Flirt and hookup Estonian girls: Getting laid in Estonia

Estonia is an extremely small country located in Northern Europe. In fact, it is so small that not every person living on the American continent or somewhere in Asian knows where it is. Therefore, this place is not so famous among foreigners looking for hookups.

Nonetheless, it is still possible to get laid in Estonia following certain rules. For example, keep in mind that this country was under control of different nations. Everything that happened in the past has its influence nowadays.

The biggest part of Estonian women are shy, cold, and distant. Besides, the weather in Estonia is not so welcoming. In comparison, you should travel around Central Europe to see what the difference is. That is why it is so important to choose the time of the year to visit Estonia.

Since this country has only about 1,5 people living in it, they all practically know each other. This place attracts tourists with its castles, virgin forests, and churches. You are not likely to find too loud discos and nightclubs. People here live a different life and they want you to be just as they are.

Down below you will find out how to get hookups with Estonian women in Estonia being there for the first time. Make sure to follow all of them to succeed in this difficult task.

Are Estonian girls really that indifferent to hookups?

Elegant Estonian girl posing in her white underwear wearing sunglasses

Of course, you will always be able to find an exception in every country. It does not matter what country you are in. Therefore, you should not lose hope to get laid in Estonia as well. Keep in mind that it is a European country. It means that it shares the same values as the rest of Europe.

Even though it is a cold and scarcely populated place, you will always find an Estonian woman to have fun with. It will be a bit more complicated and that’s it. In other words, hooking up in Estonia is possible only if you are patient enough. Having sexual relationships in this country can be compared with looking for singles in Finland as their mentality is almost the same.

The majority of local young girls are not as attracted to foreigners as females in other countries. It makes it more difficult to find common ground with them. The only thing you have to do is to approach only Estonian singles and offer them a drink in clubs.

In addition, visiting different clubs and discos will still help you a lot. When you arrive in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, you will find many places like that. Unfortunately, not all other cities are so popular among tourists. You will learn more about the most populated ones as you keep reading.

What Estonian city to visit to get a casual hookup?

As has been already mentioned, you are not going to find a city that has more than a few hundred thousand people in Estonia. The capital city, Tallinn, has only about 450,000 people. That is why it should be your primary destination if you want to hookup in Estonia. Luckily, there are enough bars, clubs, and discos to meet Estonian women there.

Tartu is the second-largest city in Estonia. It is famous for its university and a beautiful square. Of course, it has clubs as well but they are not so popular among local Estonian girls. The entire population is only about 100,000 people. So, make sure that you enjoy slow walks and romantic evenings. Exactly these two things will help you get laid in this city.

Narva is the third-largest city with a lot of Russians living in it. This is difficult to say that this city is popular among foreign tourists. It is more something of a political center. Nonetheless, you still can visit it just to compare what you have visited before. The entire population there is about 60,000 people. That is an extremely small number for people from Latin America or somewhere from Asia.

How to persuade an Estonian lady to have sex with you

Being a macho is not the best way out to attract Estonian women to hookup them. It is better to show that you are confident and patient enough. There is almost no way you will be able to get laid with an Estonian girl this very evening. It is possible only if she is completely drunk or sex-starved.

The same rule is applied to almost any Baltic country you can visit. Local females are not into a hookup culture as most of the Westerners. Therefore, you should make her believe that you have actual feelings for her. Otherwise; you take a risk to be brutally rejected.

The view of an old town in Tallinn during the mid-day

Pretending to be a friend of her

You may find it hard to believe but it actually works. It is necessary to show an Estonian lady that you like her as a person. If you start showing your flirt and hookup intention and desire right away, she will simply leave. The majority of Estonian women do not tolerate such behavior, especially from foreigners.

Make it look like you are not looking for a hookup. She should see that you have something more than sex on your mind. If you keep pretending to be her friend at least for a few days, it may result in a casual hookup after all.

Romantic walks

Once you spot a beautiful Estonian girl in a nightclub, make sure to stay alone with her. For that, you should take her for a walk somewhere outside. Once you are together, you should start asking questions to attract her attention.

This actually works, especially if this particular female is not into hookups generally. Treat her as a normal woman, not a hooker. Going for romantic walks may be truly exciting and useful at the same time. You will have an opportunity to see the city and get a desirable one-night stand after all.

Using online hookup apps in Estonia

Smiling Estonian girl touching her hair looking directly in the camera

A lot of foreigners have heard that Estonia is a highly developed country. It is actually true. They use the Internet almost in every field of their life. For example, they prefer hookup apps and sites to meet sexual partners. Therefore, you should also become a part of this system.

If you see that the weather outside is as bad as it can be, try to look for Estonian women on a hookup app, Tinder is a good example of that kind. It may be more efficient than approaching random girls on the streets. After all, those Estonian girls who create an account in such services understand what they do it for.

The danger of STDs

Due to the small population and scarcely developed sex tourism, the situation is under control. You are not likely to encounter an Estonian woman having HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease. However, you still have to be careful before getting laid in Estonia.

Keep in mind that using a condom allows you not only to avoid disease. It also serves as protection from pregnancy. Therefore, think of what your sexual partner is going to tell you if you try to have sex with her just like that.

Final hookup tips in Estonia

Make sure to visit the country only when it is warm enough. Only then, you have a good chance of meeting beautiful local girls. Besides, it will be more pleasant to have romantic walks in the evening.

In general, Estonia has only started developing its hookup culture and has a lot to learn. You may actually become one of the first sex tourists in this country. It is way cheaper than Central Europe and less crowded for now.

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