Secret hookups in Mumbai with pretty Indian girls

Mumbai is a bustling metropolis and a financial capital of India. It’s also the most populous city in the country with more than 23 million inhabitants. People from all over India keep flocking to Mumbai to make their dreams come true. Known as the city of dreams and the maximum city, Mumbai has something to offer to all. Foreign tourists favour Mumbai, too. Apart from its cultural and architectural heritage, it’s one of the few places in India where a western man can have a secret hookup.

With hookup culture being almost nonexistent in India, Mumbai is a pleasant exception to those seeking to get laid with a beautiful local girl. There is a big percentage of progressive, liberated and financially independent women in Mumbai who quickly adopt western dating culture.

Find a beautiful Indian girl in Mumbai for a casual hookup

What girls should you have a casual hookup with?

There is a huge diversity of women in Mumbai. Girls differ in many aspects, including social background, education, wellbeing, intellectual capacity, general outlook and so on. As mentioned above, it’s advisable to target progressive contemporary girls who are reasonably well-educated and independent from parents where financial security is concerned.

Usually these girls work in call-centres, banks, and various private organizations. It’s not recommended to get laid with girls of poorer classes as the disparity of mindsets will be greater than you can possibly imagine. Besides, it’s highly unlikely these women will speak even basic English.

What do girls look like in Mumbai?

With women coming to work in the financial capital of India from all over the country, it’s almost impossible to stereotype their appearance. There is no such thing as typical looks in Mumbai. Girls form different regions of India have different facial features and bodily characteristics. Women from the South are shorter in height and have darker skin.

Girls in Mumbai for a secret hookup with a foreign man

Girls from the north are taller and fairer in complexion. Ladies form the East look more like women from China, Tibet or Taiwan. Most of them have dark hair and black or brown eyes. You will notice a great diversity in their attire, too.

Girls from conservative families would wear saris and salwar lameezes, kurtis and leggings, whereas women with more progressive outlook would go for western style. Needless to say, you should plan your secret hookup with women who are more westernized.

How to approach girls for instant hookups in Mumbai?

It might be a bit challenging to approach Mumbai women in daytime. They are either busy at work or not willing to get chatty with a man right there in public. That said, it’s still possible to have tor daytime game in Mumbai. You can target university students who are done with their studies by the afternoon.

Usually they hang around in malls and fast food restaurants like Burger King and McDonalds. Cafes like Starbucks and Ciffee Day are extremely popular, too. As for shopping centres where you can find some hookup girls, we would recommend to check out The Infinity Mall, Inorbot Mall and high Street Phoenix Mall.

You shouldn’t approach girls with cheesy pick up lines – no one is going to appreciate overly sexual hints. Instead, play a usual tourist trick and ask them for sightseeing or shopping advice. It will help you break the ice, and then you can switch to other conversation topics. Pay them compliments with caution – your secret hookup will never happen if they act aggressive.

As for the night hookup game, your chances of getting laid with a pretty Indian girls skyrocket like anything. If a girl is there in a night club or popular bar to start with, it means she doesn’t mind having some fun.

Some of the most visited clubs in Mumbai include Tryst, Matahaari and Trilogy. You are expected to wear a stylish outfit and ooze charm from every pore. Apart from that, don’t hesitate spending some money – a nice cocktail or even full candlelit dinner improve your chances of getting laid that very night.

Beautiful girls to get laid with and have instant hookups in Mumbai

Online hookups in Mumbai

Girls in Mumbai are technologically savvy, and a great many of them use all sorts of different dating apps in order to find a decent partner. Don’t hesitate contacting Mumbai girls through Tinder, TrulyMadly, IndianCupid or AsianDating. You will get the feel of what Mumbai women are like even before you meet them face to face.

Hopefully you find these tips on having a secret hookup in Mumbai useful. All the best!


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