Find a hookup onlne by using the Mint dating app

Mint sets out to be a replacement for the horde of dating apps that may be ‘out there’. If you’re actively searching for a partner or simply want to find a hookup online, the chances are that you have already been through a number of dating apps like Tinder or Match. Which may still lurk on your smartphone even if you do not use them anymore.

The Mint team has been increasingly focused upon offering a comprehensive dating experience, so that people don’t have to keep trying apps that don’t necessarily work, and which don’t really deliver results.

One nice thing about Mint is that it is very versatile. This adaptability means that no matter what you’re looking for in a dating app, it’s likely that you can find it on Mint, and that would make having multiple dating apps on your smartphone redundant.

Find online hookups on the Mint dating apps and have a great time with pretty girls

Getting the Mint hookup app

It’s easy to acquire Mint, and it is easily available on both iOS and Android. You can find it quite easily at the App Store, and it is also available from Google Play. Unfortunately for those who prefer computers, there isn’t a version of the app that is compatible with desktops. The Mint team holds to the opinion that the smartphone is a better platform for an app that aims to foster relationships.

Registering on Mint for a casual hookup

You have to start out by downloading the app and installing it, of course. Then you have to create and account. Registration is a fairly simple process – you just have to supply the app with your Facebook profile, and that’s it. It’s a common practiceamong the best dating apps.

The app asks for your Facebook profile as a security feature, and to ensure that everyone on the app is a real person. We like this, as it ensures that there are very few fraudulent accounts on the app, which is something that is usually a problem with many dating apps. When you use a dating app, you certainly want to know for sure that you are spending your time on a real person!

Will the app take any information from your Facebook profile? Only some basic information. Your posts and your timeline will be left alone. Mint respects your privacy, and has effective security software in place to protect that privacy.

Creating an engaging profile to attract girls

One mistake that many people tend to make is to not take full advantage of all the fields available on Mint when they fill up a profile, as well as of all the facilities that the site provides them with. One good example is verification. How many people actually bother to verify things like their photographs, number, Facebook identity, and so on. And yet potential partners looking at your profile on Mint can feel secure that they’re actually talking to a real person if you do this.

Fill out all the fields in your profile

The more information you put ‘out there’, the more replies you are likely to receive, and the better your chances to find a hookup online and potential partners. Did you know that just putting some effort into describing yourself can get you up to a third more messages from people on the app? And making sure that your pictures are verified can actually double the number of messages you receive. These things matter, and can make the difference as to whether you get full value out of using a dating app like Mint, or not.

Make it easier to start a conversation

Here’s another good hint to making a profile that reaches out to potential partners. One purpose in filling out a profile properly is to give potential partners something to start a conversation with. When a potential partner becomes interested in you, they’re most likely to go to your profile to try to find out what they could start a conversation with.

Putting a hint or two as to how to do this can go a long way towards making your matches on Mint more successful. Put in something like, ‘Ask me about the great movie I’m watching right now,’ or, ‘Get me to tell you my recipe for boeuf bourguignon.’ Base your hints around the things you love, and which you would love to talk about.

Honesty actually works

If you browse profiles on Mint, you’ll find people asking again and again for honesty in a potential partner. It’s the same on all the dating and hookup apps, including, Zoosk, Mamba, MeetMe, Hinge and so on. Too often, people hide behind a facade when they’re online, and its understandable, because it is so easy to do so. But that only underscores how much people appreciate honesty on an online app like Mint – even more than when you’re dating in the real world. So, when you fill out your profile, or talk to people online, keep it real.

Another thing that you should avoid doing on Mint – and this is linked to what we’ve just been saying – is to not try to pretend to be the person that you think a potential partner would like to meet. The fact is that you are not telepathic, and, that said, are therefore only guessing at what’s in a potential partner’s mind.

Rather than guess wrong, and be mistaken, which often happens, why not just be yourself, and be liked for yourself, which, when you think about it, is really the best and easiest thing to do. After all, there are a lot of potential partners out there on Mint, and someone is bound to like you just for who you are. This way you increase your chances to find a hookup online.

Find a perfect match to have an online hookup on the Mint dating app

Write your profile to engage, but not to overwhelm

When we said that you should fill out all the fields available on Mint, we didn’t intend for you to write a book. Keep your profile concise, engaging, and, above all, interesting. You’re trying to find a person to date, not applying for a job.

The bottom line here is that your profile should read like a conversation, not like a resume. Don’t list your ‘qualifications’ as a potential partner – instead, try to put forwards, reasonably subtly, of course, what an interesting person you would be to get to know, and what fun times a person could have in your company.

