Can you use WeChat as one of the quick hookup apps?

If you’ve been looking through some quick hookup apps, perhaps you’ve come upon WeChat. It’s not very common to use this dating app in America, Europe or Australia, but it’s exceedingly popular in China. Generally speaking, it’s a Chinese oriented dating and hookap app designed for helping Chinese people to find their perfect match.

Of course, if you want to join WeChat, no one will stop you, but you should keep in mind that the majority of this dating app’s members (if not all) will be Chinese. So if you are interested in a quick hookup, dating or long term romantic relationship with a Chinese woman, WeChat is the right choice for you. Use it if you’re already in China or only planning a trip after some time.

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As a matter of fact, WeChat is not actually a dating or hookup app, it’s something like a social network that works within China and reminds Facebook. But it’s often used as a matchmaking service, so people are accustomed to think about it as a popular dating platform. And it’s no wonder, with both men and women looking for partners on WeChat on a regular basis.

So if you’re ready for an exciting experience of getting contacting Chinese women on one of the most popular quick hookup apps, join WeChat by all means.

Meet beautiful Chinese women on the WeChat hookup app for short flings and dting

Setting up a winning WeChat profile to attract hookup girls

There are certain things you need to know in order to succeed on a Chinese oriented dating site. Chinese hookup and dating culture is quite different from what you’ve got used to, and it’s strongly recommended to do a proper research before setting up a profile or contacting Asian women. This way you’ll avoid mistakes and increase your chances of a successful hookup.

So you need to set up a winning WeChat profile in order to make use of all the features this dating app has to offer.

Upload the right sort of photos

First of all, you need a splendid and eye catchy profile photo. There is no second chance to make first impression, and this is especially so with Asian women. First of all, you should look presentable and well-dressed in the photo. Make sure you wear a nice, stylish and fashionable outfit – this way your chances of finding an instant hookup on an Asian dating site will skyrocket like anything.

Chinese women are very fond of famous brands, so if you can wear anything branded, consider it a success. But if you don’t have anything of the sort, looking smart and elegant is quite sufficient. Shirts with tropical prints, crumpled shorts and tattered flip-flows are a big no no on a Chinese hookup site.

Also, make sure you don’t display any nudity like a naked torso, for example. It’s very common these days, but in Asia such pictures may not be very successful. It’s strongly recommended to avoid group photos as well – a Chinese girl wants to see who she talks to, and a group of your friends or family members will not do. And of course, needless to say, you should avoid uploading photos with other women, even if they are cut out of the picture. A girl’s hand on your shoulder is hardly an acceptable accessory.

Provide some basic info

You don’t have to be too wordy when setting up a profile on quick hookup apps like WeChat. Keep in mind that English is not a common language in China, and reading a detailed and informative profile would be a strain for the majority of Chinese girls.

So don’t waste your time writing your whole life story – it’s hardly going to be read by anybody, anyway. What is important is the right kind of username – don’t hesitate to use your first name and the country of your origin when creating your WeChat ID. Chinese women looking for hookups or dating with foreign men care a lot about their nationalities and home countries.

Use the WeChat Nearby feature

If you’re already in China and would like to have some instant hookups tonight, it’s recommended to use a “nearby” feature. Just like with popular dating and hookup apps like Tinder or Mamba, it allows members to get connected with other people based upon their geographic proximity.

This way you automatically increase your chances of having a casual hookp with a pretty Chinese woman from your area. Usually the WeChat dating app displays up to 40 people being within a twenty kilometres range from your location.

If you see a woman in your “nearby list”, it means she enabled this feature on her smartphone, and therefore is supposedly available for exchanging messages and other interactions. Don’t hesitate contacting girls form this list, but don’t get easily disheartened if some of them turn out to show lack of interest. Not everyone is eager to meet a foreigner on quick hookup apps like WeChat due to a language barrier, culture clashes and difference in mentalities. Just keep trying, and earlier or later you’ll succeed.

To enable the feature, just open the WeChat app, click the “Discover” button, and then “Nearby”. You’ll have to agree with the WeChat’s terms and condition, and from that moment the “Nearby” feature gets enabled on your device.

Find charming Chinese singles on the WeChat hookup app for casual hookups

Filter profiles by gender

The moment this feature is enabled, the app will display a list of users indicting their proximity to your geographic location. You can filter out all the men’s profiles by using the search tool. If you’re interested in dating and hookups, you want to see only women’s profiles. But if your goal on WeChat is to get to know Chinese culture and make friends, don’t bother filtering profiles by gender.

