Real hookups with Russian women: get laid with a local girl

If you’re interested in real hookups, Russia is one of the best hookup countries you can think of. There are lots of places to pick up local girls in this part of Eastern Europe, and hookup culture is nothing short of amazing. Read more on how to get laid in Russia and how to date Russian girls.

Russian women for real hookups in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Hookups girls in Russia: why are they so hot?

It’s no secret that Russian girls are exceedingly beautiful. This is exactly the reasons why men from all over the globe flock to Russia trying to have real hookups and long term relationships. A lot of men form the USA, Australia, Canada and Western Europe come to Russia with an intention of getting laid with a pretty local girl, but end up actually marrying her. A typical Russian girl is a wonderful phenomenon that can hardly leave one indifferent.

So what do Russian girls look like? Generally speaking, there is no such thing as a typical Russian look. There is a great diversity of facial features and bodily characteristics across Eastern Europe and Russia is no exception. Over the centuries, a lot of nations invaded the territory of present day Russian Federation, contributing to diversity and richness of the local genetic pool.

Russian beauties can be slim and tall, short and curvy, petite and fragile, plump and chubby. There are blue eyed blondes and gypsy-looking brunettes. But there is one thing all the Russian girls have in common – they try to look even more beautiful than they are, and it’s usually successful.

The secret behind the Russian type of beauty lies not only within a rich and diverse genetic pool, but also in extensive self-care and inborn sense of style. A Russian girl will do everything to preserve and emphasise her natural attractiveness for as long as possible. She will diet and count calories, she will work out on a regular basis, she’ll live a healthy and active lifestyle, she’ll take care of her skin, and so on. Besides, she’ll always wear a lovely makeup. Hr nails will be adorned by the most beautiful nail art, and her hairstyle will be nothing short of perfection.

And yes, Russian girls prefer look feminine and stylish. They wear beautiful dresses, lovely blouses, figure hugging tops, miniskirts, high heels, and so on. They are also very skilful in choosing accessories. When you look at an alluring and charming Russian girl, she appears to be so natural, so quintessentially unconstrained. In reality, there is lots of effort behind this kind of astounding beauty. But whatever it is, you can’t stop asking yourself how to get laid fast with this pretty Russian woman.

Get laid in Russia in no time with beautiful hookup girls

Why do they look so much trouble over their appearance?

Well, the answer is obvious – to attract men. And this is exactly what makes real hookups in Russia so easy. Due to various reasons, there are ten million more women than men in Russia. When the male to female ratio is so badly skewed, it inevitable has some strangle consequences, like women compete with each other for a man’s attention.

Even if they are gorgeous, stunning beauties, and that man is the biggest loser on Earth. Men in Russia self-centred and overconfident – they can always get a new girlfriend or even wife, so they don’t have to make any effort in order to make their present relationship work.

In present day Russia, progressive and liberated girls are no longer willing to tolerate this situation. They know that the world is not limited to Russian men alone. It’s possible to meet a foreign man and have a much more rewarding experience with him. Foreign men are usually associated with benefits of western life, that’s why it’s so easy to approach Russian girls with real hookups in mind. They favour foreigners, laugh at their jokes, and gladly talk to them.

Hookup culture in Russia: how to maximize your chances

That said, you shouldn’t assume that being a foreigner is quite sufficient in order to succeed with a Russian girl. No, it’s not like that. You’ll have to take some effort in order to get laid with a pretty local woman. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when hooking up with Russian beauties:

She looks presentable, and so should you

As mentioned above, Russian girls give a lot of importance to their own appearance. But that’s not all. They also expect a man they associate with to look good, too. Of course, you can’t get younger, taller or slimmer for the sake or real hookups with Russian women. However, it’s well within your power to look stylish and presentable.

An Eastern European beauty will detest an unshaven man with messy hair who approaches her wearing shabby clothes and tattered shoes. She’ll consider it a sign of disrespect. She looks good, and so should you. Even if you’ve never paid too much attention to clothes, with a Russian girl it won’t do. If you want to get laid with her in no time, make sure to look respectable and presentable. There is no need to wear a suit if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a formal attire.

Instead, you can go for a smart casual look. Make sure your clothes are clean and neatly pressed. Pleasant cologne and stylish accessories will be appreciated, too. To make long story short, you’ll improve your chances of getting laid like anything if you take some trouble over your looks.

Russian women love with their ears

Girls in Russia love compliments, period. If you’re interested in real hookups with hot Russian beauties, praise them for their looks, intelligence, sense of humour, kindness, and what not. Depending on the circumstances, your compliments can be sexual and explicit.

For example, if you’re praising an obviously seductive woman in a night club or a pick up bur, there is nothing wrong in saying what you have in mind. However, if you approach girls on the streets, in shopping malls, parks and gardens, cafes and restaurants, you’d better come up with neutral pick up lines.

