Hookup apps that work like Raya: what’s so special about them?

If you’re interested in hookup apps that work, we wouldn’t recommend to skip Raya. Indeed, Raya is not your ordinary dating app. According to its creators, it’s all about meeting the elite members of the highest society and trying to establish a special connection with them. Needless to say, each application goes through a strict verification process. Not everyone is qualified to be a Raya’s user. A special committee will look through you profile, as well as your Instagram account, and then voice their opinion on whether you’re accepted to be a member of the Raya’s community or not.

The app is relatively new compared to other dating platforms. It was founded in 2015, but it’s becoming increasingly popular among certain society’s circles. The app is almost unknown to the common public, and only selected users have an access to its database. The founders intentionally keep it that way and don’t do much to promote the app, so it would preserve its exclusiveness.

You won’t find too much of information on Raya on the net, and that’s not by chance. Generally speaking, an app even got a good portion of criticism from reviewers – they claim its to exclusive and elitist for a common user.

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But this is exactly the idea behind using this kind of dating app – Raya was created as a platform for “famous people” to mingle and get to know each other. They could use the app either for looking for their soul mates and second halves, or for short flings and instant hookups. So let’s have a closer look at this dating app and discuss its advantages and disadvantages in more detail.

Members of the Raya dating and hookup app

Due to above mentioned restrictions, the database of the Rita dating app is significantly smaller than one would expect from a top hookup platform. The majority of registered people are from the United States of America, with younger members dominating over other age groups. Male to female ratio is well balanced, so women don’t get bombarded with messages from desperate men.

As for sexual preferences most members on this dating platform are straight, but gay users are not discriminated in any way. The majority of members are looking for a long lasting romantic relationship or even marriage, but there are also plenty of people interested in a casual hookup. One has to read a person’s profile before sending a first message in order to avoid misunderstandings. This is a common rule for all the hookup apps that work.

About the signing up process in more detail

The signing up process is rather complicated compared to other dating apps. You can’t use your Facebook of Google profile in order to get registered. One can only create an account using the app. There are some application process guidelines on the Raya’s website, and it’s strongly recommended to go through them before you start creating your profile.

This way you’ll make sure your time doesn’t get wasted. But don’t worry, the application form is simple and questions are not difficult to answer. Application screening, however, may take up to a few weeks or even months. There is a special committee that carefully reviews echo application and gives its final verdict. There are hundreds of committee members spread across the globe. They don’t know each other, and their participation in Raya’s growth is absolutely anonymous. The committee members represent different age agroups, backgrounds, sexual preferences and lifestyles.

There are certain things you can do in order to increase your chances of getting accepted. First of all, you can ask one of the existing members to support your application. And if you can refer to two or three existing members when signing up, it’s even better. In order to do this, the Raya dating and hookup app will ask your permission to access your contact list to make sure you really know those people.

Other than that, it’s rather effortless to create an account. You are supposed to provide some basic information, including your name, gender, date of birth, place of living, email address and profession. It won’t take you more than five minutes.

When the committee member make up their mind on whether to accept you to the Raya’s community, you’ll receive an email. One would say this is too much trouble, and there are plenty of other dating apps that you can use almost instantaneously, but if you want to be a member of one of the elitist hookup apps that work, we would recommend to be patient. After all, you’re not loosing anything, it’s just the question of waiting. Besides, the approval process will nto necessary take that long – sometimes a few days are quite sufficient for the committee to come up with a final decision.

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How does one communicate on Raya and other hookup apps that work?

Speaking of getting in touch with other members, Raya is not very different form the most popular dating apps like Match, Tinder, Mamba, and so on. You’ll see a special tab indicating the members who are close to your location. There is also another tab showing all the messages you’ve received.

The app offers only paid services, so they don’t restrict you on the number of people you contact. You can send as many messages as you wish to as many members as you want. That said, you should use your common sense, of course, and keep the number of messages you send per day within sanity limits. Bombarding someone with millions messages on an elite dating app won’t do.

Keep in mind that matching is done geographically on the Raya dating app, so it’s extremely important to specify your current location. But if you don’t feel like hooking up on a dating app, there is an option of turning off your visibility. This way you can still browse through the profiles, but other members will not be able to contact you.

In order to increase your chances of an instant hokup on Raya, it’s recommended to use a chat function. This way you’ll get more visibility and meet more likeminded people.

