How to attract and hookup a beautiful African girl

We all want some exotic from time to time. Did you know each man on Earth had fantasies about a black girl at least once? Not all of us live in districts full of African women, but we can travel.

There’s no need to reject interracial hook ups since we live only once. It’s a necessary part of our intimate experience if it turns us on. So here is a tutorial on how to have sex with African women.

Best African countries to get laid

One shouldn’t spend weeks trying to find the right country for casual sex. There is a proved list of countries from experienced travelers who successfully hookuped there multiple times.

Most of these fascinating exotic places have nice relaxing sceneries to see, and charge the tourists pretty cheaply. Each hookup destination in Africa is worthy of trying it at least once.

sex with African women.


The number of sex workers: 110 K

Beauty of women: 4.5 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Mombasa

Kenya is absolutely a number one country for sex tourism in Africa. It is highly touristic and easy to reach, with fair prices and nice comfort, fine beaches and resorts, and surely hot girls.


The number of sex workers: 168 K

Beauty of women: 4.7 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Nosy Be

Madagascar is mostly visited for sex with minors, since sexy girls get mature very early here and their parents or the police have no objections against them hookuping with western seniors.


The number of sex workers: 25 K

Beauty of women: 4.8 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Hammamet

The number of registered sex workers in Tunisia is comparatively low, since the country is Muslim with strict moral riles. Still, many young girls gladly welcome western tourists for hookups.

hookup destination in Africa


The number of sex workers: 156 K

Beauty of women: 4.9 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Zanzibar

Zanzibar in Tanzania is a favorite place for sex visited by singles from the west of both genders. Extremely attractive locals don’t mind hookuping for symbolical pocket money or free meals.


The number of sex workers: 3,5K

Beauty of women: 4.3 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Kololi

The low number of official sex workers is explained by a small territory of the country itself, Muslim culture, and the fact that most of sex employees are teens and underage. Kololi area is superpopular.

hookup africa girls

South Africa

The number of sex workers: 182K

Beauty of women: 4.9 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Cape Town

Although mostly famous for underage sex as well, South Africa attracts singles from all the world to practice any possible kinds of sex, cougar, threesomes, BDSM, gay hookups and more.


The number of sex workers: 79K

Beauty of women: 5 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Kampala

Uganda is mostly visited for wild animals photoshooting and safari, but also surely for its sexy girls. They are better educated than in other poor African countries, and often seek simple jobs overseas.


The number of sex workers: 52 K

Beauty of women: 4.8 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Bridgetown

There is a real red-light district in Nelson street, Bridgetown, so it’s an official top place for sex tourism. Yet it is possible to meet a genuine and decent black girl who likes you unconditionally.

beautiful African girl


The number of sex workers: 19K

Beauty of women: 5 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Montego Bay

Jamaica is beautiful, civilized, and more famous for romantic vacations than any other African country. Both male and female singles from the west and Europe are visiting it for casual sex.


The number of sex workers: 19 K

Beauty of women: 5 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Addis Ababa

Ethiopia impresses with the beauty of its girls, even the youngest ones already look like top models. No wonder it is so popular among sex tourists and single men who seek true love in Africa


The number of sex workers: 52K

Beauty of women: 4.7 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Takoradi

Ghana is a very poor country, nothing really to see there, but older men gladly travel there for hookuping much younger girls. The escort service is as cheap as it can be in Africa, and quite various.


The number of sex workers: 112 K

Beauty of women: 4.9 / 5

Center of sex tourism: Yaounde

Again, Cameroon is famous for sex with minors which is totally normal there as locals marry very young girls. All women are traditionally submissive, with very gentle and soft characters. 

black hookup

How to hook up black girls in US comparing to Africa

In Africa, most of young women are financially desperate, so they mostly practice sugar dating or provide escort services. It’s very easy to have theminterested and get laid in African countries.

In the US, interracial sex is about the different skin color only, since most of black girls have a typical western mentality, all rights and possibilities that white women have. It’s harder to get them.

Yet, casual sex experts encourage the singles and admit it’s enough to know basic character traits of African American women for seducing them quickly. Here are some of those traits and hook up tips.

Optimistic attitude

Black girls always smile and believe in the best! It’s difficult to offend them, but easy to bore them to death. Be smiling and energetic as well, and you’ll catch their sweet sexy attention.

Dancing a lot

It’s impossible to imagine an African woman without dancing. Take them to the best clubs and music festivals, dance with them, and you will get laid as frequently as you could only hope.

Dressing well

Black girls have an outstanding sense of style. They are always as fashionable as their budget allows. If you wear bright clothes when going out together, it will make them want you more.

Outdoors lifestyle

Hot African women are after sports. They adore volleyball, beach ball, swimming, surfing, jogging. Share with them some of those healthy habits, and you’ll be in great shape for hookups.


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