Russian girls expect a man to praise their beauty – after all, they took so much trouble over looking alluring and attractive that it’s only fair to give them their due. That said, it’s not recommended to focus on their appearance alone – women don’t like to be objectified, even if it’s pretty obvious that the only thing you’re interested in is a casual hookup. Think of a smart and flattering compliment in advance, so you would have something original to say – something that will make a girl smile.

Don’t underestimate the power of flowers

Women all around the globe love flowers, but Russian girls take it one step further. They simply adore flowers and give it a lot of significance when it comes to dating or wooing someone. Giving a woman flowers is considered a true expression of one’s romantic nature and genuine affection and appreciation.

So when you’re about to approach a girl, get her a flower, if possible. This simple jesture will maximize your chances of getting laid tonight. Don’t go for a red rose though – it’s such cliché. Russian flower shops offer a huge diversity of flowers, both exotic and local.

Make sure you can hold a meaningful conversation

Russian society encourages young women to get a degree in a particular professional field. The majority of Russian girls are well educated and smart. If you sound boring, silly and uninspiring, she won’t tolerate you for long. You’ll need to be witty and clever, and with excellent general knowledge. A typical Russian woman of present day generation can discuss virtually every topic under the sun.

It’s you who is supposed to pay bills

Emancipated women in western countries would find it unacceptable. They gladly pay for their own drinks, dinners, movie theatres and what not. In Easter Europe, on the country, a man is expected to pay for everything if he invites a girl. If you request her to pay her share, forget about real hookups or seeing her ever again. There is such thing as being too cheap, and Russian girls don’t tolerate this sort of behaviour.

Demonstrate your assertiveness and decisive action

With Russian women, it’s always like a hunter and prey kind of game, whether it’s a casual hookup or intention of having a long lasting romantic relationship. She wants to see what sort of hunter you are. If you’re a good one, it will be comfortable and peaceful behind your back in life. A Russian woman expects a man to be like a stone wall in order to shield her from troubles and worries in life.

So they tend to respond to a man who is assertive, decisive and purposeful. A man who doesn’t back off even if he’s rejected. A man who knows his own worth will definitely try his luck one more time. With that in mind, don’t give up too easily when approaching a Russian woman. The chances are she’s just testing you, so be persistent.

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Places to meet girls for instant hookups in daytime

One thing about Russia, it has an abundance of beautiful girls. When you arrive to a Russian city, you can hardly believe your eyes – there are so many model-looking women virtually everywhere. You feel like you’re part of some surreal reality show with beauty contestants all around you. It’s not difficult to find girls for real hookups in daytime – they are always within your reach.

You can see them on the streets, in public transport, in cafes and restaurants, museums and art-galleries, parks and botanical gardens. Of course, most women work in day time, but you can target university students who are done with their lectures by midday. By five o’clock, when most offices finish their work hours, its already dark in winter, but in spring and summer it’s still a wonderful time to pick up girls on their way back home.

Beautiful Russian girls for free hookups in Russia with foreign men

Shopping centres and malls are wonderful places for picking up girls in day time, too. You can always pretend being helpless tourist who can’t find a particular product, or shop, or his way out, and ask them to help you. If you’re looking to get laid with intellectual Russian women, head to the nearest museum, gallery, or even public library. Make sure you can maintain a reasonable conversation on various subjects though.

If you’d like to meet someone romantic, perhaps it’s a good idea to check out the nearest local park – there are girls who favour long walks in shady alleys with lots of flowering plants. If you like stylish and fashionable girls hang around near some high profile boutiques in a shopping centre.

Hookup tips for night time

If you’re not successful with Russian girls in daytime, don’t get easily disheartened. There is always nightlife for you! Nightlife in Russia is vibrant and wild, and there are so many opportunities for real hookups. A good nightclub is by far the best place for picking up girls to get laid with. Choose a club close to your hotel or rented apartment, so that you wouldn’t waste your precious time reaching it by taxi in the middle of the night, and dance your night away!

Speaking of dancing, a typical Russian man is not much of a dancer. He would rather sit in the bar area sipping his beer or drinking vodka and looking at dancing girls. So if you actually dance, you have a huge advantage compared to your Russian counterparts. Make sure to make use of it! Dancing with a pretty woman is much more rewarding than looking at her from a distance and drooling.

Girls who visit nightclubs in Russia are especially seductive. They wear bright makeup and the most alluring outfits, so it’s impossible to stay indifferent when looking at them. And they are very open to meeting new people. Remember that there is a lack of decent men in Russian cities compared to the number of women, so you have all the chances to take advantage of this situation.

