Getting laid and having discreet hookups with Indian girls

India is one of the most incredible travel destinations in the world, and it comes as no surprise that tourists from all over the globe visit this country for its cultural, spiritual and historical heritage. Also, assuming that it’s the land of Kama Sutra, a great many men hope to have an easy and unforgettable hookup in India. In reality, it’s not that easy to get laid with and Indian girl. In most cases, only very discreet hookups are possible in large cities of India.

Find beautiful Indian women for discreet hookups in Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be successful with an Indian woman if you don’t have a deep understanding of the local culture. And it’s rather difficult to explain how things work in this country, so the right way to go about things is to observe and make your own conclusions. In order to do this, you’ll have to stay in India for some time or talk to Indian girls a lot on various dating apps and websites.

Most guys from the west have no clue how things are done in India, assuming that is can’t be dramatically different from hookups in their own homeland and other countries they visited before. However, hookup culture in India is one of a kind, and this is exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Things to know about Indian girls when looking for a casual hookup

One thing to keep in mind when trying to get laid with local women is that India is a country of great diversity. Here you’ll find striking poverty and astounding wealth, technological advancement and primitive concoctions, beautiful districts and ugly slums. Sometimes it may seem to you that India has stuck forever in middle ages, and at other times you can hardly thing of countries more progressive than land of holy cows.

When looking for discreet hookups with Indian women, it important to understand that girls come from different cultural and social backgrounds. There is a vast difference in mindset between a city girl from an upper class family of Mumbai and a person from rural Uttar Pradesh. Generally speaking, you should target only progressive and liberated girls from large cities: Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Indore or Kolkata. May be these cities don’t make it to the top Asian cities to hookup, but your chances are still higher there than in other parts of India.

Resorts of Goa shouldn’t be ignored either – groups of girls usually come there to unwind. Usually these girls are well educated and financially independent to some extent. They boast professional achievements and progressive views on relationships and women’s rights.

You should keep in mind that premarital sex is frowned upon in India, and a future spouse of a girl or a guy is chosen by their parents. It’s not uncommon for a girl in present day India to see her future husband only once or twice before wedding. Now you see what we mean when saying that India is very different.

Does it have any hookup culture at all? Yes, it does. You can still target girls in the most developed parts of large cities. Usually you can find someone suitable in shopping malls – Indian girls love shopping! Yuo can also check out international cafe chains and fast food restaurants like Starbucks, Coffee Day, burger King, McDonalds and so on. Don’t ignore nightclub to up your hookup game – the very fact that a girl came to a nightclub means she is open to having fun and trying out new experiences.

Beautiful Indian women to get laid with when having discreet hookups

Dating tips on succeeding in local hookups

There are certain things you need to know in order to succeed in getting laid with an Indian girl. Here are some of them:

Forget about instant hookups

Due to their cultural background and strict upbringing, Indian girls are not open to having sex from the very beginning of a relationship. In most cases, you’ll have to date a girl for a certain period of time to form a special emotional bond. Then most probably you’ll have a chance to get laid.

Dress well

Your appearance is extremely important when dating an Indian woman. You’re a foreigner, so you will stand out of the crowd anyway, but anyway, Indian girls get used to scanning a guy’s appearance in order to decide whether he’s worthy to have anything to do with. They respect brands a lot so buying a couple of branded outfits or a few accessories will go a long way.

Learn a bit of Hindi

Although the majority of contemporary girls in big cities speak fairly good English, it’s highly recommended to learn a few Hindi words or phrases. A girl will be genuinely impressed by your efforts. People in India are extremely patriotic and proud of their culture, so you can demonstrate how appreciative you are by learning a bit of their language. Also, reveal a great deal of interest to the local culture. Ask her questions about the significance of different day to day customs and rituals.

Be generous

It’s almost impossible to have a free hookup with an Indian girl. You’ll have to invest a certain amount if you expect to get laid with her. Taking her out for a dinner or to the movies, giving her rides on your bike, and giving her small gifts will improve your chances for discreet hookups.

Make sure there are on obstacles

Quick and easy hookups in India with beautiful Indian women

It’s not recommended to hookup up with a girl from a very conservative family. You’ll have endless trouble trying to hide your relationship from her relatives. Also, make sure there are no jealous males who are interested in this woman. Even if she’s not in a committed relationship with anyone, a man who is in love can be a bottomless source of irritation. Indian guys tend to go over dramatic when love matters are concerned – perhaps it’s the influence of Bollywood movies.

Online hook-ups with Indian girls

Just like in many other Asian countries, talking to local girls online is a very good idea. There is plenty of Indian women’s profile on dating websites, and you can contact as many of them as you wish before making a journey. Indian girls tend to open up during a personal correspondence. The main advantage of using dating apps is the discreet way of getting to know each other. A girl doesn’t have to worry what people will think. Apart from that, both you of can have an idea of each other before you even meet face to face.

Here are some of the best dating apps for hookups that are widely used in India: is a matrimonial service focused predominantly on India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, but it’s also available in other countries. Although the main focus of this website is marriage, one can use it for flirting and getting to know Indian girls. You should make sure though that a profile is put up by a girl herself and not by her parents.


AsianDating is one of the largest dating services in Asia, but it’s only stared gaining its popularity in India. You can check it out and see whether you’re getting results according to your expectations.


Tinder has become very popular in India over the last two or three years, with plenty of women’s profiles to choose from. Girls from large Indian cities willingly put up their profiles on this app and explore the options. Tinder is highly recommended when looking for discreet hookups in India – it’s an app you’re already familiar with, and it’s popular in India, too.


TrulyMadly is an Indian version of tinder with a fairly large database of active users. Install this app as an alternative to Tinder and give it a try.

Things to keep in mind if you’re interested in quick easy hookups

There are plenty of women in India who strive for living a life full of luxuries and better opportunities. However, the only way to achieve this goal, according to them, is to get involved with a wealthy man. As a rule, his personality, mental capacity, appearance, age and character traits are not important, as long as he has a fat bank account. These girls can be found in nightclubs, elite restaurants and shopping districts of large cities in India.

To sum it all up, having discreet hookup in India is possible, but it’s not as easy as it would have been in other Asian countries, especially hookups in Thailand or Philippines. Your chances increase if you stay in the country long term – at least for a couple of months.


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