Hookup local Puerto Rican women: Puerto Rican hookup

Puerto Rico is a small country located in the Caribbean Sea. It is not the most popular destination among foreign tourists looking for random hookups. However, its climate and beautiful Puerto Rican women change this tendency.

To start with, you should know that the entire population of the country is only a bit more than 3 million people. It means that you are not going to find huge metropolises with millions of inhabitants. Although, if you look for a calm peaceful rest, it is your place for sure.

Even if you find yourself in the capital of the country, you will never feel like you are in a huge city. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you are going to get bored in Puerto Rico. Keep in mind that this country has perfect weather for hookups all year round.

Additionally, getting laid in Puerto Rico is quite easy. If you want to hookup local Puerto Rican women, you should know that they actually enjoy Western men. It often happens so that Puerto Rican ladies prefer foreigners to local males.

A few words on a hookup culture in Puerto Rico

As has been mentioned, this country started developing its sex tourism not so long ago. Although, hooking up Latin women is always easier for numerous reasons. First of all, they like to hang out during the night. They often spend their free time in nightclubs or sunny beaches. This makes it easier to approach them when you feel like it.

Secondly, the culture of drinking alcoholic cocktails is widely-spread in Puerto Rican as in other Latin countries. It is another reason that makes it simple to hookup Puerto Rican women. You just need to spot a sexy local girl and come up to her with a drink. She is not likely to refuse you because you are a foreigner.

In general, Puerto Rican people accept hookup culture adequately. Especially if we mention a young generation of females living in the capital of the country. They are more westernized and they tend to have random sexual relationships. In fact, they simply consider it a trendy fun thing to do.

The most important factor that makes Puerto Rican girls hookup with foreigners is their desire to try something new. Even though they do not have any serious plans for you, they simply want to have a new experience. So, your wishes in terms of having a one-night stand are almost the same.

Laughing Puerto Rican lady with her boyfriend on a sandy beach

Top cities for random hookups in Puerto Rico

Since Puerto Rico is a very small country, even its capital is not that huge as many foreigners may expect. In fact, it may be the only place, where you have a good chance of hooking up in Puerto Rico.

Of course, you have other smaller cities but you should visit them only after you try the capital. Another fact is that you should be ready to communicate in Spanish. The vast majority of Puerto Rican people are not fluent at English at all.

Visiting San Juan is your primary goal since it is the capital and largest city in Puerto Rico with a population of about 400,000 inhabitants. It is located right on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. It is full of magnificent beaches. Besides, you will easily find numerous nightclubs, bars, and casinos. The old downtown of the city is famous for gigantic castles and ancient buildings from the colonial past.

The second-largest city is Bayamón. Its total population is a bit more than 200,000 people. This city is famous for its fertile land and relatively cheap prices. Besides, foreigners visit it when they want to smoke high-quality cigars. In general, Bayamón is not that popular among tourists from abroad but it is worth visiting just to see the difference between the capital city and this place.

The third-largest city is Carolina. Its population is about 180,000 people. This city is famous as one of the most important tourist centers. There are many beaches and nightclubs just like in San Juan. Moreover, Carolina is a good choice for people who like to hookup Puerto Rican women during the night and have a safe rest during the day.

What’s with online hookup apps in Puerto Rico

Smiling adult Puerto Rican lady sitting in a swimming pool with a glass of wine

There are dozens of different hookup apps nowadays. However, keep in mind that the population of the country is not that huge. Even the smaller percent of Puerto Rican women are single and use such services.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use only popular and trusted online hookups apps such as Tinder, for example. To be honest, it is equally simple to get laid with Puerto Rican ladies in reality or using online services. They are extremely talkative and open to foreign males.

You just need to take the initiative first and stop being afraid of them. Even if you feel like you are talking some nonsense, you can be sure it does not look like this in their eyes. Always stay confident and open to a new experience with Puerto Rican girls nearby.

Additionally, hookup sites and apps are perfect during the daytime if it is too hot to be outside. Use them wisely in order to spend an upcoming evening with a beautiful Puerto Rican girl. Even though it may be difficult to communicate using English, it is still the best choice in this country if you do not know Spanish at all.

Find a nightclub hookup in San Juan

Just imagine what this atmosphere feels like when it is always more than 30°C outside. Puerto Rican people prefer not to stay at home and go to hang out in local nightclubs. Why not do this if the prices are relatively cheap and people are fun to party together with.

Here is the list of the best nightclubs in San Juan, the capital city:

  • Club Kronos;
  • La Rumba;
  • Club Epic;
  • Eternal Lobby Lounge;
  • La Respuesta.

The majority of the above-mentioned clubs are located on beaches or in the city center. Foreign tourists are always welcomed there. The biggest part of Puerto Rican women will be glad to dance with you and have a few cocktails. Everything else depends on you because you can easily continue your evening belonging to each other only.

Advice on beaches

Since San Juan is such a unique place, it surely has one of the best sandy beaches. You will be able to get acquainted with hot Puerto Rican women there in no time. You just need to go there during the daytime and find singles who are all by themselves sunbathing there.

The beaches you have to visit in San Juan:

  • Isla Verde Beach;
  • Balneario El Escambron;
  • Ocean Park Beach;
  • Condado Beach;
  • Playa Pena;
  • Playa Ensenada de Boca Vieja.

Of course, this list is not complete because these are only the most popular beaches in San Juan. Locals and foreigners visit all of them. In fact, you may be lucky enough to hookup not only local Puerto Rican women but some others as well.

Curvy Puerto Rican girl posing while touching her own hair

Why do Puerto Rican girls prefer foreigners?

This question still remains a sort of secret. No one can really tell you why Puerto Rican women are likely to have passionate sex with tourists from abroad. Maybe some of them are sure that Westerners are simply better in this aspect.

Surely, some of them dream of changing the place of their living. Keep in mind that Puerto Rico is located right in the Caribbean Sea. It is pretty difficult to get out of there, especially if you cannot really afford frequent flights.

Certainly, there are some exceptions when you can see that a Puerto Rican lady is totally against a casual hookup with you. However, it happens rarely because they perceive it as a new experience. It happens like 99% of the time. If you are in San Juan, it is easy to find out whether a lady is looking for a hookup just like you do.

Females from this country are really good at giving obvious hints. Therefore, stay focused to see if you have a chance of getting laid in Puerto Rico right now.

HIV and other STDs

You should always keep in your head the fact that quick hookups become more and more popular in Puerto Rico. Therefore, the chance of catching STDs is also increasing every day. Make sure to wear a condom every time you encounter random sexual relationships.

Even if you hookup Puerto Rican women who claim to be clean, you should not believe this. This is essential to use additional protection, especially if you have sex with a female from the nearest nightclub or bar.

Final hookup tips

Puerto Rico is a great place for random hookups since it only grows its popularity among sex tourists. It is quite a cheap yet magnificent country with stunning views and landscapes.

Of course, it may be not the safest place because pickpocketing happens quite often there. However, it is not too common in the biggest cities like San Juan because the police always patrol it.


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