Find your woman for hookup: top tips to get laid on Mamba

How to find your soulmate on the net, what myths exist, and how you don’t need to behave to get laid with a girl from Mamba, that is one of the first and largest dating services in the world. The mission of Mamba is simple – to acquaint people. Now is the time not only for rapidly growing technologies, but also for time pressure, so applications make life easier, and dating applications increase your chances of finding the right person. But one must understand that Mamba is not a panacea for problems in his personal life, it is just a convenient tool that allows you at the given time to get the maximum number of contacts with people according to the given parameters.

Mamba is the best app to get laid

Mamba is the best app to get laid. Using the service, you can meet a girl for a serious relationship or free hookup. What happens next, after you meet online and meet in real life, depends only on you: your expectations, ability to communicate, understanding of your goals in a relationship and much more. But one way or another, we give people more chances for personal happiness.

Girls on Mamba like to upload a lot of photos of themselves and, often, they can be the same photos, or photos where they are somewhat younger and slimmer. Do not do this – you still meet. The “new” girl on Mamba immediately receives a large flow of attention and often does not respond to men, asserting herself in this way – that is how many unanswered messages I have.

The second extreme that girls fall into is too long correspondence or correspondence with only one person. It is not worth chatting for a long time, because Mamba is a tool for searching and preliminary “screening”, and your goal is a real hookup and relationship, so you should not delay it. Regarding correspondence with one candidate … The application is not a bar, no one will see that you are flirting with 30 guys at once, so start several stories at once – get the desired result faster.

The most common dating myths about hookup sites

In fact, there are more than three myths about online dating and hookup sites. In the consciousness of both male and female, there are many stereotypes that do not have any real justification. For example, “only losers get to know the network.” Now everyone is online, regardless of age and social status: people get to know each other, chat, study, shop, play. This is the norm and lifestyle; this is the easiest way to communicate.

The second common myth is that “getting online is dangerous.” In fact, meeting on the net is much safer than in life. The chances of meeting a boor or an aggressive person are approximately the same in the park, in the bar and in the dating application. But in the real world, you won’t have a “ignore” button.

The third stereotype is “virtual dating does not lead to a serious relationship”. If a person is not looking for serious relationships, he is equally not looking for them both on the net and in real life. In this case, you just need to switch to someone else, and in the dating application you will have much more options. In general, since the theme of myths is related to human psychology, it is incredibly voluminous and on this occasion, you can write not even an article, but several books.

The most common dating myths about hookup sites

What does it mean to get laid with girl from Mamba

Men usually do not fill out the profile informatively. It must be remembered that women are inherently curious, and “content” is very important to them. Also, guys upload an insufficient number of photos or use “not presentable” photos, for example, against the background of a carpet with beer or in inappropriate clothing. Regarding mistakes in behavior – men do not read female profiles, but consider only photos, and in fact the requirements for a candidate or purpose of acquaintance are often formulated. Also, men who first arrived on the site sometimes sin by sending intimate offers about free hookup to every person they meet and as a result, they almost instantly receive a lock on their profile.

It was on Mamba that a fashion was created for online acquaintances

Mamba is one of the first free hookup websites

Mamba is one of the first free hookup websites in the world, next year will celebrate its 15th anniversary. It was on Mamba that a fashion was created for online acquaintances with the further development of this hookup culture, and other sites focused on it at the dawn of the development of the Internet. The creators of Mamba, on the contrary, did a lot of free creativity, fantasized, invented, and launched new services, something worked, something went to the history basket. Being a leader is always a big share of responsibility, you need to try a lot and not be afraid of mistakes. Anyone who is engaged only in copying successful services can hardly achieve much.

Among competitors of the service, there are Western projects with great financial leverage earned in other, richer countries. There are only two of them, and the rest of the services are not analogues. First, this is Badoo, and the second is Tinder, which everyone knows about. This is the mobile service of the American giant Match Group, which controls about 80% of the entire global dating market.

How to ask for a hookup using Mamba app

Mobile devices have long and firmly entered our daily lives. And it is not surprising that many users, especially beginners, are often interested in: Mamba how to use this service from a phone? Mamba really has its own application, which can be downloaded in official digital stores for Android or iOS. In addition, there is a mobile version of the site, which can be visited directly from the computer.

