Romanian Hookup: top tips to get laid with Romanian women

Romania is among the top countries with some of the sexiest girls in the world. And in this regard, it is believed that they are also excellent mistresses. In Romania, the main part of the population is not rich, so often it is enough to buy a girl a cocktail to start dating. In order to get laid with a Romanian girl you do not need to do anything special; the main thing is to be yourself and immediately honestly tell about your intentions. Romania is becoming an increasingly popular destination for free hookups in Europe, where many foreigners come to get laid hot Romanian women and spend time with local beauties.

To attract a Romanian hot girl is not a problem for every foreigner man

Top tips to get laid with Romanian women

In Romania any place is used as a good excuse to flirt with someone, although the most successful ones are obviously night clubs, bars and parks. But the first place is beaches and clubs. Guys can get to know a Romanian girl with the usual phrases like “You’re too good to be alone tonight. Can I get you a drink?” Anyway, the current generation doesn’t really need any phrases for introductions, they need to be able to get laid with Romanian women out of ignoring everything that’s going on around them. Most guys play innocence, and if a girl dumps them fast, they use manipulative techniques.

Start a conversation with a good joke, to attract a Romanian hot girl is not a problem for every foreigner man. Another way to get to know her and have a hookup is to give her an unusual compliment that most accentuates her personality, or to express some clever idea, before saying that you want to report some surprise.

The best places for Romanian hookup

First and most importantly to find Romanian girl, go to Bucharest. It is Romania’s largest city and the most open-minded place in country. Romanian girls are very beautiful and happy here. Bucharest is the centre of night life. The girls here are more relaxed and ready to experiment.

It is believed that Bucharest took a firm place on the club map of Europe. The best DJs in the world perform at the most fashionable clubs in the city at least once a week. All of Romania’s most beautiful girls gather in clubs to hang out, have fun and meet a man for a casual hookup.

The nightlife in Bucharest has a different side and prostitution is common here, although officially this phenomenon is prohibited in Romania. Therefore, if a man wants to have a free hookup, he should be more careful when choosing a partner. Hutchies can be seen in different parts of the city (especially in the southern part of Cala Victoria), but you may be fined a large sum even if you get close to them. Strip clubs operate quite legally.

How to get laid fast with Romanian women

Romanian women say they like to be bossy. They tend to have fleeting adventures and don’t want a serious relationship. In an intimate setting, they like to be in complete control. They are more confident due to their geographical proximity to the West.

Romanian women like to impose their will on a partner. In bed, they show courage and love to dominate. Romanian women often make exaggerated demands on their partners. There are no prohibitions for Romanian women to have sex. They are more open than European women. Men from the West think these ladies are the most liberated. So there’s no problem getting a woman in Romania for a free hookup.


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