Be specific in your descriptions

Give people something that they can engage you in conversation about. Don’t just mention, for example, that you enjoy fine dining – mention a particular restaurant that you love, and ask the person reading your profile to ask you about it. Don’t just mention that you love reading – instead, actually mention a book you recently read, and which you enjoyed, and ask the person reading your profile to ask you about it. Engage, engage, engage – get people who come to your profile on Mint to want to interact with you, and you’ll get full value from the app.

Uploading photos on the Mint hookup app

Now we come to photographs. If Mint allows you to have several pictures on your profile, don’t get by with uploading just one – go ahead and upload as many as the app allows.

Make sure your profile picture shows your face

Nothing is more irritating to someone using a dating app than to come upon a picture of someone whose face is hidden in their hands, or turned away from the camera. Sometimes people upload pictures of themselves in enormous sunglasses, or might just upload a picture that is very blurred.

All this is really self-defeating, and really should be avoided. If you hide your face on your profile, people will simply move on to another profile, and that’s hardly the result you had in mind, was it? The bottom line – face the camera, and smile. That really gives the best possible results. Do you know that fifty percent of the women out there feel that a smile is really a man’s most attractive feature? Why hide that? After all, you want to find a hookup online, right?

Another thing that is very useful is uploading a picture that shows you engaged in some activity that interests you – perhaps fishing, or hiking. Putting a picture like that in your Mint profile can triple the number of messages that you receive from potential partners. Remember that sports are sexy. If you like archery, put up a picture of yourself bow in hand – many women will immediately connect the way you look with legendarily romantic figures like Robin Hood. But the same applies to almost any sport, including running – a man looks good running on a beach or in a park, and with photos like that you chances to find a hookup online increase like anything.

Variety in your pictures

Speaking of putting in pictures of yourself engaged in some interesting activity really underscores how important it is to have variety in the pictures that you upload on Mint. Too many people simply upload ‘their best’ – those pictures that everyone has where accidents of light and position combine to make a person look twice as good looking as they actually are. But it’s a dating app – which means that, eventually, and in the near future, you’re actually going to meet the person who looks at these pictures online.

And if you upload pictures that are misleading on Mint, it’s likely when you actually meet that a person might react negatively, and your date lead nowhere. A much more successful strategy on Mint is to upload pictures that emphasize what an interesting and fun person you are – pictures that show you doing all sorts of things that are fun, and which interest you – and which are likely to interest a person who is interested in you!

Interestingly enough, you’ll be surprised at the number of men who put up just about any random picture that comes to hand on a dating app like Mint, so taking some trouble over your pictures can actually give you a considerable advantage over the competition, and help you to truly show forth as a unique and interesting individual. And that said, you’re bound to be contacted by a lot of potential partners.

Here, for example, is some data that the Mint team has put together. They’ve found that putting out a picture of you engaged in some interesting activity doubles your potential messages. If you’re wearing something sporty, and are outdoors, you can expect fifty percent more messages! And if your pictures show you on vacation, or at some travel destination, you can expect up to ten percent more messages. You do the math and see whether you still have a chance to find a hookup online.

Use the Mint dating app to find a hookup online with a charming girl from your area

Pictures you shouldn’t put up – and which other people on the app will not put up with

  • Posting a blurred picture in today’s world is absolutely unacceptable. This is because in today’s world there is just no excuse for it. Every smartphone has a good camera, and you can try out taking pictures in different locales until something ‘clicks’ – pun definitely intended. However, if you really don’t have access to a camera, you can potentially use a webcam as well. However, in this case, you really need to ensure that you have adequate lighting when you take the picture, as webcams really are not able to take adequate pictures in low light.
  • One thing that is a big no-no is to upload a picture of yourself with a former partner, but with the former partner cut out of the picture. You won’t believe how often people do this, and it is very off-putting to potential partners – they are bound to wonder when in the future you’ll be cutting their pictures out.
  • Even worse is if you don’t cut the woman out of the picture! Dating is, by its very nature, a competitive game. If a woman on Mint comes upon a guy’s profile, and there’s a picture of him with a woman, what is she supposed to think? She’ll think that you’re already taken, that’s what she’ll think. And it’s a short step from there to her moving on to the next profile that interests her. Yes, we know that that’s your sister in the picture. But many women who look at your profile won’t figure that out.
  • Another thing that can put off potential partners is to upload group pictures to Mint. Think about it? Are you putting yourself up for a date on the app, or putting up an entire group of your friends and acquaintances? When you put up a group picture, you face a person who does not know you personally with the problem of figuring out which person in the group is you.

