Hookup now with hot Dominican girls: a guide to getting laid

The Dominican Republic is known as a prime tourist destination, and it’s not by chance. The country boasts a great biodiversity and an excellent beach scene. Besides this, men from all over the globe are attracted to gorgeous and unique beauties of the Dominican Republic. If you’re interested in getting laid with Dominican girls, make a trip to this wonderful country and hookup now – you’ll have no regrets, we promise!

meet gorgeous Dominican girls to have a hookup now in the Dominican Republic

Why would you look for a casual hookup with a Dominican girl from?

Well, the answer to this question lies within a wonderful combination of Dominican girls prominent appearance and nice character traits. Women in the Dominican Republic are exceedingly attractive, especially for those fond of Latin American type of beauty.

They have thick and silky black hair, pleasant facial features, dark eyes and slim bodies. Their skin is neither black nor white, but something in between. Needless to say, you can find girls with white or black skin in the country, but most women have skin tones that can be best described as coffee with milk.

One of the factors that define attractiveness of Dominican girls is a rich genetic pool. Present day girls represent a subtle mix of European, African and Native Indian genes, that’s why they are so irresistibly charming.

You’ll also be absolutely in love with Dominican girls’ heavenly bodies. They say these women possess the best natural curves in the world. Even women from Brazil or Colombia don’t even come close. Here you’ll find lots of huge breasts and wide heaps, and all this stuff is natural, without a doubt. So if you prefer women with nice curves, the Dominican Republic is your happy place.

Are Dominican women interested in instant hookups with a foreigner?

Perhaps you’d like to know whether it’s easy to get laid with Dominican girls and what they look for in a man. Understanding their culture will increase your chances of having a hookup now. One thing to keep in mind is that the whole dating scene is bit different in the Dominican Republic compared to your hookup game at home.

The thing is, it’s a poor country with all the consequences of being poor. This means, girls in the Dominican Republic will be interested in money, expensive gifts, better lifestyle, social status and things like that.

Demonstration of one’s financial security is all important in the Dominican Republic, especially when trying to get laid with the most attractive girls. The more presentable you look, the more expensive your hotel room is, the more chances of having a hookup now you get. Things are simply like this in the country, whether you like them or not.

Your skin colour is important, too. Many rich Dominicans have European appearance, so the skin colour is automatically associated with financial security. But if you’re a black man from the USA or Canada, your chances of getting laid with local women are still rather high in the Dominican Republic.

Girls to get laid with in the cities of the Dominican Republic

Daytime hookup culture in the Dominican Republic

Unlike in other countries of the same region, daytime in the Dominican Republic is very rewarding. People approach each other and flirt a lot. Hookup culture is excellent in this place, and you’ll be like fish in the water when approaching girls.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should be able to pick up the vibes a girl exudes. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious that a girl would like you to talk to her. She would stare at you long enough to make her intentions quite clear.

To have an instant hookup now, you need to choose the location wisely. Usually it’s recommended to check out areas around large universities and colleges, malls, shopping centres, cafes and restaurants. You’ll find plenty of young and attractive women in all these places.

All you have to do is approach them and say hi. Dominican girls are very friendly and open minded, and it won’t be hard for you to find a hot local beauty to date and get laid with.

Nightlife in the Dominican Republic: have a hookup tonight

There are plenty of excellent nightclubs in every Dominican city. And they all require you to be able to dance Latin American dances: bacata, salsa, meringue and so on. Make sure you can dance some of these at least to some extent. It would be sad to spend your time in the bar sipping cocktails and watching others dance.

Besides, Dominican girls will expect you to invite them for a dance or two, so don’t neglect this opportunity. It’s also a common practice to set up dates in the dance clubs. You may pick up girls anywhere else in the city, but they will expect you to take them to a nightclub. SO dance your night away and have lots of fun, why not?

When you choose a nightclub, make sure it’s close to the hotel you’re staying in. It would be foolish to spend time travelling in the middle of the night instead of getting laid with a beautiful girl. If you feel you want to have a hookup now, give a girl an excuse to go with you to your room.

You can’t just say let’s go to my room and have some wild sex, even if she knows perfectly well why you want her to join you. Instead, you can say that music is too loud for your ears, and invite her to watch a movie in your room. Or you can claim you’re a really lousy dancer, and it would be great if she could give you a few private lessons. Or you can just say you’d like to get to know her better in a less crowded place.

One more thing to keep in mind is to make sure the hotel management doesn’t mind you brining girls to your room. In most hotels they don’t, but it’s better to verify the rules before booking. Otherwise, go for rented apartments instead.