Start interacting with women on WeChat

Different quick hookup apps have different rules regarding messages you can send and receive. With WeChat, it’s rather simple. You can send as many messages as you want to as many people as you need. Don’t be too irritating or obtrusive though, otherwise you’ll get blocked. Make sure you sound cheerful and optimistic, friendly and nice. As mentioned above, writing a long text is of no use. Teh majority of Chinese girls don’t speak English well enough to enjoy a long read or appreciate your subtle sense of humour.

That’s why sending a ten to fifteen world long message is a perfect solution. If you add some common greetings in Chinese, it will immediately help you break the ice. Don’t hesitate sending the same message to a few women, just make sure to personalize it a bit by adding their names or something they’ve mentioned in their profile.

It’s always preferable to get a message written specially for you, but in case of WeChat sending a generic message is not a problem. After all , it’s only ten or fifteen worlds, so how unique such a short message can possibly be?

Just make sure you don’t behave like a bot that sends too many generic messages to different people within a very short period of time. There is a danger of being blocked by the system. But other than that, there is nothing wrong with sending duplicate message. When girls start replying you can send them personal answers in return.

Texting to each other on the WeChat hookup app

Texting to each other on quick hookup apps like WeChat is a lot of fun. After a women receives you message, she has three options:

  • To reply to your message without accepting your friend request.
  • To accept your friend request and continue talking like regular WeChat contacts.
  • Not to send any reply at all.

You have the same options if it’s a woman who initiates a conversation with you. And keep in mind that the “nearby” function can be disabled at any moment, so it’s not a problem at all.

If a girl’s English leaves much to be desired and it’s absolutely impossible to make out what she tries to say, don’t hesitate to use online translators and special programs to send her simple messages in Chinese. Present day technologies allow one talk to a person from another culture without too much of a language barrier.

If you particularly like a girl on the WeChat dating app, but she doesn’t respond to your message, perhaps it would be a great idea to send her a follow up message in a day or two. This way you’ll demonstrate that you’re really interested in getting to know her. If she doesn’t reply after that, let it go. Just start trying your luck elsewhere.

Use quick hookup apps like WeChat to have instant hookups with Chinese women

What is it like to converse with a Chinese woman on a hookup app?

The moment you start talking to Chinese girls on quick hookup apps, you’ll immediately notice the difference between communicating with American or European woman and a Chinese lady. First of all, Asian girl don’t hesitate asking some very personal questions.

Of course, in the beginning of your online communication they will ask you where you are from and how old you are. Almost everyone would be curious how long you have been staying in China or when you are going to visit their county. But there are also rather uncomfortable questions about what you do for a living and what your salary is.

It’s not common to ask these sorts of questions in the west, but for a Chinese woman there is nothing strange in trying to access a monetary value of a man over the internet. It leaves a rather unpleasant taste in the mouth. But one can’t help it materialism is an integral part of present day life in China, and contemporary girls are merely products of this sort of upbringing. So they will keep asking you whether you won a house or an apartment, whether you have loans to pay off to a bank and so on.

They will also insist on knowing your real name and then make a search on the net in order to get more information about you. If you don’t answer any questions mentioned above, the chances are you’ll ruin your instant hookup opportunities.

However, you don’t have to go into detail. If you’re not comfortable sharing some information, you can even conceal the truth. Of course, we’re not saying you should lie, but at the same time you shuldn’t be forced to answer uncomfortable questions either. Why should you disclose your income to a strange on WeChat? It’s not a new job interview, after all.

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Take things of the site as soon as possible

If you’re interested in a casual hookup, there is no need chatting on WeChat for weeks. After a few messages you can ask the girl you like out. If she agrees, go on and set up a nice first date for the two of you. If she doesn’t agree, perhaps you should switch your focus to other girls who don’t mind taking things off the site.

Even the best quick hookup apps are not worth spending too much time on. Some of the best places for a first date with a Chinese girl include quirky cafes, shopping malls, movie theatres, local parks and gardens. You are supposed to pay for everything, so don’t expect her to split the bill.

Beware of scams when looking for an online hookup on WeChat

 Unfortunately, there is no strict verification process on the WeChat dating app, and as a result the platform is swarming with all sorts of swindlers, time wasters, scammers and spammers. One has to be very careful when using WeChat for finding love, romance or casual sex. Here are some of the signs of a fake profile:

  • There is only a picture and an empty profile.
  • The pictures are too attractive to be true.
  • The photos are too revealing and seductive.
  • There is only one photo her profile.
  • Unexpectedly good English (perhaps accounts are run by foreigners).

Now, the only thing a swindler can be potentially interested in is your money, so you’re relatively safe if you refuse to send any money to people you haven’t met face to face. Also, make sure not to share any sensitive information.

