How to find hookups to get laid in Japan easily

The mere question of how to find hookups in Japan makes a lot of foreign male representatives tremble because every one of them wants to try something new and unusual. However, this country is not even closer to what Western men imagine in their heads.

First of all, you should realize that everything you already know about hooking up is not going to help you at all. This fact is connected with Japanese females’ mentality since they are not so open and the biggest part of them do know even know what is a hookup in general.

Besides, there are only few Asian cities suitable for a hookup because the rest of them are extremely conservative and local people do not even speak English. That is why you will not have an opportunity to communicate with shy Japanese girls there.

Of course, the situation is a bit different if you are going to visit Tokyo or Kyoto because these cities have actually absorbed some Western values but they are still really different from what you got used to seeing.

So, you should be ready to change your tactics in order to try a real Asian hookup since it may take quite a lot of time and both of the above mentioned cities are actually expensive and you will not be able to stay there for too long.

If you have never been in this country before, you should definitely read more articles devoted to the problem of how to find hookups with local Japanese girls. It is necessary because you may fail and leave all your money there absolutely for nothing.

Instant hookups are far from Japanese ladies’ mentality

Even if we take two most populated and popular cities in Japan, it will be extremely difficult to find a woman who will agree to have sex with you right away. It is just against their mentality and way of living in general.

Moreover, if you try to persuade a Japanese woman to change her mind, she can actually call the police and you will be fined or put in jail. This is a serious thing in Japan because their government is trying to take all necessary measures against sexual harassment.

It does not mean that you are not allowed to get acquainted with sexy Japanese girls on the street. You just need to do it if they show the same desire in response. However, this is when a real problem arises because only a few Japanese females are ready to get acquainted on the street.

Keeping in your head the fact that you are a foreigner it makes it even more difficult to approach a Japanese girl you want to get laid with because they are really afraid of foreign males.

This is connected with the language barrier, first of all for sure. In addition, they are afraid of mutual misunderstandings and they prefer to avoid them because of that.

Therefore, if you want to know how to find hookups in Japan, you should keep in mind that it will take a lot of efforts and time just to approach a local woman, letting alone the fact that it will be even more difficult to hook up with her at the end of the day.

Charming young Japanese girl stretching in her bed after waking up in the morning

Pay for a hotel hookup if you are rich enough

One of the most wide-spread features of Japan are so-called „love hotels“ where a man can pay a certain amount of money to get laid guaranteed as soon as possible. Nonetheless, this service is really expensive because not many local females are ready to work in such a sphere.

This is one of the few things that extends hookup culture in Japan since everything else is quite forbidden and local girls do not even want to talk about it. If you decide to visit such a place, be ready to about 1000$ dollars for having a hookup with a Japanese girl.

However, enough men are ready to do this just because it brings tons of new experience. You cannot even imagine how difficult it is to have a hookup in Japan legitimately, especially for a foreigner. Therefore, this way remains really expensive but also efficient.

Besides, you will see hundreds of such hotels in every huge city of Japan. It only means that local government and people in general support this method of having a random hookup but you cannot call it prostitution because it is a different thing.

Keep in mind that you cannot use this service calling them to get laid with you at your place because all Japanese females working in this sphere take care of their safety, especially if they are going to sleep with a foreign man. So, you should go there yourself and ask for a price-list to see whether you can afford it.

You can find a one night hookup using online apps

You should not forget that the country of Japan is practically a different world or even universe in comparison to what you got used to seeing in the USA or Europe. Even if you try to compare Japan with the rest of Asia, you will see huge differences.

First of all, this paragraph concerns their modern technical devices and all possible Internet apps. Surely, you will easily find hookup apps that serve for only one purpose and that is to get laid with a Japanese lady.

Nonetheless, this is when a lot of foreign male representatives get in a trap because they are sure that it is completely free and the only thing they depend on is their own luck. Although, they do not even suspect that Japanese girls using such apps can ask you to pay even more than the ones in love hotels do.

Portrait of a gorgeous Japanese girl in a brown coat happily looking in a camera outdoors

That is why you should be careful while communicating with attractive Japanese ladies using local hookup apps because a lot of them want to get your money and they will do it or you are not going to get a desired sex with them.

It happens rarely that you can meet a typical decent Japanese girl who wants to meet a man to establish romantic relationships. However, it may be a foreigner or a citizen of her country as well, you never know what is in her head.

Japanese women hide the fact of having a secret hookup

This is completely true that the majority of young Japanese people, including females, are really dependable on their parents and relatives in general. Some of them stay to live with their parents until they turn 30-35 years old and that is not a myth.

This fact is connected with high prices for housing since you will not be able to afford even a rental apartment if you have only graduated from your university, letting alone school or anything like that.

It becomes quite obvious that young Japanese women hide their sexual relationships from their parents because they cannot have sex with guys while living with them. Of course, they date each other and party together but they do it secretly.

That is why you should not be surprised to see that Japanese girls looking for a hookup online immediately write you that you cannot go to their place but they never explain the actual reason. Surely, they do it not to look ridiculous or strange in foreign males’ eyes.

Although, it should not stop you if you are willing to learn how to find hookups in Japan since you can always pay for a hotel and spend a night with a Japanese lady there. Moreover, if you are going to get laid with an adult female, she surely has her own apartment where you have no one around.

Do not expect hot hookups judging by your Western standards

Let us imagine that you have finally managed to pick up a Japanese woman who meets all your requirements and looks according to your tastes. Nonetheless, you should be ready that she is not going to be perfect judging by your standards.

It happens because your idea of a perfect hookup is completely different because Japanese girls are more sensitive and shy in comparison with Western girls. You will immediately notice it once you stay alone with each other.

You never think of this when you want to figure out how to find hookups with Japanese women because you are absolutely sure that they are extremely hot and passionate in bed. However, be ready to see how your expectations break down like a house of cards.

It is better not to create high expectations in your head concerning a casual hookup with Japanese females because they have no idea what you are thinking of them. So, it will only create unnecessary tension between you and you can actually spoil everything you have been working on for so long.


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