Hookup tips on getting laid with Swedish women

Sweden is one of those countries that can hardly be called suitable for hookups. There are a lot of reasons for such a statement. The most obvious one is the local climate. The biggest part of females, including young ones, simply prefer to stay at home and no hookup tips will help you get them out of there.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to hookup in Sweden if you manage to go there during the right time of the year. The most epic events take place during the summer. Therefore, you should buy your tickets for the end of June or the beginning of July.

Another factor that stops Sweden from being the center of a hookup culture is the local people’s mentality. For example, only a few Swedish women would allow a random stranger to talk to them. They prefer to talk to people with who they are acquainted.

Even if you manage to break this circle of trust, you still cannot really hope for a night together with a Swedish lady. She will try to do her best in order to delay your hookup with her. In fact, this process may take at least a few weeks or even more. Surely, not every foreigner has so much time just to woo only a single woman.

Casual hookup apps are efficient in Sweden

Because of the extremely bad weather and the poor Swedish girls’ desire to talk to a foreigner, you should begin using hookup apps. As soon as you install at least a few of them, you will notice how many beautiful females are using them as well. These are the places where all hot Swedish women are hiding from foreigners.

Although, be ready to see that they are speaking Swedish only just to try your patience. However, the majority of Swedish girls know how to speak English at least on a conversational level.

Installing such an app does not mean that every attractive lady will respond to you. The mere fact that you come from a different country, makes it more difficult to find common ground with Swedish women to hookup with.

In addition, a lot of them who are using these apps want to find serious long-lasting relationships. So, if a girl spots that your intentions have nothing to do with the future family, she will simply ignore and block you.

Another tip concerning casual hookups in Sweden is that you should not try to pick up older women using online services. They will not get your hints anyway. Even if they are single, this is not what they have on their minds anyway.

Young pretty Swedish woman throwing snow in the air during her winter holidays

Where to meet Swedish women for quick hookups

First of all, you need to define what city you are going to arrive in. The biggest Swedish cities are Stockholm (the capital of the country), Gothenburg, Malmö, and Uppsala. The first three cities have their own airports, which makes it extremely easy to get right there.

As a rule, a lot of foreigners decide to fly to Stockholm just because it is the hugest city. They hope to visit as many nightclubs and bars as possible there. This actually makes sense since there are a lot of them but we will get to this topic below.

It does not matter which city you are going to choose for your first visit. You still need to be ready to accept the fact that all Swedish women are the same in any of these places. The slightest difference can be seen in Malmö just because it is located in the Southern part of Sweden. However, do not hope for a miracle to happen anyway.

Club hookup in Sweden with young Swedish girls

Let us imagine that you have chosen Stockholm as your primary destination while you are traveling around Sweden. In this case, you are really lucky because there are plenty of amazing nightclubs there.

To be frankly, the nighttime is the only period of a day when you can actually get acquainted with sexy Swedish women. You can be sure that they will not hesitate to get laid with you. Here you can see the most popular Swedish nightclubs that are worth visiting:

  • Berns;
  • Morfar Ginko;
  • Fasching;
  • Slakthuset;
  • Under Bron;
  • Sture Compagniet.

You should choose among any of the above-mentioned clubs. Keep in mind that there are different music styles playing in each of them. Although, it will not distract you from your main goal, which is to hookup with Swedish girls at the end of the evening.

The same rules are applied there as in any other European country. You should buy a few drinks for yourself and your Swedish lady. As the party is over, invite her to your hotel or apartment to continue the evening together only.

Young smiling brunette Swedish woman standing in a winter forest playing with snow

Pros and cons of hooking up with Swedish women

Of course, you can always name a lot of upsides and downsides when looking for a hookup with a lady of any nationality. Surely, Swedish girls are not an exception and you should be ready to face some challenges here as well.

Nonetheless, they are still worth your efforts and time you spend on them. A lot of foreigners claim that Swedish ladies are the best ones they have ever had in their beds. Therefore, you should try them yourself to make your own conclusion.

Positive sides

One of the biggest upside while picking up a Swedish girl is that she does not expect too much from you. It is connected with the fact that gender equality is well-spread in Sweden. A lot of local females do not want you to be overwhelmingly rich and so on. They expect you to be a man of a middle class, which is enough for the majority of them.

Another positive point is that Swedish women are extremely honest and faithful. These character traits are more important if you decide to build long-lasting relationships with one of them. Although, they are also necessary for a successful hookup in Sweden since you will feel more comfortable.

On top of that, you will notice that particular Swedish ladies do not mind having a hookup despite all the details connected with their mentality. Luckily for many foreigners, this means that Sweden is good for hookups, especially if it is your primary goal when you visit this place.

Negative sides

There are not that many downsides if you are looking for a Swedish woman to get laid with. The biggest part of them are extremely curvy and attractive judging by all categories. So, you do not really have a lot of things to complain about.

The only problem that may occur with Swedish girls is that they are too shy. It may take you a lot of time just to start a proper conversation. However, this issue is easy to solve if you approach a Swedish lady partying in a nightclub or having a few cocktails in a bar.

Another controversial moment is that Swedish females will never agree to have sex without contraception. As a matter of fact, you should not do that either but some men do take such risks. However, you can be absolutely sure that Swedish women are not like that and they will never do it. Even if you keep proving them that you are clean.

Hookup successfully

It does not matter how much you like Swedish ladies, they are still worth trying to get laid with. This country is famous for its beautiful women who are hard to get at the same time.

Keep sticking to the above-mentioned hookup tips to increase your chance for a successful one-night stand. Visit only the time-tested places in order not to become disappointed in this country.


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