Hookup rules for Kazakhstan: Why date Kazakhstan women

Kazakhstan is a dusty place South of Russia, full of deserts and sprinkled with a handful of cities. Doesn’t sound all too promising, does it? Well, it’s still very much worth the visit for one simple reason — the people are very nice, especially the females. For a number of reasons (listed further below), dating the locals is pretty exotic and not a bad experience.

But first, you need to grasp some hookup rules for this area. Kazakhstan is a very peculiar and unique place. You really don’t want to delve into this culture without knowing a few facts beforehand. Well, let’s delve into it.

Who are the Kazakhstanis exactly?

Kazakhstan is located almost entirely in Asia, hence you would expect people to be Asian in some way or another here. And they are (which you could use if you were in Asia before), but there’s also a proviso — they retain a lot of Russian aspects. And Russians aren’t really Asians.

Moreover, many locals aren’t even ethnic Kazakhstanis, and the hookup rules for them are the same as for the Russians because they are mostly Russians. However, the Kazakhstan women themselves have their own ways, making it very confusing if you ever venture to that place.

In short, there’s much Russian in these people, but hooking them up isn’t exactly the same as hooking Russians up. Let’s see first what unique Kazakhstani hookup rules there are, and then how it intermingles with dating Russians.

Kazakhstani hookup rules

When dealing with Kazakhstan women, it’s important to note that many of them are Muslim, some are devoutly so. That means a large portion of conservatism and patriarchal rules. See, if you choose to date a woman from a particularly conservative family, you may have to marry her if you get too intimate. So, you need to take these things into account, obviously.

The do and don’ts

It’s actually not as ‘dangerous’ if you get to know the women you’re trying to hook up before being too intimate with them. For this, you can use the hookup websites and apps, but still, it’s highly advised to know them better before doing something ‘physical’, as in every other Muslim nation.

The good side of it all is that most Muslin Kazakhstanis aren’t as devout as they could be. They contact with Europe dangerously close, if only through Russians. Still, there are several don’ts for you to follow. Please don’t:

— Meet the women in clubs;

— Do something romantic before you know the woman and her close ones are OK with that;

— Start a spontaneous romance;

— Go for the looks without knowing what the person actually represents

But there are also provisos which show that you’re clear to go:

— If a person you want to hook up doesn’t drink moderately, it’s probably good to go. In Kazakhstan, as in many other nations, there are light-headed young people who like to hang out with the bottle and a man. So, it’s up to your judgment. But if she drinks, she’s obviously not that much of a Muslim;

— If a person doesn’t look Asian to you and seems to live a more open type of life, it’s also probably good to go. Not to be presumptuous, but Muslims tend to live more tightly as communities, and the rules in such communities are often patriarchal. But the same may be with Russians. Kazakhstan is pretty far East, it’s unsurprising

Is it really all too bad?

There are, of course, correlations between one’s confession and one’s private life, sure. But it’s not what you should pay attention first when trying to hookup Kazakhstan women. You should first take a look at a woman’s personality and if she’s even all to your liking.

And there’s a lot to like because despite having Mongol heritage, Kazakhs have actually a lot in common with Russians, including the physical appearance, implying that a lot of them are actually very good-looking. Be that for similar genes or some secret of their own, they are very much worth dating.

Image of the intimacy

The correlation with the Russians

And here starts the exoticism that was mentioned before. The Kazakh women may be extremely beautiful, and yet they resemble Russians very much. Some aspects of their way of life and culture are actually surprisingly European. They’re even changing their alphabet to Latin soon, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, the hookup culture has recently begun shifting into the Kazakh society. And that implies more open private and intimate lives, especially among young adults. Many people from the former USSR now start their active sex life at the age of 14-15, but that’s not quite that wide-spread.

That notion actually comes from the Russians, since the two countries have been pretty close for a long time now. All in all, interacting with Kazakhs in getting suspiciously similar to interacting with Russians (and the Europeans, consequently). 

How to approach the Kazakh women

It’s especially true for the ‘young adults’ — those about to turn or already turned 18. They increasingly become less conservative and more liberal about their leisure time. So, if you’re trying to hookup such young adults online, you can quickly check her social media (if she has some) and see if she’s one or another. 

Her being a Muslim isn’t an obstacle, not for her at any rate. The real obstacle is the danger of your legs being broken by her the members of her family, it’s definitely a possibility, so you should be careful. 

Best places to start looking

Even if you choose to look for the gals via Internet, you still need to land somewhere in Kazakhstan to start your search. And generally, there are only two viable options: the city of Almaty and the city of Nur-Sultan (formerly Astana).


This city is the capital of Kazakhstan. Naturally, you could expect that there would be lots of places to spend your free time. And there are many such places, and the city itself is well-provided, but also not very comfortable. It’s still scarcely populated considering its large size. It’s 4 times less dense than London, and the boundaries of the agglomeration stretch out pretty far.

Still, the advantages can’t be denied. There is plenty of people, women as well, and it’s much closer to Europe than its Southern counterpart Almaty, which can’t be underestimated considering the size of Kazakhstan.


It’s a much nicer city in terms of comfort, beauty, and architecture. It was built naturally over the years, whereas Nur-Sultan is in many ways an artificial city. It’s also much denser, meaning you get a lot more people on the same stretch of land, and it can’t be underestimated.

However, it’s located way further to the South, which is a disadvantage. The women, however, are nice all across the country, you don’t need to worry about that.

Image of kiss in forehead

In conclusion

You should definitely give a chance to Kazakhstani women, but stay cautious doing that. Kazakhstan is still a majority-Muslim country, implying the special hookup rules you’ve just looked into. Even though not a lot of people here are as religious today, you should always keep your wits about you.

Well, that’s it for the hookup rules of Kazakhstan. If you feel like it, you can read another article on this blog for general information.


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