Hookup Serbian singles: Getting laid in Serbia

Serbia is not really popular among foreign tourists, which makes it perfect for hooking up Serbian women. They are not spoiled with the male attention and a lot of Serbian girls have never been abroad. All these factors are just what you need to get laid in this country.

First of all, you should keep in mind that Serbia is a Slavic country. It means that local females enjoy when men are dominant and strong. You should be the only leader if you actually wish to hookup Serbian singles without spending too much time.

A lot of Western men do not understand that. It happens because they are used to equality at all levels including romantic relationships. However, you should change your behavior in order to get a casual hookup in Serbia since local girls have a different world perspective.

In general, Serbia lets you hookup according to your tastes and the amount of money you have with you. This country is far from being the most expensive one in Europe. Therefore, you should not be worried about expensive tickets, rent payment, and other small details.

Are Serbian women any different from others?

This question is actually important since not many foreign males know enough about local beauties. As it has been already mentioned, Serbian girls have a Slavic appearance and this is their main advantage. Their appearance is a unique mixture of all other Slavic nations.

You can easily find blondes and brunettes among them. Keep in mind that Serbian girls are more westernized in comparison with, for example, Russian and Ukrainian ones. It means that you can meet a woman who has Slavic looks but her behavior is closer to what you are used to.

This is what makes Serbian women unusual and so attractive. They have managed to save Slavic beauty and change their mentality to be closer to the rest of the world. In addition, almost any of the Serbian ladies are ready to talk to you and they are always open to share some details.

In other words, Serbian females are worth getting acquainted with. You will not be able to find girls like them in any other place in the world. They manage to combine a stunning appearance, easiness during communication, and appreciation of male wooing as a whole.

Young blonde Serbian woman spending her free time on a skating rink surrounded by ice and snow

Local sex hookups are cheap and easy to get

Every man who has been to Serbia at least once will definitely tell you that Serbian women are extremely easy to get laid with. The chance gets even bigger if you come from a rich Western country. This is what immediately buys off any Serbian girl’s attention.

You will not have to spend too much time and money. It will be more than enough to buy a few cocktails or other drinks to see if a Serbian woman is ready to spend a night with you. Besides, they become absolutely crazy when they hear compliments from handsome foreigners.

A lot of foreign men do not believe that it is so easy to hookup in Serbia exactly with Serbian women, but they are actually just like that. Partying the whole night, drinking alcohol, and running away from all the problems is a short description of Serbia.

On top of that, you will see how cheap this country is, which literally makes you the king of hookups in Serbian ladies’ eyes. They can actually approach you themselves to get to know you closer. Surely, it has some downsides as well but we will get to it later.

Using online hookup apps in Serbia

As you might have guessed, they are not really necessary when you are traveling around Serbia. It is always easier to go outside and start a conversation with a Serbian girl right on the street. The chance of being rejected is extremely low.

So, why waste time using hookup apps and staying at home. It is better to visit Serbian nightclubs, bars, and discos. There will definitely be a plenty of Serbian singles willing to hookup with a foreigner. Otherwise, they would have visited such places anyway.

Although, it is worth mentioning that using online apps may be useful during the daytime. With their help, you can actually find yourself a Serbian woman to hang out with in the evening.

However, keep in mind that a lot of Serbian females are not that good at English. Try to use the simplest words you know in order not to scare them away. It would be perfect if you learn the most basic words and phrases in Serbian to surprise them additionally.

Fascinating hookup places in Serbia

The capital city of Serbia is Belgrade, which is also the most populated and visited place in the country. It is easy to suggest that the richest nightlife can be found in this city only. There are dozens of exquisite clubs and bars for you to visit if it is your first time in Serbia:

  • Money Club;
  • Gatsby;
  • Hype Belgrade Night Club;
  • Kafana Stara Pesma;
  • Terassa Lounge.
Cute brunette Serbian lady standing on a sidewalk with a cup of fresh coffee looking down

These are only five the most popular nightclubs in Belgrade. In reality, there are even more of them. Going there means that you are likely to hookup Serbian singles at the end of this evening. You just need to get used to the atmosphere and become more confident.

It is true that Serbian turns out to be a different country at night. Thousands of young Serbian women go out just to have a good time. They do not mind talking, drinking, and having fun with you. Be gentle and nice to attract their attention from the very first minute you are in a club.

Two ways to approach Serbian girls

You can always choose between two options depending on your interest in a particular Serbian lady. It may be a more difficult way and an easier one. However, the result is likely to be the same if you manage to do everything in a proper manner.

Simple way

You just need to spot a single Serbian girl who is standing all alone at the bar counter. Of course, she has already had a few drinks and you just need to offer her a few more. She will definitely agree to do it if you ask nicely enough.

Then, you just need to start a cute conversation telling her about the place you come from. Make sure you let her talk to you as well. It will allow you to establish a necessary emotional connection between you.

After that, you just need to invite her to your hotel or apartment, depending on where you are staying. Watch the number of cocktails your Serbian woman drinks. Otherwise, you are not going to get laid tonight since she will be unconscious.

Difficult way

Another method is quite different because you do not need to look for a Serbian girl who has drunk already. You just need to find a cute young Serbian woman who does not mind getting acquainted with you.

The main problem is to earn her trust by telling her who you are and where you come from. She needs to see that you are reliable enough. It may happen so that it will take more than one evening. However, this process is worth it. This hookup in Serbia will be something you are not going to forget.

In other words, you kind of become a couple but only for a few days. You can go for a walk and even visit some local tourist attractions. Nonetheless, you both know that you will soon leave the country and the only thing you need is to get laid with a Serbian woman.

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