Hungarian hookup: How to succeed in getting laid with a Hungarian woman

Western men have always been attracted to East-European women. Quite many overseas guys dream of at least dating a girl from Poland, Russia or Ukraine. Hungarian women are also fairly popular with foreign dudes of different nations, origin and social status.

While holidaying in Budapest – the capital city of that wonderful country, – thousands of male tourists seek opportunities to hook up with local girls. Of course, it’s not easy to get laid with beautiful Hungarian women. Guys, even the most handsome and toughest of them, need to make efforts to be successful in getting their dreams to come true.

Contemporary Hungarian women

Women from Hungary

Hungary is, doubtlessly, a unique country in Europe. That state has been historically made as a medley of miscellaneous nations. On the territory of Hungry used to live Germans, Austrians, Ukrainians, Czechs, and other people.

Consequently, contemporary Hungarian women also represent a medley of a variety of nations. Another curious fact is that descendants of Hungarians came to medieval Europe from the Urals and successfully settled down amidst Slavic people. Therefore, some foreigners mistakenly consider them to be a Slavic nation.

Foreign men should keep in mind that it’s extremely difficult to learn the Hungarian language since it differs very much from other European tongues. However, young women in Hungary, in particular, in Budapest have a good command of English. So, overseas guys won’t have big troubles while interacting with most urban Hungarian women.

Advice: Foreign men should get ready for their interaction with girls from Hungary through looking into available Internet sources where it’s easy to find the appropriate information on Hungarian traditions, modern women’s lifestyle, and their specific attributes.

Hungarian women: Their looks and traits

Attractive women from Hungary

Overall, Hungarian young women have quite many features that make them be similar to girls in neighboring countries. In particular, Serbian, Slovakian, and Croatian gals. The list of mutual features includes, first and foremost:

  • A wealthy complexion
  • Natural beauty
  • Cheerful and hopeful disposition
  • Openness and friendliness
  • A shade of modesty
  • The ability to feel other people’s frame of mind.

The main tip to overseas guys: If you want Hungarian women to be ready to heartily interact with you, you should keep your character without exaggerating your advantages and best features.

Hungarian women in provinces are quite shy and inward by nature. That is why it won’t be easy for guys to strike up a conversation with them since they are reluctant to interact with unfamiliar dudes. However, it doesn’t mean that men should give up.

If you are natural, honest, open, and frank with Hungarian women, you’re on your right way to a successful start of your relationships. Just remain patient and be able to wait for a while. Any Hungarian girl needs time to grow into answering your desires to hook up and get laid with her.

Women in Budapest

Hungarian women – Budapest’s residents

Female Budapesters differ a lot from their counterparts in provincial towns of Hungary. It concerns both their image and personality traits. Of course, they have some features typical of most Hungarian women. However, differences outweigh similarities and make them stick out from the majority of the chicks in Hungary.

They, in particular, a lot more open-minded and independent in their views of life and social conduct. Promotion often means quite much for them. Some women are even ready to get rid of private life and starting a family at an early age for their successful careers.

Budapest girls take much care of their image. Stylish outfit, expensive makeup, design hairdo are very important for them. When it comes to casual sexual encounters, they are unexpectedly unfettered and resemble British or Australian gals very much.

Therefore, it can be relatively easy for handsome and determined dudes to talk an urban chick from Budapest into a one-night stand. However, seasoned sexual adventure seekers advice not to accelerate the process. The haste can turn into a failure on your way to getting laid with a local woman.

Hungarian female celebrities

Famous Hungarian women

Men usually tend to be affected by the images of celebrities. When they find out their nationality, guys can all of a sudden start seek commonplace women by the same nation. Men are sure that it is possible to find ordinary girls who are not worse than their world-famous compatriots.

Although the number of people who live in Hungary isn’t huge, just a little over 10 million, there are quite many female celebrities of Hungarian origin or born in that marvelous country. They are actively involved in film production, fashion industry or show-biz. Some names are best-known among overseas men:

  • Drew Barrymore
  • Edina Kulcsar
  • Eniko Mihalik
  • Rachel Weisz
  • Reka Ebergenyi
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Barbara Palvin.

