What’s a hookup in Iraq: Get laid in Iraq

If you take a risk to hookup in Iraq, make sure to learn more about this country. Firstly, it is strictly forbidden to have random sexual relations in Iraq. Therefore, you might find yourself in serious problems if you decide to approach any Iraqi woman all of a sudden.

You are surely aware of the religious prejudices that are well-spread in Iraq. That is why their girls are always brought up in strict and severe conditions. They never think of having a casual hookup with anyone, especially foreigners. In fact, they count on creating a family with one man until the rest of their lives.

However, if you are willing to take such a risk, you should keep in mind the following advice. Keep reading the article to find out how to increase your chances of getting laid in Iraq.

Does religious factor matter?

It is not a surprise that Muslim people praise family values. That is why you are not likely to see Iraqi women hooking up strangers. Besides, the vast majority of Iraqi people live like that. It is not acceptable for them to have a different worldview.

The government and religious norms control everything that concerns romantic relationships, including close intimacy. The family institution is directly connected with religious factors in Iraq. If you, as a foreigner, will try to break it, it may be punishable.

Sexy Iraqi girl wearing attractive makeup sitting in a car alone

Ways to get laid in Iraq nowadays

As in any other country, it is still possible to find some cunning ways to have sex with an Iraqi woman. Of course, it is ten times more difficult but it is possible. Many things depend on which family a particular lady comes from. It may happen so that their inner traditions and norms are not that severe.

It often happens with rich Iraqi families. They actually allow their daughters to choose men to sleep with themselves. In addition, they will be happy if you are a foreigner because they immediately think of some sort of international connections.

Nonetheless, it all works only if you have serious plans for a particular Iraqi woman. Although, things are still quite difficult if you have nothing more than a hookup on your mind. You can be sure that her parents will actually force you to get married to her if you do something against their traditions and will in general.

What Iraqi city to choose for hookups

Adult Iraqi lady standing on the street with a phone in her hands

It is obvious that your only choice is going to fall on Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq. The population there is more than 7 million people. Moreover, local inhabitants are more westernized in comparison with people from smaller towns.

That is why if you are ready to take a risk to see what’s a hookup in Iraq, it is better to do it in the capital. Of course, you are not going to find any nightclubs, bars, or discos. In fact, it is officially forbidden to drink alcohol in Iraq. All you can hope for is to get it illegally. The same concerns all the parties and hookups in nightclubs.

Major risks

You should not be afraid of catching any STDs in Iraq since the majority of sexual acts happen inside families. However, if you manage to find a local prostitute, it is highly recommended to use additional protection.

There is another thing you need to be afraid of. If someone spots you together with an Iraqi woman, you can be sure that you are not going to leave this country unpunished. Therefore, it is better to chat with Iraqi girls using different hookup apps to take precautions.

Final hookup tips

Definitely, hooking up in Iraq is not the best idea if you are inexperienced enough. It is a good place only if you are confident about yourself. Besides, foreigners are not really welcomed there, especially from the West. If you are ready to take this risk, do this only because of the Iraqi women’s beauty.

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