Hookup Mongolia: why trying to get laid here is problematic

Mongolia is one of the less-visited countries of Asia, unsurprisingly. There’s not much to see, sadly — the deserts and the steppes don’t really attract too many tourists. However, the one thing Mongolia is truly rich in is its culture. Not only does it imply historical sights and peculiar food, but also people and how they live their day-to-day routine.

And the Mongolians are very interesting in that aspect. Not only that, but many Mongolian ladies are pretty, making it really tempting to try your luck and get laid with someone here.

But let’s see what exactly makes them so interesting.

The peculiar Mongol culture

If you look close enough, you may notice that the Mongol customs and culture itself is a bit like the Turkish culture and a lot like the Kazakh culture (if you’ve visited these countries). That’s because Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia are Turkic in their core. And yet there’s also a lot of exoticism natural to the Far East.

But in terms of hookup, it’s not these cultural throwbacks that makes dating Mongolians so interesting.

Deep tradition

Even though Mongolia is perfectly accessible for a tourist, it isn’t a very comfortable place to live in for someone who wasn’t born in Mongolia. A lot of locals still live half-like nomads in the steppes. You can go to one of these nomadic settlements, but it’s not exactly the best destination for someone wishing to hookup Mongolians.

Image of Mongolia with phone

The Mongolian cities

You need to go to the big cities, like the capital Ulaanbaatar (it’s actually one of the few big cities in the country, no need to go any further) in order to comfortably find and spend time with the Mongolians.

The Internet there

The problem here is that not many Mongolians actually use the Internet. Not only it makes your chances of finding someone you truly like slimmer, but it also distances a potential partner from you on quite a few levels. 

Internet isn’t only a tool, it’s part of the global culture nowadays, isn’t it?

And if traditional way of life of some people here may even be appealing for you, the fact that the locals don’t really speak English that much is a bit of trouble. You might try speaking Russian or Chinese if you know them, but only English.

How to get laid in Mongolia

The Internet may be a luxury in this country (only 700.000 people use it at some point out of the population of 3 million), that’s exactly where you need to look for the women, specifically — on hookup apps and websites. 

In the countries where Internet isn’t very wide-spread, using it is somewhat of a sign of modernity. If you use the Internet, you likely understand many aspects of modern life, including the way hookup works and what follows it. 

Hookup Mongolians online

To make this approach work, you need to follow this plan (or don’t, it’s just a piece of advice):

  1. Install a few popular hookup apps (maybe, Tinder and some other that doesn’t demand a fee for matching you up with someone), these you can look up at the ‘review’ page of this blog;
  2. Get to the center of Ulaanbaatar, set your search setting to a few kilometers around you, and start searching. If your app shows what people around you speak English as Badoo does, it’s even better, but the people who use the Internet usually tend to speak the language better, on average;
  3. Start a conversation, then proceed with your date if it’s arranged

What app to use

There’s actually no good-enough answer as to what hookup apps Mongolians use the most, but since Momo is the most popular one in China, it’s probably the one you should give a chance to. Not implying that Mongolia is a lot like China, but they are pretty close in a lot of ways.

Image of a Mongolian couple

In conclusion

Trying to get laid in Mongolia may be challenging, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying. After all, there are beautiful women in this country. The Internet’s unpopularity may be a hindrance, but don’t get discouraged. It’s not as if there are only a couple of people living in Mongolia. We are talking about millions.

Well, that’s it for Mongolians. If you want to know, how to hookup people from other Asian countries and cities, try this article, it may prove useful. But if you want to know more about dating them, here’s a short video that may help:

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