Asian hookup in Cambodia: Hookup Cambodian girls

Cambodia is one of those countries that is extremely overshadowed by its bigger neighbors. However, it is totally in vain because Cambodia becomes more and more popular. Surely, it is not as large as neighboring Thailand or Vietnam. Though, it is still worth visiting since it is a whole new place for tourists who have seen a lot already.

This country is located in Southeastern Asia and has a perfect climate for tourists who enjoy the warm weather. It is literally created for you to lie on local beaches and sunbathe. Besides, Cambodia is relatively cheap in comparison with above-mentioned Thailand, for example.

Of course, hooking up in Cambodia can be a bit difficult because of religious prejudices. In addition to that, you have a lot of ancient family traditions. In fact, even young Cambodian women still follow them. Therefore, you can find a lot of examples when it is way easier to get a desirable Asian hookup in any other country located nearby.

Surely, all that makes it difficult to hookup Cambodian girls, but it only seems so at first sight. In order to increase your chance for success, you need to know what places to visit for a one-night stand. It is highly recommended to stay only in the hugest cities of Cambodia. You will find out why as you keep reading the article.

Religious background connected with Cambodian hookup

Before you fly directly to Cambodia, you should learn that its official religion is Buddhism. It means that the family institute is highly praised among people of all generations there. Even the youngest Cambodian girls already dream of meeting the only man in their lives to get married to him.

Therefore, it is not so simple to find easy hookups in Cambodia just because of religion. The chances are getting bigger only during the nightlife. The only way to find some attractive Cambodian ladies who are not keen on religion is to visit all possible nightclubs and discos.

You may say that you do not see the same situation when looking for a hookup in Thailand, for example. However, this country has been highly popular among foreign tourists. That is why the local government keeps closing their eyes on thousands of prostitutes who work openly there. They simply need to attract even more people and they do not care about being religious so much.

Since Cambodian people are more religious, you should keep it in mind every time you try to approach a local woman. There is always a chance that she might get scared. Surely, a lot of Asian girls prefer Western men but there are always exceptions.

Smiling Cambodian lady sitting on a sofa with a phone

Hookup Cambodian women in the biggest cities

That is the main rule that you should constantly keep in your head. Remember that the chance of getting laid in Cambodia is directly connected with how big this or that city is. If you want to have a one-night stand in this country, make sure to do this in the capital or at least in other big cities.

Phnom Penh is the capital and largest city in Cambodia. The entire population is more than 2 million people. This is the first place where you should head to once you think of a trip to Cambodia. It is full of old museums, parks, and temples. However, you will only need this during the daytime.

Everything gets more exciting when night falls and you can go to the nearest club. Thousands of Cambodian girls spend the whole night there just to hang out and relax. This is where they forget about their religious and family values.

Battambang is the second-largest city in Cambodia. The population there is quite different in comparison with the capital. It is only about 150,000 people and the city itself is extremely small. However, it is still worth visiting if you want to have a rest from a noisy crowded metropolis.

Siem Reap is the third-largest city with the population about 140,000 people. The major difference is that this is a resort city. In fact, this place may become the point of attraction for all tourists during the summer period. No one really wants to stay in Phnom Penh for too long. A lot of active foreigners prefer to spend their time on the beaches. They sunbathe and get acquainted with beautiful Cambodian women instead of going crazy in a huge crowded metropolis.

How do you meet Cambodia ladies on hookup apps?

Since hooking up in Cambodia may be difficult because of some social and religious restrictions, all sort of hookup apps are popular there. In fact, thousands of Cambodian girls actually use them to get acquainted with males from abroad. They do because they understand that no one is going to judge them since no one sees this process.

The list of the most popular online hookup apps is pretty much the same as in any other country. You can easily find Cambodian girls using Badoo or Tinder since these are the most well-known services for that purpose.

Although, be ready to accept the fact that a lot of Cambodian women are not that good at English. It means that they are likely to skip you just because they do not know how to communicate with you.

