit thousands of amazing places if you are looking for a rich nightlife. While you are in Thailand, you will notice that everything is created for you to party all night long and be somewhere outside.

Besides, the climate definitely makes Thailand the best hookup place in the world. You always have a chance of spending your free time somewhere in a club or disco with Thai women. They will show you how local people have fun every night all year round.

Thai nightclubs are worth visiting if you are looking for quick hookups since some Thai women will jump on you themselves. Nonetheless, you should be really careful if you do not have a few condoms with you, but we will get to this paragraph below.

If you simply want to relax and enjoy a fresh sea breeze, you should make your way to one of the Thai bars. They are usually located on beaches or somewhere not that far away. The atmosphere is generally calmer and you can enjoy being on your own. However, you can always talk to a Thai woman to see if she is ready to continue this perfect evening with you only.

Visiting discos is also advisable because you will get to understand what music Thai people prefer. After all, you cannot deny that it is always easier to pick up a woman if you are dancing with her. Generally, Thai discos and nightclubs are quite similar and it depends on your taste what you are going to choose.

Attractive curvy Thai woman sunbathing in a bikini at the tropical travel resort

Hookup tips working with Thai women

If you have always been dreaming of the possibility to get laid guaranteed in Thailand, this paragraph is exactly for you. You see, it is obvious that the difference in the mentality of Thai girls and Western men is huge. However, this only makes your romantic relationships more interesting.

Do not hesitate to take the leadership first

It has been already mentioned that Thai women are really obedient and well-behaved in general. They prefer men to take the responsibility for everything. It concerns even when you start a conversation just to get acquainted with a local woman.

Being a leader will only increase your chance of having a hookup in Thailand even if you have never noticed such features in your personality. You still need to try this model of behavior to see if Thai women actually notice it in you.

Make sure to share something unique with her

As Thai ladies are always ready to show you their country from all the angels possible, you should do so in return. Of course, the biggest part of Thai girls have never been abroad, especially in Europe since it is too far from them. Therefore, you should attract her attention with some exciting stories from your continent.

You will understand that it is more than enough of a few hours of a conversation to hookup in Thailand since you show how unique you are. In other words, some Thai women may actually consider it an honor to have sex with a foreign man. You just need to make the right first impression and she is completely yours.

Pay your restaurant bill

Since the prices in Thailand are not that high as in the majority of Western countries, you can easily afford this. You should always pay a bill for both of you before inviting a Thai lady to spend the rest of the evening at your quiet place.

You see, they consider it not only a nice gesture but it also serves as proof that you are better than local men are. Otherwise, why should Thai women have a hookup with you if you do not suggest anything exceptional in comparison with local male representatives.

Do not be stingy with drinks

You cannot really say that Thai girls cannot imagine their lives without drinking alcohol. Although, they do not mind having a few cocktails while partying in a nightclub. This is why you should always suggest a pretty Thai woman a drink with you since it is a good excuse to start a conversation.

At the end of the evening, she will definitely have some plans for you. The only thing you need to do is to order a few more cocktails and you can easily bring her to your place. However, make sure you do not pour too much for her; otherwise, she will simply fall asleep without you getting a desirable hookup.

Romantic setting is important

A lot of Thai girls have read about dating peculiarities with European and Western men. They do want to experience it on their own and you can give them a chance to try it for real. For example, a lot of Thai women dream of having sex in a romantic setting when you are surrounded by candles and rose petals.

It does not matter why she has this idea in her head but the mere fact that it increases your chance of having a hookup in Thailand is impressive. You should not lose it since the biggest part of Thai girls expect it from Western men only. You will get laid guaranteed if you are being a bit more romantic than usual since Thai women will notice it right away.

Young charming serious Thai woman sitting in her car with a cup of coffee working alone

Try hookup apps as a possible alternative

If it is your first time in Thailand, you may find it a bit difficult to get acquainted with Thai women on the streets. This is why you should try to use online apps to see if there is a chance of picking up the right girl there. It may happen so that it is actually easier to meet new people through the web for you.

While browsing all possible hookup apps, you should pay your attention to the ones that are free and easily accessible. It is actually important if you are not ready to spend too much time on the Internet. This is understandable because the weather outside does not allow you to stay inside for too long.

After all, you may finally decide to go out and try your luck with real Thai women looking for getting laid. Considering the fact that you are a foreigner, you already have a huge number of advantages in comparison with other males.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that there will be a lot of men like you during the summer season when thousands of people fly to Thailand to rest there. It is better to choose a different time of the year to look more attractive as there will be fewer people to choose from.

Young happy beautiful Thai woman using her phone chatting with her boyfriend

The most popular Thai cities for instant hookups

Obviously, almost any city in Thailand is worth visiting, but some of them are getting out of this line even more. Certainly, the biggest part of tourists prefer to visit those parts of the country that have beaches and all nightlife infrastructure. So, it is worth seeing Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya because these are three cities that attract most of the tourists every year.

Bangkok is the capital of the country and it is famous for its architecture, Buddhist temples, and interesting history in general. You should remember that Thailand is one of the most ancient places in the world and you always have something to listen to while being in Bangkok.

Phuket is the most beloved place among foreign tourists. It is a huge island that has dozens of beaches and hot Thai women who are ready to have a hookup and they know you want it too.

So, this is where you should go in order to get laid guaranteed because it is really difficult to get a rejection there. Sunny beaches, warm weather make you desire all Thai girls around you.

Pattaya is another place that is suitable for you if your primary goal is to get a Thailand hookup, and in addition to that, you need less money. It is the most popular resort town in Thailand for sure.

It is explainable why it is not that expensive in comparison with Phuket, for example. Everything is created for you to feel as if you are at home. All the drinks, places to stay, and foods are really cheap just to attract you to this city.

General impression

Thailand is surely a great place to visit at least once in your lifetime. Attractive Thai women, sunny weather, and cheap prices are what every foreigner can only dream of. Besides, it is a completely different culture you can experience and get acquainted with closer.

There is no way you should compare Thailand with other Asian countries since it is a mixture of Western culture as well. You should perceive it as something completely new and unexplored because having a Thailand hookup should not be the only goal you pursue. Who knows, you may literally fall in love with this place, not only with local Thai girls.


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