As a rule, Girls are friendly and sociable in nightclubs, and a simple “hi” is enough to initiate a brief conversation and spend a pleasant evening in the company of a charming Slavic beauty. It’s also important to keep your head cool and avoid drinking too much – after all, you’re in a new country, and you don’t want any complications to arise when hooking up girls.

Some of the best nightclubs to check out in various Russian cities include Gipsy, Aurora and Duran (Moscow), Hemingway’s (St. Petersburg), Bash (Kazan) and Cabaret Lighthouse (Sochi).

Online hookups with sexy Russian girls: how does it work?

One of the most effective ways of hooking up Russian women is to approach them online. Many men from the United States, Australia, Canada and Western Europe prefer getting in touch with pretty Slavic girls way before they make a trip to Russia.

This way they get to know what Russian women are like, how easy it is to get laid with Eastern European beauties and what to expect from them. There are plenty of Russian women on every major dating site, so finding someone you really like won’t be a problem. In the world of today, online dating is not uncommon.

If you date a girl from Russia for a few months prior to your visit, you won’t have to waste your time finding someone to hookup with when in the country. Of course, a long distance relationship is not for everyone and it will take some effort to keep the fire burning, but it’s well worth it considering the reward. Besides, you may get to like in the process – after all, online dating has its own advantages.

Choosing a dating app or website

With plenty of sites all over the internet offering matchmaking services, choosing a reliable platform is no easy task. Here are a few tips on selecting the best hookup apps and sites:

  • Go for large legitimate websites with a big database of women’s profiles. There are plenty of minor sites with a limited database that are usually focused on one particular area in Russia. But if you’re planning a trip across the country, you may want to meet women for real hookups in different cities.
  • Make sure a site has a comfortable search tool. Eliminating unsuitable profiles in one go will save you a lot of time.
  • Avoid site with explicit profile pictures. If you see too many women’s profiles with pictures in lingerie or bikini, most probably this website is set up as a scam. Russian women favour alluring and sexy outfits, but they always know their limits. Usually they put up their profile on dating sites with marriage and lifelong commitment in mind, so they won’t go for a vulgar profile photo.
  • It should be easy to navigate and contact women. Many sites give you an “expression of interest” option which simplifies your task a lot.
  • Avoid pay-per-letter sites. These sites are usually designed to take as much money from you as possible by charging for every letter you send or receive, for using an instant messenger, for video chats and so on. They don’t even allow people to exchange their contacts like email address or phone number.
Meet local beauties in Russia to get laid with and have real hookups

Tip on talking to girls you hope to get laid with

As mentioned above, handing a long distance connection is no easy task. But if you do it the right way, it will be so much easier to get laid in Russia when you finally make your way there. Besides, online hookups do have their own advantages. So, what should you do in order to make your online and real hookups a wonderful success? Here are a few recommendations:

Talk to as many girls as possible

If you’re interested in a casual hookup in Russia, your ultimate goal is not a relationship, right? That’s why there is no need to form a special bond with one woman and work towards establishing a lifelong connection. The more girls you talk to, the more chances to get laid in Russia you will get. That said, you should maintain some quality of conversation, so make sure the number of women you talk to is manageable.

Consistency is the key

If you’re interested in hooking up in Russia, make sure girls you talk to don’t forget about you by the time you make a trip. Talk to them on a regular basis. Try to charm them over the internet. They should be sure that it’s worthwhile to spend time with you.

Learn some Russian

Learning a new language, especially as complex as Russian, is a pain. However, if you talk to native speakers all the time, you have all the chances to pick up some common phrases that will help you in day to day life in Russia. You can also learn some compliments in Russian – they are sure to put a smile on a pretty girl’s face.

Beware of scammers

Scammers are omnipresent in all the dating sites. Some of them are rather effortless to identify, others are more skilful and discreet. A rule of thumb here is not to send money to people you haven’t met in real life. There is only one thing a scammer wants from you – to separate you from your hard earned dollars (or pounds, or other currencies).

Don’t send a cent no matter what. If a girl starts complaining about her financial problems or asking you to send her a certain mount point blank, drop this correspondence immediately and try your luck elsewhere.

Best hookup places in Russia

You may wonder what paces in Russia you should check out when looking for real hookups. Well, one good things about this country is that there are plenty of beautiful women virtually everywhere. Whether it’s a bustling metropolis or a small town in the countryside, there are lots of hookup girls to catch your interest.

However, as a foreign tourist you’ll be way more comfortable in a large city with a well developed infrastructure. You don’t want to spend your precious time searching for a decent place to stay, eat or unwind and have a good time. In a large city all these things are at your fingertips, but in a small town you’ll have to take some effort in order to arrange a comfortable existence.

Some of the most rewarding cities in terms or real hookups include Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan and Novosibirsk.

Hookup culture in Russia is almost impossible to resist. If you decide to visit this country, there is no chance you’ll be disappointed. Best of luck!


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