Differences of hookup culture in Scandinavian countries: Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Northern Europe is home to many wonderful things, including magnificent nature, beautiful cities, a clean environment, huge pensions, and many more. Not least of the benefits of being in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and other Scandinavian countries is a chance to date local women. In fact, these countries are pretty progressive, so the hookup culture here has a significant background.

Why hookup the Scandinavians?

If you’ve ever seen a Scandinavian, the image speaks for itself. The Scandinavian women on average are incredibly good-looking. Not only that, but they are also fit, sturdy and have a bit of exoticism to them if you’re into that.

Their attributes

The stereotype of the blonde Scandinavians is actually somewhat true, though mostly in regards to the Swedes. The people from Nordic countries are, in fact, the most light-haired of all Europe, whereas very rarely can you see a brightly-blonde person outside of Scandinavia. That is, if you don’t take dyed hair into account, but that’s the story for another time.

They are also pretty fit, healthy and have an interesting worldview (if you’ll want to build an actual relationship with one, it’ll ensure that the experience will not be dull). The important thing, however, is that, on the basis of their great shape, exoticism and natural attractiveness, it’s hard not to try and hookup the local women.

Nonetheless, talking about the Scandinavians as of the one integral group is a bit wrong. There are just as many differences in their ways of life as there are similarities. Let’s see what they are and how it can affect your hookup endeavors.

Hookup culture in Sweden

Since Sweden is the most populated country out of the bunch, and that’s pretty much the nation most associated with Scandinavia, why not start with it.

At first glance, the Swedish woman you’ll try to hookup or even start a conversation with may seem distant, cold or desiring to get rid of you. There are several reasons why you might think so:

  1. They do seem cold and distant. Many don’t seem interested in anything other than what’s in front of them, and the conversation may seem hopeless. However, if you do start a conversation, you’ll notice that they actually have a lot to say. They like to talk and make new acquaintances, but it’s best for you to make the first step;
  2. The directness of the Swedes can look rude sometimes. Usually, when you have to say something negative, you try to sweeten the pill. Most Swedes, however, tell you precisely how they feel. Don’t take it for some kind of sign;
  3. The Swedes are generally hard-working, and work sometimes bashes everything out of your mind, so you’ll have to forgive your interlocutor if it happens

How do they spend free time?

It is an excellent question. Even if it’s only for a brief romance, you need a lot of affection for a person to spend with you. And what better way to seed affection than to have similar interests or at least tastes. In that, alcohol and coffee are your best friends.

Image of flirting in Sweden


If you want to end the week on a good note and hookup a beautiful woman to help her to the same, you can do it together in one of the Swedish bars. The Swedes aren’t really that hard-drinking statistically, but they do like to throw in a lot of beer on weekends.

They also don’t mind spending a night with a charming foreigner, given of course there’s something between the two other than mutual intoxication. The Swedish, unlike some other Europeans, are progressive people, open sex life isn’t something new here, and the country has some developed hookup culture. So, don’t worry about doing something not accepted.


But if you want a more subtle hookup and maybe even a serious relationship afterward, you can visit one of the many coffeehouses the Swedes have. Be cautious, they love their coffee, they drink it in droves, and the local brew hits the heart very firmly. 

But drinking coffee together is still a very good type of leisure. The Scandinavians drink a lot of it, but the Swedes by far outrun them all — only the Netherlands and Finland consume more coffee than them.

Hookup culture in Norway

Norway as seen as a little brother of Sweden, you can surely say so, but the Norwegians and the Swedes are far from identical.

You can’t say, though, that women here aren’t as hot, but they are surely less cold and unemotional. They are also much less concentrated on working themselves to death, albeit it makes drinking alcohol not as necessary to survive. And they are still as progressive as their cousins, hooking them up may be just a little bit harder.

What type of leisure do they prefer?

They still work a lot and need to rest and relax after that. They like, of course, to do it outside and in public places, they like to drink coffee (unsurprisingly) and have a conversation with their friends. But the real thrill is to spend your time doing some activity or other. It means that sometimes you can’t just jumpstart your romance, you need to put some time and effort into it. And eventually, it may grow into a full-fledged relationship.

So, if you don’t want to risk it happening, Norway is probably not for you. Though, of course, you can always find your match on one of the hookup websites or apps. There surely should be a handful of people in Oslo who share your views on love.

Hookup culture in Denmark

The people of Denmark, in fact, prefer the usual type of leisure the people from around the globe prefer on weekends and on the free type. That implies that you could hook up a Danish gal, spend an evening with her and culminate it on an intimate note.

That is if you found an open-minded enough person. The hookup culture here is a bit different. Not only that, but the people are also not as nice to the foreigners and even each other, not as in Sweden and especially Norway.

Image of a Danish date

Spending your time with them

Certainly, a few friendly drinks, conversations and a nice walk across the city are nice and romantic, but you’ll need to find a person who’s not fed up by the government’s diversifying policies and the foreigners. Don’t get the wrong idea — it’s easy to have a good time in Denmark, but it’s also easy to anger the locals if your behavior is defiant and intrusive.

So, it’s best that you find someone to spend time with via a hookup app. You see, if you’ll accidentally try to hookup an uninterested person who dislikes foreigners (and it is likely), you’re likely to cause a scene and not seem trusty to anyone else in that area. So, keep your wits with you.

In conclusion

The hookup culture in Scandinavia is, as you can see, not as one-sided. There are general differences not only between the ways of life of the Nordic people, but also the ways they like to spend their leisure time and meet new people. Still, this hookup culture is pretty open and progressive. 

Hopefully, you learned something new today. But if it was nothing you, surely some other article on this website will be of more use. And if tired of reading, give this video below a watch: 


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