This fact actually explains why it is worth hooking up Cambodian girls only in huge cities. Do not give up and soon you will find the one who is not afraid of a Western man.

Places to hang out and hookup in Cambodia

Once you have seen the list of the biggest cities, you now are aware of your primary destinations. However, it is not enough to arrive in Phnom Penh, for example, in order to get laid there immediately.

If you want to increase your chances of getting laid in Cambodia, you should visit the places that work only during the night. These are different nightclubs, bars, and discos. Besides, getting acquainted on beaches is also quite efficient.

The beautiful view on a sunset near Angkor Wat in Cambodia

The best nightclubs in Phnom Penh

Since it is the largest city in Cambodia, it has dozens of places to surprise you in a pleasant way. Moreover, you will be able to meet not only Cambodian women but also other Asian girls if you like them so much.

Here is the list of the best nightclubs in the capital city of Cambodia:

  • Pontoon;
  • Heart of Darkness;
  • Club Love;
  • Epic Club;
  • DIB Club;
  • Riverhouse Cambodia.

All of these places welcome tourists from abroad. They are all relatively cheap and usually open until the very morning. Everything you need to do is to spot a Cambodian single to approach. Then, offer her a few drinks and start telling her about yourself. As a rule, Cambodian ladies enjoy listening to foreign men’s stories as they find them more unusual.

Wild bars in Siem Reap

Keep in mind that Siem Reap is a resort town. It means that the majority of people who live there prefer to spend their time outside. Therefore, bars are more popular there than discos are. All tourists and locals in Siem Reap prefer to sip their cocktails instead of hanging out in clubs.

The rules there are pretty much the same as in other Asian cities around the world. You just need to pick one Cambodian woman to approach and be around her throughout the whole evening.

Once you are in Siem Reap, make sure to visit the following bars to hookup in Cambodia:

  • Miss Wong;
  • X Bar;
  • The Yellow Sub;
  • Laundry Bar;
  • Asana – Cambodian House.

All of them are located in great places. As a rule, you can always go on a beach and drink a few cocktails right there. Then, you simply return for more drinks and go out with a sexy Cambodian lady together. To tell you the truth, Siem Reap is way better for a casual hookup than any other Cambodian city is. This is possible thanks to its perfect location and tourists make this city more westernized.

How to present yourself to a Cambodian lady?

It is not a secret that it is easier for a Westerner to get an Asian hookup for numerous reasons. One of them is that Asian girls themselves prefer foreigners from the West to their local males. Therefore, it would be silly of you not to use the advantage you have from the very beginning.

In fact, all you need to do is not to be a macho man. Asian ladies are not really into that. It is way better to stay a bit distant when you want to find a hookup in Cambodia. Besides, do not put them under the pressure because it may actually scary the majority of them away.

One of the most important rules is to be respectful of their worldviews. Keep in mind that you were raised in completely different countries. If you see that you cannot establish a conversation, it is surely connected with something wrong that you have done concerning their traditions or religion.

Sexy curvy Cambodian girl posing in jean shorts near a car

HIV and other STDs

The chance of encountering a Cambodian girl with a sexually transmitted disease is pretty low. Firstly, it is directly connected with their religious norm. However, you should be careful if you hookup a Cambodian prostitute because the chance gets bigger.

Anyway, always use additional protection because you can never tell if your partner is absolutely clean. In general, the percent of people having HIV in Cambodia is minimal but it is better to take precautions.

Final hookup tips

Since Cambodia is not the most popular country for an Asian hookup, make sure to visit it during the summer period. It is a safe and modern country. Nonetheless, things get a bit more complicated when you look for a hookup with Cambodian women.

Many of them simply avoid foreign males even though they actually enjoy them. Therefore, make sure to learn more about their national features in order not to fail. The majority of Cambodian singles choose those ones who respect them and everything that surrounds them.

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