What are profiles like on the Raya dating app?

You are probably curious what profiles are like on hookup apps that work like Raya. Well, they are pretty much the same as profiles on other dating apps, but with a huge emphasis on profile pictures. You are supposed to upload a perfect profile picture in order to stand out of the crowd on Raya. With a fairly good picture, you’ll hardly fit. Your photo should be exceptional. No wonder the Raya committee uses one’s Instagram account as a major factor when deciding whether to accept or decline a member’s application.

Don’t hesitate to use the services of a professional photographer in order to receive a high quality profile photo. If your idea if a good picture is a bathroom selfie or your naked torso, don’t even bother submitting your application to Raya. A professional photographer will make sure you look reasonable on the picture, and the quality of an image is high.

One thing to keep in mind when using the Raya dating app is that it can switch between two modes – Social and Work. When you choose Social, it’s all about dating, making friends, socializing and having fun. The Work mode will allow you to search for professional connections, job opportunities and promotions.

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Is the Raya hookup app user friendly?

This app is very easy to use – it was obviously created with usability in mind. The app is available only on iOS devices. You can download it for free and create your account in no time. You can also find the Raya website, but it’s not a desktop version of the app, it’s just a platform with information on how to use the app and what services it provides.

The Raya app’s design is very simple, and it you won’t experience any difficulties with its intuitive interface. The navigation is effortless, and all the options are easy to obtain. Even if you’re far from being technologically savvy, you’ll easily figure out how things work. The features are easy to understand, and if you have any questions, you can always consult the FAQ section of the dedicated website.

It costs $ 9.99 per month to use the Raya hookup app. There is no free plan on this app, and this is one of the major disadvantaged is Raya. Paying for the subscription is the last stage of your signing up process, and you are usually asked to transfer the money after the committee approves your application. You can only pay with a credit card, so keep that in mind when signing up for Raya. After you pay, all the features automatically get unlocked for you.

Is Raya expensive? Well, compared to some of the best dating and hookup apps, it’s definitely costlier, but not much. You’re paying for its excellent services and wonderful opportunities.

Special features to increase the chances of instant hookups on Raya

As mentioned above, the Raya dating app can be used in tow different modes – Work and Social. It means the app can be potentially used as a social network. Use the Social mode to maximise your chances of a casual hookup, long lasting relationship or special connection with a like-minded person.

The advantages of using the Raya hookup app

Now, let us discuss the pros of using Raya. After looking though ball the advantages it has to offer, you’ll be able to make out whether it’d actually benefit from this app or it would be wiser to go for something else with an easy hookup in mind. So here are the pros of using the Raya dating and hookup app:

Niche hookups for outstanding people

It’s because Raya tries to create an exclusive environment for outstanding people with similar life standarts and goals that you have to go through such a complex verification process. With this app ,you can be sure that you won’t get disturbed by weirdoes, time wasters and scammers. The committee makes sure to check out one’s Instagram account and see what sort of pictures they upload, how big their followership is, and whether they use their influencer’s potential. Most of Raya’s members have at least a few thousand followers on Instagram.

It’s also almost impossible to get registered on Raya without existing members’ recommendations. This way, the Raya dating app reduces the number of potential fraudsters and swindlers. Operating a dating platform without scams and fake profiles is a breeze, and this is definitely an advantage of using hookup apps that work like Raya.

The Raya’s community is really one of the best one can find across many dating platforms. Here you can count on an easy hookup with Dancing With The Stars members, singers, DJs, sports stars and so on. The majority of users are young and good looking. They are also qualified specialists in different professional fields. This way the Raya dating app is trying to keep to certain standards in order to justify its elitist policies.

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It’s very safe

The members’ safety is one of Raya’s main priorities. The creators of this app tried to create a safe virtual environment for famous people looking for love, romance, or casual hookup. Quality is key when using this dating app, and one can feel it within minutes after their account goes live. Users do not have to worry about spammers’ attacks, weird requests and creepy approaches.

All the members are real, and there is almost zero chances of running into a fake profile. There is no way one can pretend to be a fictional online persona. This is one of the most distinguishing features of hookup apps that work like Raya, and it’s really worth paying for.

Easy to use, easy to find an online hookup

If you’re familiar with Tinder, using Raya will be effortless for you. It uses the same system of swiping left or right in order to express your attitude to a certain profile. You’re allowed to contact a person if they like you back. Along with pictures one can use a music trek – a choice of music can tell a lot about one’s personality.

