Free casual hookup with Armenian women: Get laid in Armenia

Surely, Armenia is not the most popular place among foreign tourists. Especially, if we are talking about quick hookups in this country. Firstly, it is an extremely small country. Secondly, not many people know a lot about it and that is why avoid visiting it.

However, they do it in vain because Armenia is full of beautiful Armenian women. Of course, the majority of them who are over 40 are quite religious. One of the reasons why they are afraid of a free casual hookup with foreigners is their traditions and values.

Although, the situation gets a little bit better when you come up to young Armenian girls. They are not so religious, especially those who live in huge cities like Yerevan or Gyumri. We will get to these cities later as you keep reading the article.

For now, you should realize that getting laid in Armenia is possible only in the biggest cities. You are going to face a lot of problems looking for a hookup in Armenia bit they are all can be solved.

One of the most important points is the local people’s mentality. For example, a lot of Armenian men do not like foreign males approaching their ladies. They may actually say you a few unpleasant words if you do it on too many people’s eyes.

What do Armenian women think of a hookup culture?

Armenian girls themselves do not mind getting acquainted with foreigners. It has become a bit easier to contact them after the collapse of the USSR. The country itself has become much more open. Although, it is still popular only among people who come from CIS countries.

Beautiful Armenian lady drinking tea after waking up in the early morning

It is a rare thing to see a man from the USA or Central Europe walking around the streets of Yerevan. However, Armenian women will gladly show you their city or simply walk together with you. At first, it may look like a friendship between you but it may quickly evolve into something more.

The most important point is to be comfortable and relaxed. Keep in mind that getting laid in Armenia is not harder than hooking up in any place of the world, especially nowadays. Surely, the Armenian ladies’ mentality is way different from what you see in Europe, but you should be ready for it.

Besides, if you decide to visit Armenian nightclubs or discos, you are likely to find girls looking for random hookups as well. If you think that all Armenian women are traditional and stick to the family values, it is not so. In fact, most of them consider having sex with a foreigner as a trophy.

Armenian cities suitable for hookups

As has been already mentioned, Armenia is a really small country. The entire population there is only about 3 million people. Moreover, a lot of local people try to migrate as soon as possible.

Make sure to visit only the biggest Armenian cities if you wish to get laid in this country. If you try to visit small towns or even villages, you are not going to find anything like this there.

Here is the list of the most populated Armenian cities:

Yerevan is the capital and biggest city in Armenia. The entire population is more than a million. It is the only city that has such a population and can be called a metropolis. You will be able to find a lot of heritage sites as this is one of the oldest cities in the world.

In addition, all the young people from Armenia come to live in this place just to enjoy the quick life rhythm. That is why the best nightclubs and discos are also located there.

The second-largest city is Gyumri with the population about 120,000 people. It is famous for its old churches, museums, and mountains. Of course, it is not the best place for foreigners to visit at first.

Besides, the difference in population is too noticeable to think that this city offers the same opportunities. If we mention a casual hookup in this place, make sure to visit nightclubs only.

Vanadzor is the third-largest city with the population about 86,000 people. It is almost the same as Gyumri. It has a slow rhythm of life and you will definitely enjoy local nature. However, it is not the best place for random hookups as the population is too small there.

What about online hookup apps in Armenia?

If we talk about Armenian girls living in Yerevan, they are always open to chat in hookups apps with foreigners. However, the situation is a bit more difficult with ladies from smaller towns. In fact, you may not even find anyone to talk to. The majority of them still prefer to get acquainted face-to-face.

As you are likely to visit Yerevan first, make sure to download the most popular apps to increase your chance. Keep in mind that the majority of Armenian people do not speak English too well. Therefore, you should be able to explain to them what you want with easy words.

Additionally, a lot of Armenian women do not even think of a free casual hookup when talking to a foreigner first. It is your goal to charm and seduce her. This will be impossible to do using only a hookup site or app. So, try to arrange a real-life meeting for that anyway.

The beautiful view on green Armenian mountains during the summer

The best Armenian nightclubs for quick hookups

One of the most efficient ways to get laid in Armenia guaranteed is to visit local nightclubs and discos. It will be a good advantage for you if you know some Russian to communicate with locals. Surely, it is not the official language but a lot of people still use it on a daily basis.

Once you are in Yerevan, you should visit the following places:

  • Paparazzi Club;
  • La Casa;
  • Mi Morena Club;
  • Downtown Club;
  • Fermata;
  • Forty-Four Sky Club.

Many of them are open until the morning. As a rule, all alcoholic drinks are extremely cheap and affordable. Besides, Armenian is famous for its local winery. You should try to drink some types of wine yourself and pour your Armenian woman as well.

In addition, do not forget that Armenian people are extremely hospitable. If you keep following the local rules and laws, you are more than welcome. If you show up in a club, you can be sure that Armenian women will notice you. Then, you should simply choose the most beautiful one and approach her if she is single.

The danger of STDs in Armenia

Since the development of a hookup culture in Armenia only begins, you should be worried about STDs too much. However, you should still wear a condom when having random sex with local girls. It is necessary for you and for her to feel safer and more relaxed.

The chance of catching HIV is minimal but you should be worried about other less dangerous diseases. In fact, Gonorrhea or Syphilis are not the most pleasant things as well. It is better to spend a few extra bucks buying a pack of condoms than spending more to get some medical help there.

Final hookup tips

In general, Armenia is one of those places that remain a mystery for foreigners from the West. It is an extremely small and safe place to travel to if you want to get some new experience and emotions.

Make sure to visit Armenia for hookups with Armenian women, as they are stunningly beautiful and open to foreign men. Besides, you will see how people live in countries that belonged to the Soviet Union not so long ago.

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