Can MeetMe be called one of the real hookup apps?

If you’re looking for real hookup apps with a large database of users and fund features to enjoy for hours on end, it’s strongly recommended to check out on MeetMe. It’s not just your regular dating app. MeetMe offers its users something more. Created back in 2005, it’s a subtle amalgamation of a social media platform and dating website. It’s been growing increasingly popular over the years, and at the moment it’s one of the most commonly used dating sites with lots of active users in different parts of the globe.

MeetMe is set up in a way that allows its members to interact in a number of ways. It’s not only about browsing through profiles and sending messages back and forth, it’s about taking part is discussion threads, chatting in group chats, and sharing one’s views and ideas. Needles to say, most of these threads are dating related, but you can also talk about any subject under the sun.

With such an exposure on the site, it’s easier to attract attention of members of the opposite sex, start flirting and eventually get laid. MeetMe can be operated via both mobile phone and browser, which means it’s geared towards all types of users. Here you’ll find people of different age categories, social status, political and religious views, marital status and sexual preferences.

Every single user has a chance to find perfect match on real hookup apps like MeetMe. Keep in mind though that there are minors on the site as it’s allowed to have a social media channel account at the age of 13 and more. On a standard site the minimum age requirement is 18.

find lots of inspiring singles on real hookup apps like MeetMe to get laid with

Sign up to start searching for an online hookup

The sign up process is rather elementary on MeetMe, and you can start using the app within minutes after crating your account. They don’t ask you to fill long forms and countless profile fields, so you can start browsing and reaching out to pretty girls right away. At the same time, it may not be such a great thing, because it’s hard to stand out with only some basic information about yourself. You’re not encouraged to reveal your personality in your MeetMe profile.

After registration, you’re instantly provided with matches. The app’s search algorithms are rather broad spectrum, so you’ll get to see all sorts of suggestions. It increases your chances of finding a quick hookup or long term romantic relationship, depending on your preferences and goals.

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Selecting photos for real hookup apps like MeetMe

As you are not given a chance to make your profile detailed and informative, we would suggest to take extra trouble over selecting profile pictures. May your photo speak louder than words. Here are a few recommendations on how to choose a winning photo for real hookup apps:

  • Even if you choose a photo with a real hookup in mind, make sure your picture is not overly explicit. Pictures with nudity look pathetic and uninspiring on dating sites, as if you have nothing else to offer but your six packs (or their absence).
  • Make sure your face is visible and recognizable on the photo. A woman will try to make up her mind on whether she should message you or not, and it’s highly unlikely she’ll be attracted to a guy with blurry face and fuzzy features. You can check out the Mamba dating app for some profile photo inspiration.
  • You should look cheerful and optimistic. Even if you’re a brooding type, make an attempt to mile. On a dating app, you smile on a photo will go a long way. Avoid uploading pictures where you look irritated, angry, pissed off, upset or point blank miserable. A guy with problems is sure to repel women on real hookup apps.
  • Avoid photos with other people – girls won’t waste time guessing which guy is actually you. And above all, don’t upload photos of you with women, even if you’ve never had a romantic relationship with them. A girl on a dating pp doesn’t know that a beautiful women hugging you on the photo is actually your sister, and it’s highly unlikely she’ll care to ask.
  • Bathroom selfies are a big no-no on dating sites as well. It’s time to leave this questionable trend in the past.
  • It’s not recommended to post pictures of you ten years ago, or even five or three years ago. Even if you think you haven’t changed a bit, the simple fact is that it’s not true. We all change as time passes by, but not everyone is ready to admit these changes. Besides, if you’re sure you still look the same, what’s the problem with clicking a few photos? Present day technologies allow one to take hundreds pictures a day, and out of these hundreds you are sure to choose two or three.
  • Make sure the photos are aesthetically pleasing. If it’s your room, there shouldn’t be a messy background. If it’s your backyard, choose a nice location with lovely flowering plants.
  • Don’t replace a picture of you with a picture of your cat or dog. If you love them so much, you can take photo with them, but make sure you’re there on the picture, too.

If you don’t believe you can take a good photo for your MeetMe hookup profile all by yourself, perhaps you’d consider asking a friend or a family member for help. Alternatively, you can use the services of a professional photographer. Yes, it sounds like a lot of trouble, but if you’re interested in instant hookups on a dating site, looking presentable is a must. A high quality professional photo will help you stand out of the crowd. Women like to see a man taking trouble over something that’s really important for him.

Contacting hot girls to get laid with

When you are all done with your profile and photos, it’s time to start contacting women for a casual hookup. Using a search tool on a hookup dating app is a must, it will save you a lot of time. By using this instrument, you can easily filter out all the unwanted profiles. So, instead of browsing aimlessly through a plethora of women’s profiles on MeetMe, filter your search according to you preferences in age group, location and sexual preferences. This is hot some of the best hookup app operate.

So yes, the search tool on MeetMe is not particularly sophisticated, but it’s still better than no filters at all. Besides, you can limit your results only to users who are online at the moment. This way you can start taking to a woman right away instead of waiting for her to log in and read your message.

If you use pick up lines, make sure they don’t sound too slimy and cheesy. No one actually appreciate stuff like ‘Hi pretty! Nice booty!”. Try to sound more adult and sophisticated. Keep in mind that women across the globe love with their ears, so paying them flattering compliments is a must. Don’t limit yourself to commenting only upon her appearance.

Every girls gets countess compliments on a dating site, with men telling her how beautiful and irresistible she is. In order to stand out of the crowd, try to go for something more original. Compliment her manner of speaking, her choices in life, her excellent taste and so on.