Some helpful tips on how to get laid with Hungarian women

In case you take into account the difference between Budapesters and most of the provincial Hungarian women, you will, definitely, manage to get laid with a local girl. Remember that chicks in the capital city are more informed and open-minded but a bit arrogant.

If you would rather interact with provincial women, you need some patience. It takes you time to make the girl feel free and be ready for a lot closer relationships. Only after two or three dates, the woman can agree to come to a hotel room or another place where you will ask her.

It’s, doubtlessly, very important when the girl gets sexually attracted to you. Afterward, you can take another step and start interacting with her trying to show your best qualities without overdoing with that. In case of your success, the girl won’t soon mind if you hug and kiss her.

The described process of hooking up will be faster with more adventurous girls from Budapest. Yet your sexual appeal is also very much important if you want to get laid with a Hungarian woman from the capital city.

Most of the Hungarian girls would like you to look at them not only like at an object for casual sex, a one-night stand or banging without strings attached but also like at a person with her own desires and preferences. In general, Hungarian hookup guidelines are almost the same as in other European countries:

  • You need to be approachable, friendly and resourceful
  • Your neat, well-groomed, and stylish image is also of importance
  • Women, most commonly, dislike haste
  • Your interaction with her should be more miscellaneous without focusing just on sex.

In the evenings and at night you have far more chances for hooking up and casual sexual encounters. If you belong to the group of dudes who dislike gaming and prefer just banging, the given tips are not for you.

Online hookup

Hungarian girls on hookup websites

Without any doubt, for foreign lads, the most convenient way to find Hungarian women to get laid with is just to sign up for a hookup website or download one of the popular and trustworthy dating apps. It’s necessary to become a user of a scam-free platform with high-end advanced security service.

Nowadays, you can find quite many reputable hookup apps. The most reliable of them are the following:

  • Casualx
  • Tonight
  • Tinder
  • Feeld
  • Grindr
  • Pure
  • Happn
  • Down Dating.

The number of hookup websites is a lot less. Yet adventurous male lovers of casual sex can find the three trustworthy platforms:

  • Xpress
  • Instant Hookups
  • Adult Friend Finder.

A real-life hookup spots

Successful online interaction usually results in real-life dating. Most guys initially prefer offline hooking up. Therefore, it’s necessary for men to know the best places where they will have more opportunities to meet sexually unfettered Hungarian women. Success expects guys, in particular, in seven cities and towns of that small and beautiful country:

  • Budapest
  • Miskolc
  • Szeged
  • Pesc
  • Keczkemet
  • Debrecen
  • Eger.

These places are full of young women ready to get acquainted with overseas guys. The best spots to find like-minded girls include local swinger and nightclubs, beaches on the lakes, in particular, on Balaton. Town parks in summer and stylish pubs and bars in winter are also appropriate places to hook up with Hungarian women.

The list of nightclubs in Budapest in Szeged – a university city – is quite long. The most popular of them are the following:

  • Tisza Dokk
  • D Fat Mo’s
  • Jate
  • Otkert
  • Delirium
  • The Box
  • Sing Sing
  • Instant.

Types of men who have more odds to succeed in Hungarian hookup

Of course, Hungarian girls have their preferences when it comes to casual sexual encounters. If you want to be successful in Hungarian hookup, you should conform to girls’ requirements and answer their expectations. There are several attributes the possession of which gives guys advantages:

  • Cheerful disposition
  • Determination
  • Good manners
  • Friendliness
  • Open-mindedness
  • A rich sexual experience
  • Abandon and disengagement.

Some final tips

Almost all overseas men experienced in Hungarian hookup advice to start your sexual adventure in the search for casual sexual encounters with signing up for one of the dating websites or downloading hookup apps. It will accelerate the process and make it a lot easier.

Afterward, you can go over to offline hookup. Keep in mind that the beginning of your quest can bring some troubles. Yet do not give up and go on with your search for Hungarian girls to get laid with until happy ending.


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