Coffee Meets Bagel: is it productive in search of getting laid?

Hookup is a kind of fun which will be remembered by both a man and a woman forever. Actually, it will go even better if you know how to do it right and where to look for the candidates for this process. We are going to become your helpers in this matter and make this experience unbelievable.

Some general info on Coffee Meets Bagel (online hookup)

First, you should know that you can go through various profiles in two ways: it is using sections Suggested and Discover.

Hookups with Coffee Meets Bagel

In the first section mentioned you are to meet the possible candidates for communicating with you which are also called bagels. All the probable candidates you are dealing with can be put by you to any of the three categories. They are Like, Priority Like, and Pass. The first and the second ones mean that you are interested in the women you are facing there and the third one indicates that you are totally indifferent towards them. You can make your choice about the woman within 2 hours.

All the bagels are distributed according to some criteria like gender, height, age, religion, ethnicity, and distance from you. All of these characteristics help a lot when choosing a person for yourself.

The Discover section allows you to browse the profiles of the women who fit the criteria you have listed in your requirements. This section is also interesting because it allows you to check who has already noticed you. Free hookup is easier with it.

They also have quite a curious feature on the platform which is called beans. When you buy these beans you get access to some functions provided by the application’s staff. As you can realize, the more of them you get, the more functions will be available for you and the more chances to find a lady you need. And it doesn’t matter at all if the aim of your communication there is getting laid thing.

Coffee Meets Bagel looking through

The staff has done a very good thing: there’s an opportunity to get those beans absolutely for free. In order to have them, you should use the platform on a regular basis, invite your friends from the other social network (in other words, to motivate them to use Coffee Meets Bagel), and sharing info about the app in the networks. Beans you obtained this way work just as those you bought.

Some positive and negative sides of this application

Like any other apps to get laid (for looking for pretty women), this one has its own pros and cons which are impossible not to notice. Here we will tell you a bit more about them.

The obvious positive sides of Coffee Meets Bagel are the following ones:

  1. There are more women than men on the platform. The per cent ratio is about 60/40.
  2. There’s an opportunity to get a premium membership, which gives some benefits like the ability to see if she has viewed your message, and the chance to see if the match you have chosen is active on the platform or not.
  3. You aren’t going to waste your time when using this application. The matter is that you are to communicate only with those you prefer.
  4. This application is extremely simple to use because it offers you various step-by-step instructions and you just have zero chances to get lost on this platform.

However, there are some negative features like:

  1. The searching algorithm isn’t very well-thought because it is based just on five main criteria, which are age, height, distance, ethnicity, and religion.
  2. The number of matches you can receive a day is limited that’s why you have some time to consider those profiles and decide what to do with them.
  3. It isn’t as popular as Tinder for instance, that’s why it is not available everywhere you can imagine and this can become a problem for some men.

These pros and cons can be considered when you decide to take advantage of the application. However, the best hookup apps don’t exclude this one.

Some info you need to register for using this app

This application is very easy to download and set up. Get it both in Google and the App Store. The matches are normally found via the search among your Facebook friends-of-friends. When you are registered on the platform, you immediately get some free beans.

Sex with Coffee Meets Bagel

When you have downloaded this app, you will be guided via easy-to-follow instructions which will help you to create an appealing profile. Speaking about the photos, you can take them from the Facebook account but you can’t download more than 9 pics.

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Starting the communication and editing your profile

Every day women get around 6 matches. Chatting function is available for 7 days before it expires. It’s also good that you can send messages basically to everyone. One noticeable function is using the chatroom, which is very convenient.

You should note that you don’t see the name of the woman you are going to communicate with before the real talk begins. However, all info is available for looking through, and based on this data you can decide if this woman is alright for hookup or not.

Once you have edited your profile, you should know that there’s an opportunity to change it later if you want to.

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Special features which make Coffee Meets Bagel unique

The application we are talking about can be distinguished from the other ones judging by the set of functions that are really curious for the newcomer.

Entertainment with Coffee Meets Bagel
  1. LadiesChoice. Every single day at noon men get 21 fine matches which are considered bagels. They have just one day to decide what to do about these candidates. Among those who showed some degree of interest, the app chooses those who are the best matches. Then women will get 6 matches who liked them. Next, the women control the situation going on.
  2. Take. This very feature allows you to lower the chances of meeting those women who don’t fit the criteria you have set up. When you take a match in the section called Discover, the person sees it in a couple of days and gets a note about your like. For connection liking back is necessary.
  3. Woo option. If you send this to a woman, it means you like her more than much. This is not a free option that’s why in case you apply it, the partner you have chosen will be aware of the fact that you put a bit more effort into communicating with her.
  4. Photo Lab. This is a good chance to pick the best picture possible for your personal profile. The people on the platform vote for either one of two photos which they like more. To get to know the results, you have to possess some beans. You can also take part in this entertaining process. Moreover, it’s going to be beneficial for you because this way you can earn extra beans.
  5. Express Delivery. When you own some beans you can take advantage of this function. Using it, you can send the message to the person beforehand and she will get a notification about it. It’s going to cost 50 beans.
  6. Question of the Day. The app users can record themselves responding to this question (not more than 8 seconds). Then, everything is put to the video section and after this, the members can look through each others’ profiles.

