Hookup in the Netherlands to get laid today with Dutch women

The Netherlands is considered to be one of those place where it is extremely easy to find a random hookup. This fame is understandable because of the Red Light District, which is popular outside of this country. In addition, a lot of foreign males actually manage to get laid with Dutch girls on the same day as they arrive there.

Therefore, it is worth reading and learning more information devoted to hookups in the Netherlands. At first sight, this country is just the same as many other Western ones. However, it is really famous for its „soft laws“, especially when it comes to having sex and consuming drugs.

In this case, a lot of foreign male representatives are actually sure that his country is literally a paradise. Nonetheless, it does not work on practice that easily. Even though this country is famous for its laws, it does not mean that you can do anything you want there.

For example, you will not be able to get yourself a hooker if the company providing such services does not have special papers and forms. All that means that the Netherlands is an extremely safe and peaceful place. You can always feel there as if you are at home.

This is what predisposes the biggest part of foreign men to visit this country at least once in their lives. It is actually worth it since the Netherlands have not only stunning women but also a rich and interesting history. So, you can basically combine your hookup with Dutch ladies with something exciting as well.

Is the Netherlands actually that free concerning random hookups?

As you might have guessed, one of the most popular stereotypes about the Netherlands is that this country has no laws restricting your hookup activities. Although, it is a completely wrong statement since the government of the country is always aware of the incidents concerning nightlife. Especially it concerns the capital of the country.

Yes, it is true that the Netherlands is closely connected with a hookup culture. In fact, local people do not mind talking about it openly. They do not hesitate to give you information about the place where you can get a hooker. However, you should understand that it is totally legal and these people have nothing to worry about.

Beautiful smiling Dutch woman sitting on a field of red tulips touching the hat with her fingers

In addition, there is a huge difference between hooking up Dutch women and ordering yourself a hooker. When you choose the first option, everything depends on your communication skills and pickup abilities. If you decide to stick to the second method, everything you need is a certain amount of money.

In general, you can call the Netherlands a suitable place for a hookup since local women are used to meeting foreigners with such an intention in their heads. Besides, as in many other Western countries, you will always get acquainted with young inexperienced females looking for some adventures when partying in a nightclub.

Measure the chance of a real hookup in the Netherlands

Since this country is located in Europe, it is easy to suggest that thousands of people visit it quite often. It means that local people, including women, do not feel anything special when seeing another foreigner walking around.

Unfortunately, this does not increase your chance of getting laid with a Dutch girl because you need to somehow impress her. In order to do that, you can resort to the following techniques:

  1. Behave in an opposite way. This method is especially efficient if you feel like you are about to approach a Dutch woman who is always surrounded by male attention. It means that she knows exactly what you are going to say to her. Try not to behave like a typical macho. Instead, be gentle and polite to see if she is interested in you as in a person.
  2. Do not be too intrusive and haunting. Keep in mind that hooking up in the Netherlands is not only about getting a random Dutch woman in bed. You should not hesitate to meet her more than once if you feel like it. In addition, it is another possibility to practice your communication skills with the local females.
  3. Hope for a bigger thing, not just get laid today with no follow-up. This rule is important if you feel like you may fall in love with one of the Dutch girls. It may happen so that she will become your bride in the future. So, instead of running away from her, you should consider if she is a suitable candidate for you.

All those tips will definitely be useful to you during your first visit to the Netherlands. Make sure to use them every time you doubt about this or that decision.

Free hookup apps is a great choice to get laid in the Netherlands

Beautiful blonde Dutch lady sitting indoors dressed in a white dress looking sideways

Considering the fact that this country is one of the most highly developed ones, you can surely find hundreds of beautiful Dutch girls around you. First of all, it concerns the biggest cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague.

The concentration of people there is huge, especially if you judge it by the local scale. In addition, it only gets bigger when the tourist season starts. So, you should always keep your phone ready because hookup apps actually work in this country.

In fact, a lot of local females prefer to find foreign men just to spend a pleasant evening. Of course, they will never tell you directly that they are looking for a hookup in the Netherlands since it is not a part of their mentality. Although, you can give a hint yourself to see if your lady understands what you are talking about.

Using online apps is actually a great opportunity to get laid today in the Netherlands since you do not waste too much time, do not take any risks, and you feel safe all the time. Moreover, the registration process does not take more than a few minutes and you are ready to go in a few clicks.

Two best places for a casual hookup in the Netherlands

This paragraph is not only about coffeeshops, canals, and different malls. Almost everything of that you can find in any other European country. It is better to mention the places that are unique only for the Netherlands. What is most important is that you can use all of them to meet Dutch women for a hookup there.

Visiting Dam Square

This place is absolutely beloved among all the tourists that come to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. So, it is easy to suggest that you can always find a Dutch girl to talk to there. Besides, you are not going to look weird once you approach a female since it is an acceptable thing to do in this place.

Dam Square is actually full of different cafés and small restaurants, which gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with a Dutch woman there as well. In addition, you can try local cuisine and buy souvenirs if you feel like it. In other words, you combine business with pleasure.

The largest club of Amsterdam

The name of this club is „Escape“ and it is famous for its rich nightlife. It does not matter if you are a foreigner or a local citizen, you should definitely visit this place. You see, this club is located right in the middle of the city. You are not likely to miss it once the sun goes down.

However, be ready to pay some good money for drinks and light drugs. It is understandable that the largest club of the capital will have high prices. This is an important thing to remember when looking for a quick hookup in the Netherlands with Dutch women since not everyone can afford this place.

Final words regarding hookup tips

Once you firmly decide to visit the Netherlands with only one purpose in your head and that is to get laid today, you should remember about all the above-mentioned advice. They will help you understand the way the Dutch girls’ mentality works.

In addition, you will quickly realize whether you want to visit this place in the future or it is more than enough for you. A lot of foreign men fall in love with this country for its beautiful Dutch women and easiness in all spheres concerning simple citizens.

Keep in mind that Dutch ladies are always open and ready to get acquainted with you. You should just try to change your behavior a little bit. It is necessary not to look like a usual Westerner trying to hook up with a Dutch woman.

Everything else is pretty much the same as in any Western European country. You will definitely spot a lot of differences concerning the mentality. However, you will feel like you are at home concerning all other details.


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