This helps you find like-minded people on Raya and start a conversation – commenting upon one’s choice of music is an excellent ice-breaker. There are plenty of things that simplifies navigation on Raya, and you won’t trade his app for any other dating platforms, no matter how many of them are aggressively advertised on the net. And speaking of advertising, Raya boasts a clean and ads-free interface, and that’s definitely an advantage in the world of today.

There is a chance of being sponsored

As mentioned above, there is no free plan on the Raya hookup app. All the features are paid on these platform, but the price is more than affordable – what is $9.99 a month for an average person? However, if you get popular on Raya, there is a chance of using this app for free – your profile gets sponsored thanks to the “highest tier of the algorithm”. Only a few members get this privilege, but if you do well on Raya, there is no reason why you wouldn’t become one of these few.

The app is lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender friendly

There is no LGBT related discrimination on the Raya dating app. Everyone is welcome to join regardless their sexual preferences. This app is for everybody, and people are not turned away on basis of their sexual orientation.

The disadvantages of using Raya for hooking up

As we’ve already discussed, the app is not free to use. The price is not high, and everyone can afford it, but at the same time one can’t help feeling a bit turned off because of this policy. Perhaps a free membership would have cheapen the overall experience of using Raya, but it’s good to have a choice between a basic plan and premium membership. By enforcing only paid features, the Raya hookup app emphasizes its elitist approach and ensures quality of your experience over quantity of profiles. The reduced number of members is not a consideration.

There is no matching strategy in place

The worth of a user’s profile is determined by their followership on Instagram, but this is hardly a criteria where dating, romance or even a simple hookup is concerned. Many Raya’s members express their concerns about the app’s matching algorithms, stating that one’s Instagram’s numbers are not a valid indicator of their worthiness. One wouldn’t choose a match based upon their social media following in real life, right? So in what way it’s alright to use it as a core factor of an online matching strategy?

Although Raya doesn’t specify which matching algorithm they actually use, members are not very happy with the way things are portrayed. Social media account are often referred as fake reality, because people edit their pictures, copy and paste captures, pretend being in places they’ve never been and so on.

If an assumption about Instagram based matching strategy is actually true, Raya should better come up with a better plan. Social media followership and external attractiveness of a user are not profound enough qualities to be bring people together. Other dating apps offer compatibility tests and sophisticated search tools in order to form a match. And many users express their wish for the Raya hookup app to do the same.

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The app is not available on Android

Unfortunately, this dating app is not available on Android based smartphones. At the moment there is no information on whether they are going to do offer it on Google Play store.

Extremely difficult to join

As discussed above, the signing up process is rather complicated on Raya. This is the apps way of keeping the community safe and refined. They hardly ever consider approving one’s application if they are not recommended by other members. Undoubtedly it’s one of the things Raya is extremely proud of, but at the same time this policy results in a limited database and reduced chances of finding someone really special for dating , romance or hookup.

The intention of keeping “celebrity dating app” reputation is understandable, but it would be great if Raya had some alternative ways of joining the community. After all , there are lots of successful and accomplished people who don’t have an instagram account at all. It doesn’t mean they are not “elite” enough to join a dating app.

To sum it all up

All in all, Raya is definitely one of the hookup apps that work for many people. It’s very similar to Tinder, so if you’re familiar with this app, it will be effortless for you to use Raya. The app is multipurpose with a main focus on finding long term romance and friendships. However, there are countless opportunities for a casual hookup as well.

Don’t rely upon the Raya app to find a perfect match for you. You’ll have to browse through the profiles and try your luck before you find someone compatible. It’s no secret that Raya gives priorities to good looking members, both males and females, so going through its users’ profiles is a feast for the eyes. However, physical attractiveness shouldn’t be the only criteria when choosing a match, even if it’s just for an instant hookup.

Make sure to talk to a person and see whether the two of you are on the same page. If you really like someone, try to take things off the app as soon as possible. Ask her out and see whether she’s up to an instant hookup. Otherwise you’ll spend weeks and months on Raya – dating apps are known to be very addictive.

If you’re an Instagram lover, this app is definitely something you’ll appreciate. Raya allows to mingle with creative folks without the danger of meeting creepy characters from Tinder. If you’re actually looking for hookup apps that work, Raya is definitely worth a try!


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