If you’re interested solely in a quick hookup, don’t deceive women into thinking you’re looking for long lasting romantic relationships or even marriage. It’s not ethical and you’ll end up wasting someone’s time. Besides, there are plenty of women who are looking for a short fling, too. And they don’t mind having a good time with a handsome and capable man.

Sending messages to each other are free of charge, by the way, unlike on many other real hookup apps. There is also a chatroom where you can meet even more like minded people.

Local girls to meet on real hookup apps for fun, casual hookups and dating

Beware of spammers

Members are not charged for chatting in a chatroom, and it’s an obvious advantage. However, one has to ignore messages form fraudsters, spammers, scammers, swindlers, trolls and perverts. If you start getting lots of unwanted messages from rude or psychotic uses, the right course of action would be either to ignore this stuff or report them.

The quality of profiles on MeetMe

Although MeetMe is undoubtedly a successful and popular dating app, the quality of many profiles leaves much to be desired. This is something the app’s creators should definitely take into consideration. Firstly, as mentioned above, profiles don’t offer a lot of information about a person – everything is restricted to some basic info and a short “about me” section. This is not the best approach on a dating site – a person is supposed to choose a match based upon their looks. Other dating apps, like OKCupid, for example, encourage its members to upload more detailed and informative profiles.

Of course, one can ask all the questions they want in private messages, but it’s kind of a waste of time. Generally speaking, real hookup apps should give a person a chance to tell about their lifestyle, interest and hobbies, likes and dislikes, dreams and aspirations, and most importantly, personality traits they hope to find in a future partner. Poorly detailed profiles don’t serve their purpose on a dating hookup app.

Besides, there is no identity verification or background checks conducted on the site, which means the platform can be potentially flooded with fake profiles. There is no way to avoid scammers apart from using your own intuition. If you feel something is wrong about the way a person speaks and behaves, it’s strongly recommended to drop this correspondence at once and start looking for a casual hookup elsewhere.

After all, the only thing a scammer may want from you is your money. So the best way to deal with this sort of characters on MeetMe is to avoid sending any money whatsoever. Also, make sure to keep your sensitive information secret. Don’t send you hard earned money no matter how sweetly a girl may speak to you. Scammers are very inventive and patient, they make sure to establish a special connection with a person before the first request for financial assistance start popping up.

They may tell you about a sick grandmother who needs some expensive medicines urgently, or about being kicked out of college for not being able to pay the fees. But no matter what, you shouldn’t send money to a person you’ve never met in real life. With a huge database of users, it’s highly unlikely the MeetMe support system is going to be of any use to you, so you’re basically left to handle things by using your common sense.

A couple of words about MeetMe’s design

Usability and design of a dating app is part of a member’s experience when using a platform. MeetMe’s desktop design is kind of outdated, but it doesn’t affect its usability. If you don’t care for aesthetics that much and are fine with Facebook’s old design, then you’ll have no problems using MeetMe on your desktop computer or laptop.

However, it’s strongly recommended to consider switching to an app version as there are plenty of app-only features that make your experience on real hookup apps exciting and diverse. The apps’s design, by the way, is excellent – there is nothing to complain about.

Should you upgrade to a premium membership?

MeetMe offers plenty of options to its members absolutely free of charge, so it’s possible to use it successfully without spending a cent. However, if you’d like to diversify your experience on this dating platform and increase your chances of instant hookups, you may upgrade to a premium membership.

Here are some of the services you get for free:

  • Registration of your MeetMe account.
  • Putting up your profile and uploading pictures.
  • Match searches.
  • Interactions in the chatroom.
  • Going live and watching others’ broadcasting on MeetMe.

And here are some of the paid services you can use when upgrading to premium membership:

  • The ability to see who looked through your pictures and what pictures exactly they’ve looked through.
  • The ability to use the app without seeing ads.
  • Additional search filters to make your results more precise.
  • Messages from you are displayed first in other members’ inboxes.
  • The ability to browse incognito.
  • The ability to change our profile’s design.
  • If you choose to go for paid services, you can pay with your credit card, paypal account or through mobile banking.
Find perfect match on real hookup apps like MeetMe and have a short fling

Special features to use in order to get laid quickly

There is a vast array of special features one ca use to diversify their experience on real hookup apps like MeetMe. Here are some of them:

Secret Admirer

This is a very interesting game that MeetMe members can play to maximize their chances of meeting someone new. The program notifies you that you have a secret admirer, but doesn’t reveal their personality. The app just shows you five profile pictures of different people, and you are supposed to guess who your secret admirer is. You can try up to five times, and if you’re not successful, you’re left with nothing. But if you guess, a match forms and you can talk to the girl to get to know her better.


There are plenty of shy and introverted guys using the MeetMe app who find it really challenging to initiate a contact with a woman. The “Questions special feature is meant to help the guys like that break the ice and start talking to a girl they would potentially get laid with. All one has to do is ask other members a question, and if they like it, they can send you an answer. Questions are sent in the incognito mode, and your personality gets revealed when a girl actually answers your question.

MeetMe Live

As the name suggests, this feature is all about going live with a webcam and interacting with other members. You can talk about anything you want, and other users would reward you with likes and special gifts that can be converted in to MeetMe currency or even real money.

Quick Pick

This feature is similar to Tinder’s left or right swipes. They show you a photo of a random member, and you can either express your interest or move on to someone else.

As you can see, real hookup apps like MeetMe have plenty of interesting features to keep their members occupied. Don’t take too long playing with the app though – you’re there to improve your real love life, not to get busy with your smartphone. If you like a girl you met on MeetMe, ask her out as soon as possible. All the best!


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