Attractive girls looking to have a hookup now with a foreigner in the Dominican Republic

Do you need to speak Spanish to improve your chances of a quick hookup?

If you have instant hookups in mind when travelling to any country in Latin America, speaking some basic Spanish is a must. Of course, if you aim for touristic areas in popular counties, most girls will speak decent English over there, and you don’t have to bother. However, it’s strongly recommended to learn some Spanish if you’d like to hookup girls who are not spoiled by gringos’ attention and international hookup culture.

Spanish is not difficult to learn. In fact, it’s one of the easiest languages on Earth. You can easily master some words and phrases before making a trip to the Dominican Republic Local girls will appreciate your charming accent and the efforts you’ve made in order to learn their mother tongue. If you feel particularly lazy, just greetings, good night, and expressions of gratitude would be sufficient. Don’t forget to memorise a couple of cute pick up lines, but make sure they are not overly sexual and cheesy.

There are plenty of apps and free language courses on the net, and if you’re really interested in getting laid with hot Dominican women, you’ll make this effort without any hesitation.

Online hookups with hot Dominican beauties

Just like in many other countries of Latin America, the best way to get laid with Dominican girls is to date them online. By using the most popular dating apps, you’ll be able to establish special connections with dozens of gorgeous girls even before you make a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Not only girls from the large cities, but also young women from smaller towns use online dating apps on a regular basis. This way, you can get laid with a new girl every single day, no exaggerations!

Beware of scammers and gold diggers though. Dating sites and apps are usually full of fraudsters and money minded individuals who will try their best to separate you from your hard earned money. If a girl looks and sounds too good to be true, make sure to set up a Skype date with her. A scammer will not want to show her (or his) face, especially if photos in her profile are stolen from the internet.

If someone tells you sad stories and asks for financial assistance, drop them on the spot and look for an online hookup elsewhere. The rule of a thumb is not to send money to anyone you haven’t met in real life, mo matter how touching their stories may sound.

When choosing an online dating app, go for the most popular and trustworthy ones. Usually they have a huge database of women’s profiles, and this is exactly what you’re interested in. Also, they are comfortable to use. Here are a few apps we would really recommend if you want to have an online hookup now:


This is one of the most commonly used apps in the country, with more than a thousand active girls form Santo Domingo alone. You’ll have to buy a membership in order to enjoy all the options, but it’s well worth it. Most probably you’ll start receiving messages in minutes after uploading your profile and putting up your photo.

Usually hot girls from the Dominican Republic are not interested in a long lasting correspondence. Instead, they ask you when it’s possible to meet you face to face straight away. Get ready to set up a date after exchanging just a few messages. Your chances of having a hookup now are real.


LatinAmericanCupid is even more popular than DominicanCupid. In fact it’s the biggest and most popular dating site in the whole continent. With over three million active members, you won’t have to experience lack of girls to contact on this site. LatinAmericanCupid will also be useful if you’re planning to visit other countries after the Dominican Republic.


Tinder needs no introduction. It’s used around the globe, and it’s the Dominican Republic is no exception. If you prefer this app, too, use it by all means. If you don’t Speak Spanish at all, you will never go wrong with Tinder in the Dominican Republic.

This app is usually targeted by girls who date foreigners on a regular basis, and their English is more than enough to maintain a fun conversation. But if you’re looking for something exotic when dating Latin American girls, Dominican women from Tinder might turn out to be a little bit of a disappointment. They are far too americanised and money oriented.

Find beautiful and sexy Dominican girls to have a casual hookup in the Dominican Republic

What else should you know about Dominican hookup culture?

Well, one of the advantages of hooking up Dominican girls is that they don’t play any silly games. They are as interested in having fun and getting laid as you are. And if a girl likes you, she’ll sleep over within you within two or three dates. Women don’t make a big deal over sex in this country.

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One night stands are not very common though – a girl will want to spend at least a few days with you, visiting places, going for dances and drinking cocktails together.

All you have to do is look presentable, dress well and be willing to have fun and spend a bit of money. Yes, you don’t have to throw golden coins left and right when dating girls in the Dominican republic. Most of them are not there for your money, but for having a good time with a handsome foreign man.

Even though local girls are very sexual in the Dominican Republic, don’t go overly explicit when approached them no one likes to be treated like a slut, so make sure to keep it flirty and light. Behave like a gentleman and you’ll get your rewards.

These were only some tips on how to have a hookup now in the Dominican Republic. But of course, you can come up with a special technique of your own. Best of luck!


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