Easy hookup with a Honduran girl: how to get laid in Honduras

There is no big scene in Honduras where hookup culture is concerned. The country is far from being safe, and it’s highly unlikely a foreign tourist would like to get robbed by armed gangsters, even though he’s a big fan of the local beauties. But we are not saying this to scare you off – nothing will happen if you spend a few days in Tegucigalpa. Moreover, you’ll have a wonderful time and enjoy an occasional easy hookup.

But at the moment, it’s not recommended to travel across the country long-term on your own. And this is one of the reasons why Honduran women are kind of underrated compared to their counterparts from other countries of the region.

Get laid with local girls in large cities of Honduras

Honduran Girls: why would you like to find hookup in this country?

You’ll love Honduran women if you’re in favour of heavy, thick and curvy bodies. Unfortunately, women rights in the country are constantly violated, with a high rate of femicide and home violence. Lots of families ignore the government’s directives and deprive their daughters of education. Under such circumstances, girls around the country can’t care less about a casual hookup with a foreigner.

They are poorly dressed and hardly know about the use of cosmetics. So if you’re interested in getting laid with pretty Honduran women, it’s strongly recommended to focus on developed touristic areas. Girls in these places are more advanced and progressive, and it also reflects on the way they look – here you’ll find women in stylish outfits, with makeup and pretty hair style.

And if you spend more than a week anywhere in Honduras, the chances are you’ll be the only foreigners looking for an easy hookup with the local girls. This will automatically increase your chances like anything. You won’t have to deal with competitors or struggle to attract women’s attention. Women in Honduras are genuine, friendly and fun to talk to. They are not spoiled by sex tourism like girls in the neighbouring countries, and you can feel some very positive vibes when communicating with them.

The only thing to be aware of when picking up girls in Honduras is that they tend to be very jealous. As a foreign tourist, you’re a rare commodity in the city, and an average girl will want to “possess” you. She won’t like it if she suspects you also date other women. And it’s highly recommended to be extra cautious in the country – you don’t want to piss anyone off in a place where crime is so commonplace.

Online hookups with Honduran girls

Generally speaking, meeting girls online is a wonderful idea. These days, it’s way easier to build up some contacts before you actually visit a country than trying to approach local girls when you’ve reached your destination. However, don’t forget that Honduras is a poor and dangerous country, and think rationally when meeting Honduran girls online.

If a woman looks too good to be true, make sure to set up a Skype date with her to check whether she is real. It’s also the rule of a thumb to avoid sending money to anyone you haven’t met face to face. A girl’s life story may sound very touching, but there is no guarantee she’ll receive the money you send. And you don’t want a fraudster to benefit from talking to you online and separating you from your hard earned money.

If you’re sure fraudsters and scammers have no chances with you, the best dating sites and apps to use include the LatinAmerianCupid, Tinder and Badoo. LatinAmerianCupid is a top site in all the South and Central American countries with more than three million active members. Here you’ll find all the features of a high quality dating site: a large database of women’s profiles, a comfortable and well designed search tool and lots of communication methods.

You can talk to Honduran women before you make a trip: it will help you save precious time in the country you would have spend approaching girls. Also, online dating is useful when you’re actually in Honduras – this way you can easily set up dates after exchanging a few messages with a woman.

Meet charming Honduran women to have a guick and easy hookup in Honduras

Instant hookups with the local girls in Honduras in daytime

Generally speaking, you don’t want to spend too much time in daytime on the city streets, so your options are rather limited. However, you can check out shopping centres and malls, cafes and fast food restaurants. Some of the best malls in the capital city include Multiplaza Mall, Centro Commercial City Mall, and El Dorado Mall. Here you have the highest chances of finding a pretty Honduran girl to get laid with and having an easy hookup.

If the weather is nice, check out some of the local parks – there are some beautiful parks in larger cities of Honduras and touristic areas. Alternatively, you can simply stick to beaches and beach clubs, if you don’t feel comfortable roaming around. If you get positive vibes from a girl you’re talking to, invite her to a cosy or quirky cafe for a cup of coffee or a nice dessert.

Nightlife game to get laid with Honduran women

It’s not hard to get laid with Honduran girls at night time if you play your hookup game the right way. One thing to keep in mind is to stick to nightclubs in touristic areas. The government of Honduras does its best to provide a decent level of safety and encourage international tourism in the city. Local girls visit these clubs to have fun and enjoy themselves. Some of the most poular nightclubs in beach clubs in the country include Chicas Night Club, Sol y Mar Beach Club, Escape Beach Club and Beyond Club. Here you can enjoy the best cocktails, dances and casual hookups.

Your chances of an easy hookup are fairly good if you bother to create a positive first impression. Make sure to give a thought to your choice of clothes and accessories – women around the globe give a lot of importance to these things.

Find the most attractive women in Honduras to get laid with

Dating tips for a casual hookup in Honduras

As mentioned above, you’ll increase your chances of getting laid with a pretty Honduran girl if you look stylish and elegant. Other things to keep in mind when picking up hot Honduran women include:

It’s advisable to speak some Spanish

Even if your Spanish leaves much to be desired, make sure to brush it up a bit before making a trip. It will go a long way with local girls.

You should avoid dangerous localities

Make a proper research before visiting the country and avoid dangerous districts with high rates of crime.

Make sure to use dating apps

Setting up dates online will make your life so much easier. Honduran girls are very approachable online, and you’ll enjoy talking to all the hotties who’ll make sure to contact you on their own accord.

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These were some of the basics of having an easy hookup with cute Honduran women. Have fun!

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