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Why do many women prefer using this application?

As long as here you are looking for a woman so that to arrange perfect hookup in your life, you should realize why they appreciate this very application so much. So, here we start.

Coffee Meets Bagel getting laid
  1. This application is different from the other ones because women there don’t get messages from men they aren’t interested in at all. That’s why the app is just loved by them.
  2. The staff of the app provides surprises which are expressed by sending the possible candidates, or bagels, at about noontime. This is some kind of fun which makes the whole process of finding a match entertaining and intriguing.
  3. There is some privacy inside the platform. Here we want to say that before the man she is talking to will see her number they will chat for about a week. For this time, you both can decide if you want something more relevant to happen in your life.
  4. As long as the search for a match is based on analyzing Facebook profiles, you travel in the same circles.
  5. The majority of this app’s users can be described as personalities with a good level of education. This is important for some women and it doesn’t matter they want just to sleep with you. Even if the matter of things is just one night together, she won’t pick up a stranger who looks bad and who is a stupid man. So, we should think about it.

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Hookup tips for you to make it even better

As long as you have big chances to find a great woman on this platform, the possibility that you will face a perfect candidate there is right in front of you. If you think “I need to get laid” let’s talk about it in detail.

Let’s say that you have found the woman you were dreaming of. She is extremely beautiful, sexy, and wants to spend some time with you. In this case, you should realize that the hookup is rather close to reality and you should know how to behave right. We are here to tell.

  1. Don’t be too arrogant. We understand that you want to seem very confident to her so that she definitely liked you. However, sometimes men exaggerate with this and go too far speaking of self-confidence. We are warning you not to do this.
  2. Don’t apply too much pick-up when communicating with her. You both realize what you want. However, you shouldn’t be too pushy. The best behavior type is being natural and confident. Women love confident men, so forget about shyness.
  3. If you aren’t very handsome it’s time to forget about what disadvantages you have because it will just distract you from enjoying the whole process. You have to stay positive and let her know that you are able to present her with an immense pleasure she has never experienced in her life.
  4. Think about what you are going to wear for this event. Really, it couldn’t be called the other way because the night you are going to meet will be adventurous for both of you and you just have to look the best you can. Think about some comfortable clothes and stuff you will look fine in.
  5. Even if this is going to happen with you for the first time, you shouldn’t be embarrassed or anything like that. This way you can just spoil everything. If anything strange happens, don’t forget to respect her feelings and personality. If you neglect this recommendation, you may have trouble finding a new lady for hot nights afterward. Watch some hookup porn and how to get laid if you want.
  6. The first meeting of yours (date hookup) should be arranged somewhere around people. It will be better this way because women are creatures who want to know you first before they will go to bed with you. It is just natural. Certainly, there are some exceptions in every situation and it may turn out to be that she won’t have a desire to arrange this so-called first date before getting laid.
  7. Don’t tell her anything about hookups you had before meeting her if you have such an experience. It will spoil the whole impression of yourself. Despite the fact that you are going to have just one-night stand, every woman desires to feel special and the only one for the man. Again, that’s the nature we are talking about here.
  8. No sweat and no bad haircut. This stuff is definitely hated by the women because they get ready for dates very well. We think you don’t want the even you anticipate so much to turn into a complete fail so get ready thoroughly.
  9. Don’t forget to bring her a present when you meet for the hookup. It will turn her on and she will feel like she means something to you. Believe us, it’s going to change her attitude towards the whole thing completely and a bit overwhelm her. In this case, success is waiting for you.
  10.  Try to impress her. One of the best ways to do it besides making a gift is driving a good car. Sometimes, it may be necessary for you to rent it but it’s worth to do it.
  11. Forget about drinking too much alcohol. We realize that you are trying to get a bit more confident. However, going too hard on the alcohol may lead to problems with erection and the whole hookup thing can turn into a disaster and you will experience nothing but a complete failure.
  12.  Don’t be too speedy when going straight to sex. Don’t speak about this immediately. She may just be pushed off and taken aback by this and afterward she will have no desire even to talk with you. Give yourself a chance to know her a bit more before you both will get laid. In case the woman is extremely hungry for sex, you can skip this phase of getting acquainted.
  13.  If you are planning to arrange a great hookup with a real woman, you have to turn it into a kind of adventure end which is even better, a story. Here we mean that you should get the food and drinks provided if you arrange the event at your place. Moreover, it’s a very good thing if you don’t neglect to hug a woman and to kiss her when you meet and talking with her after you have slept with her.
  14.  Don’t treat this whole thing just like it’s one night. Devote some more attention to arranging this process, to the details, to how you look like and so on. You aren’t going to regret it when the actual hookup takes place.
  15.  Finally, what we want to tell you is the following: you re there to have fun and to experience a pleasure! So, don’t expect that you will be provided this pleasure, be ready to present it yourself. Try hard for the woman and she will give you all herself in return. All of this is stored in the genes and the whole human nature.

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So, you have to decide yourself if you will use the application we were speaking about here or not. However, we are telling you that it is a really good one if you are looking for a perfect hookup! It will be especially great if you are aware of the details and follow our tips. So, we wish you good luck!


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