If a girl starts complaining about her hard life and financial difficulties, you can either ignore her complaints or stop talking to her on the spot. You’re not obliged to provide financial assistance of any sort to WeChat members. It’s also common for a Chinese scam girl to pretend that she’s coming to see you in person, but you should pay for her taxi. She’ll ask you to transfer the amount in advance, and if you do, yes, you’ve guessed it right – you’ll never hear from her again.

Time wasters on WeChat

You won’t believe it, but there are plenty of Chinese girls on quick hookup apps like WeChat who actually have husbands and boyfriends. You might be curious what they are doing on a dating site in that case? Well, some of them are simply bored to death at home, so talking to you provide a great amusement to them.

Others will want to improve their English. In this case, you can be friends, if you don’t mind talking to a girl without a hope of hooking up one day. There are also those who don’t wish to cheat on their partners in real life, but wouldn’t mind having a casual online fling.

Generally speaking, if you’re interested in getting to know a person for dating, hookups or a romantic relationship, wasting your precious time on married Chinese women is not a good idea.

How to make out whether a woman on WeChat is a scammer?

Generally speaking, it’s very easy to make out whether a girl you’re talking to on the WeChat dating app is a scammer. If you suspect something is wrong , you can always invite a person to make a video call. There is an inbuilt vide messenger within the WeChat chatting system, but you can also use Skype or similar programs in order to set up a video date. Ask her to video chat with you and observe her reaction.

First of all, there is no way she can’t use a video chat in the world of today. Al l the technologies are at our fingertips. And if she is too shy, cording to her, to show herself in front of the camera, how us she going to meet you face to face, anyway? So if she’s not comfortable with revealing her face, perhaps this face is completely different from what you see in her profile photo.

Talk to pretty Chinese girls on the WeChat hookup and dating app

How to impress a Chinese woman on WeChat?

But if you’re sure that a woman is genuine and you really like her, there are ways to impress her on the WeChat app and maximize your chances of hooking up or dating her long term. Here are a few recommendations you may find useful:

Get her to talk about herself

All over the world men tend to make the same mistake when talking to women online. They talk way too much about themselves. Same happens on WeChat. Of course, Chinese women are very curious to know where you are form, what your education and occupation is, what sort of house you own and what you grow in your garden. As mentioned above, they don’t even hesitate to ask a man about all these things in order to make out whether he’s worth dealing with or not.

At the same time you should understand that a woman would gladly talk about herself, too. She also wants to share her life story, her likes and dislikes, her aspirations and priorities. That said Chinese girls are raised to be humble, especially when talking to men. They are ready to boast to their family and friends about having a foreign boyfriend (you), but they won’t brag about their personal accomplishments when talking to you online.

That’s why you should encourage women to open up a bit. Ask them questions about their day to day life, childhood memories and plans for the future. Yuo’ll get an interesting insight of a Chinese culture and get to know the women you’re talking to on quick hookup apps like WeChat.

Behave like a gentleman

If you’ve been staying in China for a while, you may have noticed that Chinese men rarefy bother doing anything chivalrous for their women. In the west, were accustomed to doing little things that would lease our ladies, like helping them out of the bus, holding doors for them, carrying heavy bags, moving chair in a restaurant and so on.

Chinese girls rarely experience anything of this sort. Of course, it’s not so easy to be chivalrous online, but you can still show her that you care. For example, you could attach a photograph of a beautiful rose to your message or even send her a bunch of flowers if she’s comfortable with sharing her physical address with you.

It’s the little things like this that will help you win a Chinese woman’s affections on WeChat. She’ll really appreciate the way you treat her, and your chances of having hookups will increase like anything.

Ask a woman to teach you some Chinese

Chinese women are very happy when a foreign man reveals his interest to their culture, history or language. If you ask her to teach you some Chinese, she’ll be sure you’re taking her rather seriously. It’s no secret that Chinese language is extremely difficult to learn if you’re not a native speaker.

Check out quick hookup apps like WeChat for getting in touch with beautiful Chinese girls

So if a foreigner is ready to take so much effort, he’s probably serious about a woman he talks to. Alternatively, both of you can have lots of fun and take these Chinese “classes” very light-heartedly. They are also an excellent reason to meet in real life.

In return, you can teach her some English. She’ll be more than happy to improve her English when talking to a handsome and charming foreigner on WeChat and face to face. You can also invite her to watch an English movie together in your hotel room or rented apartment, so she’ll start feeling more comfortable with you.

These were only some recommendations on how to go about talking to Chinese women on WeChat. As you can make out, this app has a huge potential if you’re interested in casual hookups with Asian women. Use it by all means, you won’t regret the experience! Talking to women on WeChat may be a bit different form your usual interactions with girls on dating apps like Bumble or Zoosk, but it’s definitely worth trying out! All the best in your searches!


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