What sections are available in the mobile version of Mamba:

  • Settings – here you can edit your profile, set up notifications, etc.
  • Search – accordingly, here you can search for partners for dating and set parameters for the search;
  • Messages – this section, as the name implies, stores messages received from other users. You can resume the chat with each of them or delete it altogether. Folders are available for placing messages in them: Favorites, Shared Folder, Ignored. You can also create your own folder;
  • Visitors – in this part of the resource you can see who viewed our profile in the next month, week or day;
  • VIP status – connecting a VIP opens up a lot of new opportunities for the user;
  • Top 100 – here are the profiles of the most popular users;

Mamba has long overtaken all traditional dating sites. Now it is almost a complete social network. Here you can either really find a new interesting person (which is important – according to the parameters you are interested in), meet girl to get laid with, or flirt or just chat.

The chance to find the other half for one-night hookup is increasing

How to find a hookup online on Mamba site

In any dating application or on the site, you need to pay for additional functions and increased attention to your own person. But what to do when there is absolutely no desire to spend money, but you still want likes and attention?

  1. Upload new photos! Taking a selfie and uploading it to Mamba is a couple of minutes. New photos get priority in showing, photos like more often, and if it falls into “popular”, then the process resembles an avalanche: more and more people like you, and the number of visitors to your profile can exceed several thousand a day, and all this is free! You just need to take a good photo.
  2. Live broadcasts is one of the main rules of hookup culture. Go live on Mamba and talk about yourself. If you do not have the gift of a speaker, then just smile and answer questions. Believe me, there will be enough of them! People who watched your stream often go to your profile and you get views. You will get the same effect by viewing other people’s streams and commenting on the author. Will viewers go to your profile from comments to see who this witty is?
  3. More often swipe in “Dating”! The more you like, the higher the likelihood of coincidence in sympathies. People you like see your photo first. In addition, Mamba collects statistics about your likes and dislikes and begins to consider your tastes. Here we note one more trick: Mamba has a “daughter” Wamba, you can log in there with the same mail and password, there you will have the same profiles and the same correspondence. But if you have exhausted the daily swipe limit in Mamba, just switch to the child application and continue to like, because there the limit is almost three times more.
  4. Travel through profiles! Sort them to your taste using filters, and just browse. The owner of the profile will see you at the “Guests” and out of curiosity will come back to look at you.
  5. For those who prefer to use the site rather than the application, on Mamba there is a service “Questions – Answers”. There you can create questions of a gender-philosophical nature, because these topics are very acute for those who are looking for a soul mate. Asking questions about “why women are waiting for princes on a white horse, and men everywhere seem to have female greed”, you will engage in many discussions and attract attention.

People who actively behave in the application and regularly look there, get much more attention to their person. The chance to find the other half for one night hookup is increasing!

How to draw up a profile to get laid

Mamba is the largest Russian online dating service with more than 40 million people from all over the world. Every day, 3 million online dating takes place here, and every minute 100,000 real users looking for new acquaintances have the status of “online”. Successful application includes:

  • High-quality photographs are better if they are prepared by a professional, and their number should not be very large.
  • The original status of your profile is popular phrases from the Internet from “great” people, it is better to leave in reserve. It is much better and more natural if you write something yourself, it will be even better if the words come from the heart.
  • The most honest and detailed information about yourself: hobbies, physical parameters, self-portrait is possible.
  • Positive is the presence of information in your profile only of a positive nature, and you should not write about your shortcomings, it is better to inform about them in person, face to face.
  • There is no need to build “fictional” dialogues with possible applicants and decide for them yourself, for example, the girl’s profile indicates that she is a vegetarian, the man begins to think that she will be against eating meat. In fact, she may not mind this at all.
  • You can embellish information, but do not lie – if you like winter fishing, then you can write about sympathies for outdoor recreation. And one does not have to confess a love of sports if they were engaged in it for the last time in physical education at school.
  • To make acquaintances on the site, create a new profile through the registration process. Creating an account is quick and easy. To do this, you can use your profile on social networks or go through the traditional registration process. The next step is to fill out your profile with data. When filling out this section, think about what should be reported to the audience, and what is better to keep silent delicately.
How to effectively search to get laid with hot woman

Quick hookup tips on Mamba dating site

Using paid features helps to distinguish your profile among a large number. Paid services allow you to highlight a profile, constantly raise your search rating, choose original themes for user interface design, place links to your profile in the “leaders”.

How to effectively search to get laid with hot woman? Searching the site is the main and standard tool to get to know each other. There are several recommendations on how to do this as efficiently as possible:

  • The filter can only be installed by gender, age and geolocation. So if you are looking for a guy with a height of at least 185 cm, you will have to look at all the profiles yourself, and weed out the profiles manually. Search by purpose of dating also fails. For a fee, you can expand your search.
  • To interest the interlocutors, a simple “hello” is not enough, most likely this will simply be ignored. Learn to write in an interesting and original way.
  • The site has a limit of messages for every day. This can be circumvented by acquiring VIP status.