Worse, she may even compare different members of the group, and find someone else more attractive than you. Tastes differ, right? You don’t want a person visiting your profile to look at some acquaintance, and be thinking, ‘I wish I could date him.’ No, it’s all about you on your profile, so keep it that way. Pictures uploaded to your profile should be of yourself, and of yourself alone.

  • Clicking yourself in the bathroom mirror? Put that smartphone down right now! Yes, pictures in a bathroom mirror are in very bad taste, yet you’d be surprised at the number of men – and women – who upload them to a dating app! It’s even worse if you actually have a toilet right there in the background.
  • Going shirtless is another thing that is really objectionable. If you wonder why, it’s because the physical is really the lowest rung of a relationship – it has its place, obviously, but a potential partner wants to know that you have more to offer than just a great body. And if you look good, that’s something that will be obvious when you meet on your first date, anyway.
  • Finally, do not upload a picture of your pet instead of yourself. It’s actually quite creepy to see a cat peering out of a man’s profile, and women don’t really like it. If you want to show your sensitivity, which is a perfectly acceptable motivation, by all means upload a picture of yourself petting a dog, or a horse, or holding a cat. A picture of you actually engaged in horse riding, especially if you do it well, would even be considered sexy by most women. But make sure that you’re in the image.

Using a professionally taken picture

This actually isn’t a bad notion, as your pictures actually are the main method of presenting yourself on a dating app like Mint. The thing is, you need to choose a photographer of some sensitivity and talent. Take a look at the examples of work he has done before – every photographer has those.

Do the pictures look natural – does he experiment with different locations, and then make his subjects look natural in those locations? That’s what you want. Avoid photographers who take studio pictures of people in artificial and stilted poses. That’s not what you want, and with photos like that you won’t be able to find a hookup online.

Meet pretty girls on the Mint hookup app for a short fling or dating

The Community that Mint has on offer

Mint puts itself out there as an app that specializes in versatility. And, by and large, that is actually true. Mint’s community is all-encompassing, including people from every strata of society, people of every race, and every level of education. No matter what sort of partner you’re searching for, the chances are you’ll find that partner on Mint.

However, this does not necessarily hold true when it comes to age. This is not to say that the app purposely excludes people from any age group – it is just that many of the people who use the app happen to be under thirty five or so. If you’re older than that, you can still find partners on mint, but the choice is more limited than if you were under that age.

Features that Mint offers its community

One very big plus point in Mint’s favour is that most communication and messaging on it is actually free. Unlike a great many other dating apps out there, which allow you to sign up and browse profiles, but which turn out to demand a considerable monthly subscription when you actually want to contact someone, Mint is genuinely free.

Yes, there is a paid subscription that potentially allows for more communication than the free option. The paid subscription allows for potentially infinite contacts, while the free subscription allows you to contact a certain number of profiles each month. However, we’d like to say here that in actually testing out the app using the free option, we never really ‘ran short’, and could always speak to as many contacts as we could realistically handle.

Mint requires a ‘mutual like’ to allow you to contact someone. Without it you won’t be able to find a hookup online using the Mint dating app. This is really a feature to prevent some users from spamming every profile that comes up, as happens on some dating sites. When you need a mutual like to allow for communication, this makes the app about quality, not quantity, and about forging genuine relationships.

Mint offers a higher levels of responses than most dating apps. We don’t know exactly how the Mint team has managed to accomplish it, but you genuinely get more responses from people than on other dating apps. Maybe it’s the wide demographics – with such a vast and diverse audience, there’s bound to be someone for everyone.

Whatever the reason, at least one third of those you contact will contact you back, and be genuinely interested in talking to you and getting to know you, and you can figure out from that alone how easy it is to find a partner on Mint, and how well the app really delivers results. If you need a comparison, in many other dating apps we’ve tested, we got viable and genuinely interested responses from no more than ten percent of those we contacted.

What is the paid subscription like?

As we’ve already mentioned, you can access a great many of Mint’s features and facilities entirely for free. However, there is a paid subscription that allows you to use several powerful capabilities. For example, in the paid subscription, you can directly contact those who show an interest in your profile.

You can also hide certain details as a paid user, such as your location or age, which gives one an added level of privacy. And, of course, as we’ve already mentioned, you can initiate as many conversations as you like, as a paid subscriber on Mint. If the free service is so effective, the paid subscription is even better, and you are encouraged to try it out, at least for awhile.

All in all, Mint offer one a unique dating experience and great opportunities for those who want to find a hookup online. It’s definitely worth trying, whether you’re looking for some fun with a pretty girl or serious romantic relationship that will last a lifetime.


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