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Latvia is not the most common place to travel to for foreigners. However, it becomes more and more popular after the collapse of the USSR. The government of this country tries to do its best to attract foreigners. Surely, they will have to do a lot of work but they have some results already.

For example, many foreigners from Central Europe come to visit Latvia nowadays. They do it because it is cheap and easy. As a rule, the flight takes about a few hours to arrive in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

The entire population of the country is almost about 2 million people. However, their territory is not huge either. Therefore, you will always feel like there are many people around you. It is noticeable if you decide to visit Latvian beaches along the Baltic Sea coastline.

In general, this country has a massive choice when it comes to visiting the best places for hookups, especially in huge cities. Make sure to visit this country before it is full of tourists. Besides, local people are open to foreign tourists and the service is great there.

So, keep reading the article to find out what hookup tips will help you to get laid in Latvia. This country will become a place you will definitely want to visit after you finish reading.

Latvian women’s thoughts on a casual hookup with foreigners

As has been already said, a lot of young Latvian girls do not know what it felt like to live back in the USSR. Therefore, they tend to copy the Western way of living in all ways possible. It means that they are likely to get laid with a foreign man than a male from a CIS country.

You will notice the same tendency in all Baltic countries since they try to change their living style. A lot of Latvian girls will definitely agree to get laid with a foreign man just to try something new and exciting.

In addition, it is actually a good chance for them to change their place of living. The biggest part of young people still consider their country poor and underdeveloped. However, it is not their main goal when they get in bed with a man from abroad.

After all, this is what happens when a country tries to become more westernized. You will have to accept some basic hookup rules to attract foreigners who are all about sex tourism. For now, Latvia is not one of those countries but tries really hard to get into this list.

Smiling attractive Latvian girl sitting all alone looking in a camera

Particular things about Latvian ladies

Since Latvia only becomes a better place to visit from the point of view of foreigners, local girls try to use it as their own advantage. For example, they try to get acquainted with foreigners more than with locals. They do it to see if it is actually better or they should stick to the previous option.

Love and care

As many of women born in the USSR, Latvian ladies are extremely caring. They are ready to do everything for their men to be happy. They are perfect cooks and housewives. In fact, they try to combine Eastern and Western ways of living.

Someone will definitely like to because Westerners usually do not have such females. In addition, Latvian women are good not only a casual hookup but also for marriage. You can be sure that she will never cheat on you or leave for no reason.

Stunning looks

Keep in mind that a lot of young Latvian girls are the combination of Slavic and Baltic beauty, including the Russian one. Therefore, you will be more than satisfied when you see local girls simply walking around the streets doing nothing.

Their curvy figures, big eyes, and feminine facial features make foreigners go crazy when they see them. Besides, they usually wear tight clothes. It can be short skirts or sexy swimming suits. All that makes foreigners desire them even more when they come to get laid in Latvia.

The most popular cities in Latvia

The entire country is a really small place but it has unique things to offer to tourists. You will not be able to find at least one city with the population of a million in Latvia. Therefore, you have a bigger chance to hookup in Latvia only if you visit the following cities:

Riga is Latvia’s biggest city and the capital. It is famous for its old museums and wooden houses. The population there is about 700,000 people. This place will be especially exciting for people interested in the history of World War II. It has tons of different memorials and statues. Moreover, a lot of museums are also dedicated to this topic.

Daugavpils is the second-largest city in Latvia. Its population is only about 90,000 people. However, living here is amazing because you can easily get to Belarus, Lithuania or Russia. So, if you cannot find what to do in this place, you can always use it as a quick way to somewhere else. The city itself has a rich historical center and is especially famous for its red brick buildings. There are hundreds of them, no matter where you go.

Liepāja is the third-largest city. It is also a port city located right on the Baltic Sea coastline. The population there is only about 70,000 people. It is also called as “city where the wind is born” because it is usually windy there. You will also find a lot of beaches that are extremely popular if the summer is warm enough. This city has great potential to become attractive to foreigners.

Charming Latvian woman lying in green grass in a field during the summer

Latvian nightclubs for random hookups

It is quite difficult to get acquainted with Latvian women to get laid with them right on the streets. Therefore, it is advisable to visit all sorts of nightclubs, bars, and discos. This will significantly increase your chance for success.

Here is the list of the most popular nightclubs in Latvia:

  • Fontaine Place;
  • Big 7;
  • Kiss Club;
  • Golden;
  • Coyote Fly Riga;
  • Kanepes Culture Centre.

The majority of them are located in Riga, the capital of the country. However, the list is not limited only by the biggest city. A lot of nightclubs and discos can be found in Liepāja. This place is also famous for its rich nightlife.

Avoid catching STDs

Generally, it is quite difficult to catch any STDs in Latvia. It is connected with the fact that local girls think carefully when they get in bed with a man. Even after a hookup culture has begun to develop, they still follow this tendency.

However, you should still use additional protection while getting laid in Latvia. It is advisable to feel more comfortable and less stressed in all ways possible. This also helps your lady relax as she knows she is not going to get pregnant for sure.

Final words

Latvia is one of the safest places to travel to since it is not so popular among foreign tourists yet. Nonetheless, a lot of local Latvian women will gladly get acquainted with males from abroad. Make sure to visit this place during the summer season, as it is quite cold and windy during the winter.

In general, Latvia is cheap and easy to travel around. Besides, you will be able to get to other bordering countries while in Latvia. The majority of Latvian women are down to have random hookups, especially with rich Western men. Make sure to visit this place before it gets too popular.

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