Mamba dating: how do hookup sites work

Dating sites Mamba is popular among ordinary girls – freshmen, girls who have just graduated from high school and girls with not very high social status. The public there is much simpler than in Tinder and is very different in the level of requests. So dating and seduction will also be easier – without complex checks and requirements of increased attention. Accordingly, the expectations that you will meet there an incredible girl of your dreams should not be in principle. Even if in Tinder this one can still sneak by accident.

In general, the main tips about dating on Mamba are that you need to simplify and automate everything. Take away the human factor, just write: “Hello! Interesting photos. Who are you looking for here? ” and nothing else is needed. She will answer who she’s looking for, you’ll answer that you’re about the same thing and will suggest discussing it at the meeting: “If you have a mutual desire to meet and have a great time, write the phone.”

If the girl answered the first message, then about 7 out of 10 with the correct profile and quick reaction will leave you a phone number. When asking yourself the question: “How to get acquainted on the Internet?”, Remember – Everything is easy and simple on Mamba. So make an appointment, have a great time and think, finally, maybe it’s time to go offline to get laid for free.

Mamba dating app released vertical love series

Over 16 years, thousands of inspirational, funny, and simply incredible stories have accumulated on Mamba. The series created on the basis of real correspondence will consist of ten episodes. Each of them will tell one of the stories of users who are looking for a couple on Mamba.

Everything is as in real life: incredible coincidences, unsuccessful tackles, flirting with the boss, advice from mom and girlfriends, a heroic fight in a cafe for a girl and unexpected night correspondence with a boyfriend’s girlfriend.

The action takes place in a screenlife format, that is, it fully unfolds on the smartphone screen of the protagonist. Stories are revealed through video calls, correspondence, photos, streaming and voice messages – that is, the series speaks to modern viewers in the most relevant language for them. The series can help deal with online dating for those who are still afraid to register on such sites in order to have one night hookup.

Mamba dating service gave users the opportunity to add important tags

Mamba dating service – how to get random hookups

Mamba dating service gave users the opportunity to add important tags to their profiles and search for them. Now the chances of finding a suitable pair are higher: you need to add the necessary tags to the search filters and the application will select the most suitable people.

The advanced search takes into account the geography, age, height, dating goals and any tags that the user indicates. Parameters can be changed, deleted or invent new ones. According to the creators of the service, the coincidence of tags is a good occasion for acquaintance, and a new function will make the search as effective as possible.

The five top female interests at Mamba include a sense of humor, positive communication, reading books, self-development, animals. Among male interests are cars, films, self-development, positive communication, sex. Placing tags in his profile, a person adds touches to his portrait on Mamba and thus declares his uniqueness.

The new functionality suggests that users can add active tags to their profile and search for partners with similar interests in them. Tags can be added, changed and deleted at your discretion. These can be hobbies and hobbies, culinary preferences, political views, religion, fresh series and even the date of graduation from an educational institution.

In the early days of testing, more than half a million people took advantage of the function. It became known that women put twice as many tags as men. On average, one woman puts four tags, while men put only two. During the test period, 50 thousand unique tags appeared in the system.

What to do if you are looking for hookups on Mamba

Although everything is very simple at Mamba, there is a kind of algorithm, observing which, you can almost always achieve the desired result. Realistically evaluate yourself. If you are an ordinary average man who wants a free hookup, then you need to clearly understand that there will never get laid with a young girl with a model (or close to model) appearance. And no donated virtual roses will help.

Typically, such men immediately begin a conversation about commercialism. But mercantilism has nothing to do with it. It is simply necessary to adequately evaluate yourself. To quickly get laid, not 20-year-old students, but 35-year-old divorced women of average appearance are suitable. And then, a prelude in the form of a cafe, as a rule, is required.

However, 35-year-old women, with children, but without housing and wanting to find a rich man who will solve all their problems, this also applies. Adequately assessing oneself is better for everyone.

Clearly state the task. If your goal is casual hookup, inform the prospective partners about it in plain text. So, and so, I want to fall in love. No need to travel around the brain and promise a serious relationship when there are no such goals. Usually it goes sideways, and quickly.

Although, aunts who frankly inform that they need a call lover, frankness helps very poorly. Just because the offer is too far ahead of demand. Do not focus on failures. This is especially true for men. One girl refuse, the second, thirty-second, thirty-third agrees. Well, not thirty-third, so ninety-fourth.


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